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Well, it's been a long time since Roehm posted some more videogame music (I loved those blog entries, it was always great finding new songs to listen to) so I figured I'd try and fill in the gap because it's been a while. I'm not going to delve into a nice description of the songs or anything like I used to... maybe I'll update this when I have more time. I should really be studying.

The Meaning of Birth- Tales of the Abyss

Metroid Prime 2 Theme- Metroid Prime... 2 (Love Metroid Prime 1's menu theme, but 2's is overlooked a lot for some reason)

I'll Face Myself- Persona 4 (There's another song in the game I like more... but I refrained from posting it since it'll probably lead to spoilers)

Somnus Reef- Order of Ecclesia (As disappointed as I was with the game, it has some amazing music, plus I have a soft spot for music with a water/snow vibe)

Hope- Umineko (Pretty sure this is a videogame... some people on the other forum I frequent play it or something. Anyway, beautiful song)

Hybrid- The World Ends With You (I dunno... pretty much every battle song in this game is awesome and really gets you pumped)

EDIT- Just realized that a few of the songs I posted were in my previous blog post that I made but forgot about (and they have really long writeups too... guess it just goes to show I liked them enough to still think fondly of them). I'll have to make sure to double check next time.

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On a forum which isn't RFgeneration I'm currently ranking videogame music which is recommended to me. I would do it on this site as well but it's already hard enough to keep up with the recommendations. So... if you are at all interested in videogame music you may find this neat. And, if you guys like the idea I will take recommendations from you guys in the future when I'm not so backlogged.

This entry will have two distinct parts. The first part I will rate and talk about the songs in the order I received the recommendations, give a numerical number and link to the song. The second part will be a ranking. The numerical numbers assigned to the songs only exist to show how much more I prefer a song than another. Thinking of them as something to make reference to. Essentially a 5.5 is not an average and neither is a 7.5. They just exist as references to one another. The second part of this is the actual rankings.

Mario Party 2 Credits- Meh. It's pleasant, but not really memorable. somewhere around a 5.5 (5.5 is average-- or in otherwords I thought it was alright).

Clock Tower (AoS)- You ****ing got me. I made a list of the top overlooked songs of the past generation and this song topped it. Perfectly fits the mood of the clocktower moreso than even Tragic Prince. Starts melancholy... slowly builds... then explodes. It's unbelievable. (8.5)

Rainbow Road (F-zero)- Eh. I prefer the other version much more, plus this version has an extremely repetitive and annoying drum machine beat. (5)

Heartful Cry (Persona 3 FES)- I'm about 30 hours in and loving this game. The beginning sounds familiar but I don't ever recalling hearing the rest of the song. Really neat song, nice, upbeat, entertaining. Nothing wrong with it at all and it's memorable. (8.0)

Divine Service- I really don't like the voice of whoever it is who is sing/talking. The music itself is decent I guess. I dunno. The ending is really neat though so that's a plus. But I really don't like the vocals. (5)

Arthas, My Son (WotLK)- Pretty much sounds like any stereotypical 'epic' song ever conceived. Absolutely nothing special whatsoever, but that doesn't mean it is bad. But yeah, sounds like every single 'epic' song ever created. (4)

Buy Somethin' Will Ya! (Earthbound)- It's upbeat and goofy which is a plus. Other than that nothing too special, but I do like it. (5.5)

Seeking Victory (Tales of Legendia)- Awesome song, except for the percussions. It's like they gave some five year old with Tourrets two wooden blocks, let him be for about 30 seconds while recording, then decided to include it into a super sweet song. Ugh, it's really annoying. Other than that amazing song. (6, but with better percussion this would be much higher).

