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Posted on Sep 12th 2013 at 10:34:38 PM by (GameDave)
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I wanted to share some of my new gaming videos with the RF community. So here is one of my first gaming memories about making a huge video game regret.

I'm sure we've all made the huge mistake of missing out on a piece for our collections, or getting rid of something that we didn't realize the value of. What are your video game regrets?

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My biggest gaming regret is selling my INT2 console and the boxed copy of Diner that came with it.  I typically like to have original consoles, but the INT2 is really nice, compact, and seems to be a little more user friendly. I thought I'd never collect INT games, so I sold them. Eh, not a terrible loss, but I'd still love to have them back.
Good video, man.  If you make them I will watch them.

Mine was the big sell-off of '07.  I lost a lot of stuff that year to keep the family afloat, but some of that stuff...  Two Earthbound strat guides, Gamestop pre-order SOTN music disc...  Stuff that I would love to get back but will likely never be able to afford again.
I never really got rid of a game I regretted but I do regret tossing the boxes for my SNES and N64 games. Granted I was little and had no say in the matter, but hindsight being what it is, I would never have thrown them away. At least I saved the manuals. Now my copy of Final Fantasy II sits alone on the shelf without its home...

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