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Posted on Sep 21st 2013 at 09:01:39 AM by (GameDave)
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Growing up I always wanted the latest video game system, but it was always out of reach, leaving me behind a generation.

Were you always able to get the latest video game systems at launch?

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Greetings, Mr. Dave. I hope you don't mind the formality; I don't think our relationship has developed enough to be on a first-name basis.


You might find this odd, but had the opposite reaction to the release of the SNES. I already had the NES toaster-- which, coincidentally, I got as a Christmas present from an aunt-- and was somewhat indifferent to the new guy. I eventually came around, though, and discovered the joy of SNES... at my best friend's place. We couldn't get enough of Micro Machines racing, lemme tell ya.

All right, I've bored you enough with my meandering ramblings. But before I go, I must say your shenanigans with the SNES controller were downright... disturbing. I know you love your games and systems and such... but you don't have to LOVE-love them, you know? The gamer community has a poor public image as it is, let's not reinforce those stereotypes.

Well, back to work with me. This Sonic/Skylanders/MLP lesbo-vore-inflation-fetish fanfic isn't gonna write itself, you know.
@Zagnorch: And I have officially died of laughter.

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