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Posted on Oct 1st 2013 at 08:20:28 PM by (GameDave)
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Hey guys, I picked up a little import retro goodness recently. Check it out!

Any other import game collectors?

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There are several import collectors on this site. Duke Togo,singlebanana,aeroc, and myself to name a few.
@Addicted: When it comes to Square Enix, Raidou's the man you're looking for.
@Addicted: Yeah, I import a few games, but most are puzzlers or platformers that were not available in the U.S. I don't really import RPGs, but for the price you got the FF1/FF2 CIB for, it's cool to just have it sitting in your collection. Smiley
@singlebanana: Same here. I tend to get import games that I can play without needing to know the language, but like you said, it was a deal I couldn't pass up!
I've always imagined Japan smells like stale sake and that dessert thingy made out of those sweet beans mashed into paste and encased in that weird gummy-bear/marshmallow combo thing. I think it's called daifuku. It's actually quite good, but it tends to spoil quickly, even when refrigerated--

--what's that? Topic drift? Yeah, sorry 'bout that.

Okay, take two: Like you, I recently purchased a highly coveted game directly from the Land of the Rising Sun: Super Airwolf for the Sega Mega Drive! After seeing a few YouTube videos of this downward-scrolling shmup with the awesome MIDI rendition of the Airwolf theme playing as the chopper shoots down everything in its path, I knew I just had to get it ASAP. It was a case of nostalgia making me its bitch... and I LOVED EVERY SINGLE FREAKING MOMENT OF IT!!!


Errr... wow, that got really awkward really fast, didn't it? I don't blame you for looking at me like that; I was asking for it, after all.

All right, let's get back to it:

Sadly, even after several months of practice, I still can't get through the Guatemara mission (where the hell IS Guatemara, anyway?) without getting shot down at least twice. But it's totally worth it to hear that theme song. There is a downside, however: I can't help but think of Ernest Borgnine whenever I play Super Airwolf. God, I miss that man-- he left us far too soon...

Now if only I could get my Japanese copy of Gunstar Heroes to work on my North American Genesis. Maybe I should pray to Saint Borgnine to help me with my predicament?
@Addicted: Mmmm, imports. So many fantastic things that we missed out on, which is really a shame. The prices on a lot of imports are also really great, so it's a fun area of the hobby to get into.

I need more PAL NES, anyone?

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