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Posted on Nov 1st 2009 at 06:00:00 PM by (Ghost Soldier)
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Some more progress on the garage over a long 4 day weekend.  I managed to do some more clearing out and teardown of some old arcade cabs.


I picked these cabs up from a carwash garage (Free).  All are in various states of disrepair and had lots of weather damage. 

Carnage and kept goods.


I plan on cutting the sideart down alittle bit in size and using it as wallart.  The controls, pcbs, token doors, token boxes will be used at some point  in the future.


I collect arcade tokens and tearing apart old machines lead's to a few tokens. 


This came from my boss and should take some of the chill off the garage. 

Lots more to come on this long process. 

Posted on Oct 26th 2009 at 03:30:00 PM by (Ghost Soldier)
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This weekend provided some much needed clearout of the garage.  We managed to free of up some more space and condense boxes. 


This area was home to some tools, bikes, sleds, and outdoor toys.


This is one of the corners of the new gameroom.

Picture of some of the shelving for the gameroom.  There perfect for holding games and cases either vertically or horizontal.

Posted on Oct 19th 2009 at 06:00:00 PM by (Ghost Soldier)
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This weekend showed little progress in moving forward on the garage.  I had a few others things to do.  Mainly we had a Walk For Autism event on saturday and sunday was dedicated to fixing the truck.  I managed to clean and pack the bearings, put new rotors on, and new brake pads.  I also cleaned the seat that was sitting in the garage and installed it into the dakota.



This area was home to the bench seat that now is in the dakota.



This area received a facelift with the removal of the yardsale items. 

Posted on Oct 15th 2009 at 04:00:00 PM by (Ghost Soldier)
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Managed to get some more meager work done on the garage.  Found a few items to add to the yardsale too.


This is the entrance to the garage along with some clutter.


There was a ton of stuff removed for the yardsale or just thrown out. 


I cleaned this area up the first day, but decided to put most of my tools there.


Some of the game stuff that's going in the yardsale.  The 2600 games are .50 each and everything else is 1.00 each.   

The garage cleanup is going well and everything is on track.

Posted on Oct 14th 2009 at 02:00:00 PM by (Ghost Soldier)
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Last night seen some small progress on clearing out the garage. 



This area had alot of wires, nuts, bolts, screws and junk laying in a pile.  I pitched anything that wasn't useful and kept the rest.



I managed to get the bumper on the dakota so it wasn't laying in the garage.  The bumper is for a slightly newer dakota and doesn't fit mine the way I want it too.  I'll probably sell it and pick up another one.

This cab was pulled into the center of the garage for someone to come and look at.  They never showed up so it's still sitting there waiting for a new home.  If you live anywhere near Terre Haute, Indiana this cab is for sale.  I'm asking 150.00 for it.

Not much else in the way of progress.  The wife managed to come home early yesterday and pulled all the yardsale stuff out of the garage.  More than 20 bags/boxes of yardsale goodies.  We plan on going through some more stuff in the garage tonight.

Posted on Oct 12th 2009 at 03:00:00 PM by (Ghost Soldier)
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Today officially starts the garage to gameroom transformation.  I plan on sectioning off the garage into 4 different areas: Gameroom, Storage, Tool Shop, and Gardening Area.  This will hopefully be a daily blog with pictures to show the progress of the garage overhaul.  The garage clear out starts today after work.  There is a ton of yardsale stuff located in the garage for the yardsale this friday.  I plan on documenting any game related material that goes into the yardsale.  I'll let you know what sells and for how much.  The first pictures will be taken tonight 10-12 and posted tomorrow.


Here are the pictures of the garage and the disorganization in it.  About a 1/3 of the items are yardsale items.  We cleared out 14 bags of yardsale items last night.  Here are the pics before the removal of some of the yardsale stuff.

This is the entrance to the future ROD.

This is a picture of the overhead and the new fencing.

This couch will have a new home in the gameroom and was a gift from my employer.

Bumper and bench seat go in my 88 Dodge Dakota I just bought.  The bumper and bench on it are really tore up.  Picked up both of these from the local pick n pull for 80.00.  The bench needs some cleaning but the bumper is ready to go.

My two working arcade cabs covered in dust.  They haven't seen much action and I'm contemplating selling them.

The TV, VCR and Stand came from work and are going in the gameroom.  The shelving also came from work and is about 4ft wide by 7ft tall and there is 8 of them total.  224sq ft of game storage.  I plan on picking up a few more.

All this insulation was free from work.  There is two skids of it and more than enough for my garage.

Junk arcade cabs that I plan on tearing down.  I'll keep the buttons, joysticks, hinges, plexi, mechanisms and any good artwork.  The rest is being thrown away.

The riding mower and the push mower.  Also residing in the garage is my weed eater, chainsaw and various other yard tools.  I plan on buying a small metal shed to put all this in.

There is a ton of game related stuff in this picture as well as some yard toys. 

Another picture full of game clutter and various stuff.

Pulled back picture of the back of the garage.

Yard sale items except for one or two things.  Mainly my dolly and my pachinko.

Cart full of game items that I've kept hidden from those who happen to pass by.

Mostly garage sale items.  Except for my trains and the basketball game.

Pile of yard tools, tools, and various wires.

That is the end of the tour for now.  More pictures to come throughout the week.

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