Yellows Theme (LocoRoco)- Haha, what a guilty pleasure. That was extremely upbeat, very goofy in the Japanese style, memorable chorus, then all the sudden it gets even more goofy during the last 1/4. This song is great fun, but I'd hate to be caught listening to it. (7)

Ending Credits (Terranigma)- Mesmerizing song. Calm, pleasant, makes you feel good when you listen to it. For the most part it sounds pretty much like the exact same 30 seconds or so of song looped together for 6 minutes, but it really isn't that bad considering... well, like I said it's mesmerizing and calming. (7)

Snow (Kirby 64)- Man this brought a smile to my face. I absolutely love music like this that really depicts a scene-- in this case snow. The bells are awesome, whistles are great, the progression is fantastic, it's pleasant, uplifting, heartwarming... awesome. I used to rent this game all the time when I was younger but never really appreciated the music, but this brings such a smile to my face. (9)

Wrapped in Black (Sonic Rush)- Talk about vocals ruining a decent song. Love the part where the violins come in around the 1 minute mark up until about 1:26 when the awful vocals come in again. Seriously, take out the vocals and you've got a decent song. (4.5)

Stickerbrush Symphony (Brawl)- This version is not as good as DKC2 at all. Still fantastic though, but a lot of the environment and mood is lost in this song because the song is much more upbeat. That being said... it still has the same amazing composition, great inclusion of new instruments, still a damn good song-- just not as good as the original. (8.5)

Spagonia Rooftop Run Day (Sonic Unleashed)- Well, this kinda sucks. It's noisy, hectic, incredibly repetitive, it's like a bad garage rock song. The main violin riff is pretty neat-o though, so I guess it doesn't completely suck (4.5).

Open Waters I (Aquaria)- I had to listen to this a second time to fully wrap my head around it. It's good, it's very good. But I wasn't sure how high of a score to give it. There is a ton going on in this song and everything meshes together very well. The main downside is that it requires a lot of effort to fully appreciate this song beyond the main riff. Also note, I edited this writeup quite a few times because I couldn't decide what to give it-- at one point I even had it as high as a 9. (7)

Marionette Purple (Blaz Blue)- Well damn that was awesome as well. I love songs which incorporate multiple genres. In this case we have hard rock mixed with piano melodies in the vain of something from a 20s club cool jazz, and super sweet violins. How the hell this works is beyond me, amazing song. (9)

I'll Face Myself (Persona 4)- You know, I really didn't care for this song for the first 40 seconds or so then it finally begins to pick up and has an extremely awesome guitar riff which predominates around the 1 minute mark. It's a weird song, there is some stuff I don't care for but then there are some killer guitar riffs. Not sure how to rank this one. (7)

The Extreme (FFVIII)- Nice. Beautiful. Calming. Forgettable. It's a good song but I just don't really think I will remember anything at all about it. It seems like something that would be better if I heard it in the context of the game. (6)

Zero Two (Kirby 64)- Neat song. Creepy, unsettling, dark, but beautiful violin arrangements. Really surprised me when I found out it was from Kirby 64. Cool song but kinda too creepy for my tastes. (6.5)

Transcending Love (Suikoden III)- Fun fact, I have had this game for about 3 years and never played it. Haven't had the time. Anyway, the song is neat, sounds like some Indian music or something. It's nice, not my personal preference but I appreciate it and can see why other people would enjoy it. (6.5)

Gang-Plank Galleon (DKC)- I'm going to try my hardest to not rate this based on nostalgia. I played DKC all the time when I was younger, and I mean all the time. Anyway... ****ing awesome song. Starts out like a lot of typical upbeat pirate type songs, then around 31 seconds the song begins to change until it metamorphosis into something new and completely badass. Great song (7.5) 

WANDA WANDA (Katamari Damacy)- Eh, I don't care too much for this one. I like goofy, but this is just out there. I mean, not that it's entirely bad, it's just not particularly good. The vocals are extremely interesting, but I'm not necessarily sure if I'd consider them good or bad. Eh, I just really don't care for this too much. (4.5)

Victorious (Outrun 2019)- Hehe, man this sounds like some super awesome 8-bit Capcom song, but I know it isn't. The beginning is just alright, but eventually it picks up and becomes quite impressive. As soon as it alternates left and right speakers the song really begins to shine then there's a really neat chime type rhythm followed by a lot of sweet stuff that seems like it could be straight from the best of Megaman. Neat song. (7)

