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Posted on Sep 26th 2014 at 05:51:42 AM by (EngineerMike)
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So it is coming up on one year, since I decided to embark on a Game Quest (pun intended), and threw my hat into the world of game collecting. It was all driven by the same need for nostalgia as all of my other collections and started as a goal to reacquire all the games I once owned. Many of you have seen my small scores posts, or had a look at my collection and can see that for the most part, that I heavily favor the NES.

 For me, the NES was the time of my life that features very prominently in my memory of childhood, as the most fun and excitement I ever had gaming. I had gotten my own Atari JR. for christmas in '85 and was pumped, because I had often played on relatives Heavy Sixers, but had longed for my own VCS. Two months later the NES came to the Great White North, and I had no knowledge of its existence at that point. In April of 1986, my cousin Colin got a NES Control Deck Set and upon viewing Super Mario Bros. for the first time, my life was forever changed. Cliche' but true.

Unfortunately, I have only really taken a collectors side to gaming in the past year, as I had always sold off most of game systems and games I had as a kid. Last summer i had 4 NES titles and probably 60 or so total games? Somehow, the fever of game collecting took me full force in the past year, my colection has boomed, and now I find myself writing my first blog on RF Generation about my newest collecting goal

NES: 10 to 300. Basically, I have crazily acquired 290 mostly loose, NES carts in the past 12 months. I am unabashed in admitting I make good money in my line of work, and am not shy about going after some of the uncommon and somewhat pricier NES titles, especially if it pays for a really good guys son to go to a decent college.

Which brings me to the point and title. The 10 to 300 (in no particular order)

1. Mighty Final Fight

This one is the last of the big and rare, for my Capcom subset.

2. TMNT: Tournament Fighters

Pending 30 day hold. grrrrrr.. The biggest Konami subset game left other than...

3. Contra Force

Gonna have to FORCE myself to add this critically panned part of the Contra series

4. Zombie Nation

This one, will be the most expensive of all of the 10, and in some ways, the one that I am most intrigued to try.

5. Fire N' Ice

Not sure why this is on the 10. I guess my OCD compels me to get it now, then try and get Solomon's Key after 300, then play Solomon's Key first....Moving ON!!

6. Ninja Gaiden III

Want to complete this series. Sorry, all I got for this one.

7. Jetsons: Cogswells Caper

Compared to Flinstones: The Surprise at Dino Peak and Little Samson, this Taito title will be easy on the wallet!

8. Gun*Nac

This one is on its way to me and is officially, the first of the 10 that I am acquiring. I look forward to blasting robotic bunnies!

9. Bomberman II

I have long been a fan of the bomberman series. This guy, Saturn bomberman, and Super Bomberman III are the priciest of the series I want to acquire.

last but not least

10. SCAT

I like shooters. Looks fun. Co'op!?!?!

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