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Posted on Jan 3rd 2014 at 10:29:10 PM by (GameDave)
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Growing up in the arcades led to my future nickname...

What has gaming given you?

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Your videos are always so well put together and thought out and performed, it amazes me you aren't yet someone with thousands of views.

I feel like I'm getting in on the ground level. One day I'll be able to say, "Yeah, I was into Game Dave, back before he sold out."

My wife was actually named after a character in Lord of the Rings. The name I use in games is also from those books.
Hello again, Mr. David-- errr, Mr. Dave.

I'd much rather have the given name Dave or David than the one I ended up with. The one I was given, combined with childhood obesity, near-crippling social awkwardness, and other factors I'd rather not go into, didn't exactly make for a happy and sane childhood. It's the big reason why I'm the person I am today: a socially inept near-recluse manchild whose biggest source of amusement is harassing people on a video game collecting website.

As for my RF Gen moniker: I named myself after a dog. If you care to, you can read my origin story-- and that of others-- here:

BTW I don't find the name "Jolly Time" all that creepy... that is, unless clowns are involved. Were clowns a major motif at the Jolly Time arcade? If so, I'd have been heading to the hills at 90 MPH... ON FOOT.

And finally: I live within walking distance of a little place called Nickel City. They have the X-Men and TMNT games you so adored as a kid. You can play them for $0.30 (6 nickels), and there's a Free Play section along the back wall. The dark, dank, only-lit-by-the-arcade-screens back wall. Now, THAT's kinda creepy. Only catch is, you gotta pay admission to get in, which is around $2. Just a little something for you to consider when you're kickin' it in the south S.F. bay, and you need to get your arcade fix on...
@nupoile: Haha! If I ever sell out I'll be sure to take RF Generation with me.
@Zagnorch: Well worth the admission! Sadly, Jolly Time no longer exists and I have no arcades nearby... a terrible shame.

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