Mental Institution (Serious Sam 2)- Another 'epic' song. Unlike the Arthas one though, this one has a pretty sweet violin arrangement around the 1:30 mark which sets it apart from most of these 'epic' songs. Also, the ending with the chorus is pretty neat. Overall, it manages to break the monotony of most of these types of songs. (6)

You Smiled Kindly (.hack//G.U. Volume 3)- It's pretty no doubt about that. I don't particularly care for the vocals... which is weird because I tend to enjoy these type of vocals. From 1:50 to around it is sublime 2:21 it is absolutely wonderful. Overall, I'd say it's a very pretty song with some great moments... and some very typical elements to other ballads, for lack of better words, of this type. (6.5)

Opening (Ys II)- Fast, uptempo, interesting. Pretty good. I enjoy the arrangement and songwriting but I'm not to fond of the actual way the instruments sound if that makes sense. Not a bad song by any means. I personally think that this could be much better if the pace slowed down and the instruments didn't make the distorted tone that they do... but that's just me. I can see the appeal. You'll eventually get me with something I find super awesome SuperAngelo, I'm sure of it. (6.5)

Fonthene (Opoona)- Easy listening song, but sadly that means that I kind of forget that I'm listening to it. It's nice, pretty, and forgetful... kinda like 90% of Coldplay. Or at least that's how it is until around the 2:20 mark. Then a really neat guitar comes in which leads into a great violin piece. Up until that part the song isn't really too special. But from 2:20 or so on it's a great song. (7)

Meaning of Birth (Tales of the Abyss)- That was... awesome. Beautiful, and not in the 'this is pretty...' type of way I've been mentioning before. It's exciting while maintaining elegance and style. Really raises your spirits... if only it was a bit longer. Still super awesome. (8.0)

Bell of Judgement (One Piece Grand Battle 2)- It's a good song, not my personal preference as far as style and sound go though. Very cheerful and upbeat, good arrangement, I just don't care too much for the vibe of the song. Still good though. (6.5)

Guile Theme (Street Fighter II)- You know, a lot of early Capcom songs have the exact same type of feel to them. I can't quite pinpoint my finger on it, but you can just tell it's a Capcom song. Anyway, Guile's Theme is a good song. Not necessarily amazing, but it is good. The 16 bit trumpet has an extremely unique sound that isn't quite a trumpet or... well... anything. It's pretty great. The song itself just sounds like something that wants to be respected-- or be played when there is royalty or someone nobel around. Anyway, I enjoy the arrangement, but its short and repeats a lot. I wish it had a bit more depth. (6.5)

Endless Possibility (Sonic Unleashed)- Finally, a Sonic song I'm not going to rank low. And something that fits the 'epic' genre which I find entertaining and not bland. The horns are great, love them, love the main riff with the dun dun dunnnnn dun DUN dunnnnnn, if you know which part I'm talking about. Besides that... well man, there are a bunch of pretty neat parts to this song. Even segments where violins play background to the percussion. Can't say I see (hear?) that much. Fast paced, epic, enjoyable, very good song. (7.5)

Creation of Heaven and Earth (Tales of Innocence)- Initial impressions were 'this is pretty.' Normally when I think that I think above average song but not much more. Then violins came in making a grand noise which made me double take. Wonderful string arrangement. This isn't pretty, it's beautiful and enchanting. Slowly lures the listener in, absolutely captures their attention and doesn't let go until the end. Also, I would love to note how it isn't unneccessarily long which is how most songs of this calibur tend to turn out. This is great. (8.5)

K. K. Metal (Animal Crossing)- By now I really enjoy seeing what you have in store for me since I know it's going to be interesting. This is song has an extremely simplistic main riff in a very unique tone backed with an overly synthesized (or an extremely unique sounding) voice. It's not like much I've heard, but the riff propels it forward until it deviates into a spastic clatter then up tempo rendition of the turning point of Gang-Plank Galleon (not exactly, but that's what it reminded me of). It's a good song in the sense that Kid A is a good album. I don't necessarily find it amazing at first, but I guarantee it will grow on me. (6.5)

Wicked Child (Castlevania)- Got me. I absolutely love this song, in fact I hum it at work frequently. It starts out up beat but creepy. A declining progression hints towards a change in tone and boy does that happen. The song manages to become even more upbeat and even uplifting. The main riff is incredibly memorable, and it leads into an extremely awesome upward progression. Perhaps what makes this upwards climb in notes so awesome is the high pitched echo which exemplifies the main melody. This is without a doubt one of the most entertaining and catchy songs in the series. (8.5)

X vs Zero (Mega Man X5)- Extremely fast and repetitive drum machine. Other than that it has some great moments, but really the extremely fast drum machine is just annoying and predominates everything else. (6)

Aquatic Base Level 2 (Sonic 06)- Eh... don't care for this Sonic song at all. Nor do I really see much of the appeal. It has some decent guitar arrangements around the minute mark followed by a repeating melody of about 3 or 4 notes for a while which is alright, but other than that I really really really do not care for the 'industrial' sound the song has going for it. I'd say it's a below average song with some goodish moments. (5)

Intro/Main Theme (RoboWarrior)- This reminds me of something straight from a classic Mega Man game. That's a compliment in my books. The melody of the main theme is very simplistic and easy to hum along to and then towards the end it begins to pick up space and kind of spazz out. Very nice. (7)

Terran Theme (Starcraft)- Initial impressions-- another 'epic' song. And that's essentially what it is except with a sense of despair in the air. Luckily around the minute mark the song shifts gears and distinguishes itself with a nice string arrangement which eventually leads into a much more optimistic tone. The ending is lovely with horns and... well... I can't tell what the instrument is but the metamorphosis from something dark and cliched into an uplifting yet no overbearing epic is a good change of pace. (7)

Biophotron (G-Darius)- I'm not quite sure how to classify this one. It seems like it's meant to be creepy and foreshadow something evil or something. I don't care for the beginning at all with the loud THUD THUDs constantly, but repeating increase and decrease in melody after the uninteresting thud thuds is alright, but it really doesn't do anything to distinguish this song anymore than average. (5.5)

hope(Ver1.00)-  It's pretty, but not necessarily in the sense that I've been using it. It never fully falls into the category of beautiful but I wouldn't label it as just pretty by any stretch of the imagination. The main melody is extremely pleasant and memorable, but by far what sets this song apart from most others is the increase in intensity at the 1:50 mark which demands to be listened to. This part really exemplifies that the melody is absolutely fantastic. Good song and well worth the trouble of trying to find it. (7.5)

Deoxys Battle Music (Pokemon FR/LG/E)- Extremely computerized. Not even in the techno sense, it's actually a bunch of blips and bloops. And... it's fairly awesome. The beginning is mesmerizing with the rapid repetition of increasing and decreasing computer blips. But the computerized 'horns' which come pounding in steal the show with their slow inclusion and then absolutely grand thunder. Great. (7.5)

Marionette Purple (9)
Snow (9)
Stickerbrush Symphony- Brawl (8.5)
Creation of Heaven and Earth (8.5)
Wicked Child (8.5)
Clock Tower AoS (8.5)
Meaning of Birth (8.0)
Heartful Cry (8.0)
Gang-Plank Galleon (7.5)
hope(Ver1.00) (7.5)
Dark Gaia Phase II (7.5)
Deoxys Battle Music (7.5)
Open Waters (7)
Yellow's Theme (7)
I'll Face Myself (7)
Ending Credits- Terranigma (7)
Terran theme (7)
Fonthene (7)
Victorious (7)
Intro/Main Theme (7)
Zero Two (6.5)
Transcending Love (6.5)
K. K. Metal (6.5)
Bell of Judgement (6.5)
Opening- Ys II (6.5)
Guile's Theme (6.5)
You Smiled Kindly (6.5)
The Extreme (6)
X vs Zero (6)
Mental Institution (6)
Seeking Victory (6)
Buy Somethin' Will Ya! (5.5)
Mario Party 2 Credits (5.5)
Biophotron (5.5)
Divine Service (5)
Rainbow Road- Fzero (5)
Aquatic Base Level 2 (5)
Wrapped In Black (4.5)
Spagonia Rooftop Run Day (4.5)
Arthas, My Son (4)

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