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Bood & Truth - Originally conceived as a sequel in the Getaway series, Blood & Truth sees the player as a small time London gangster embroiled in a battle with a rival family who are trying to execute a "hostile" takeover. With the move controllers, you will mostly be shooting at your foes with a decent variety of guns but also interacting with objects in the environment, including some electronics hacking and lock-picking. The movement is teleportation only but it works pretty well and feels smooth. There is a very minor weapon upgrade system that can be utilized between levels but it is nothing special, especially given the fact that there are only a handful of weapons in the game overall. The game is story driven, but the story never gets in the way of the action. However, I found the characters hard to take seriously. Dramatic moments didn't have quite the impact on me that the developers intended, because the whole thing seemed a little goofy to me, especially given that you can emote with a button press, and one of the gestures you can make is a particular one finger salute. Having said that, Blood & Truth is a must-play for PSVR owners.

Iron Man VR - I grabbed this one on Black Friday for ten bucks. I remember there being a ton of hype around this title when it launched about a year or so ago. Not being a huge Marvel fan, it wasn't really at the top of my list until I saw it at that bargain basement price. I'm glad I picked it up, because it was a great experience, despite some nitpicks. Using the move controllers to both fly and use weapons takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you really will feel like a superhero! The story was pretty cool, but it might not be anything special to longtime MCU fans. I found the voice acting to be sub-par, but perhaps that is because the Iron Man films are the only MCU movies I have seen and I am using them as an unfair standard. The other major issue with this game are the numerous and lengthy load screens that really break up the momentum of the game and prevented me from wanting to play more than one mission per play session. Still absolutely worth playing and I had a great time with it.

Firewall: Zero Hour - I definitely missed the hype cycle of this game by a few years, and that has made it a bit challenging to enjoy in the way the developers intended. Firewall is a multiplayer online shooter with only one game mode, and it is one of the few titles in which the Playstation Aim controller can be used. Two squads of four face off against each other where one team are the defenders and the other are the attackers. The goal for the attackers is to find and disable the titular firewall, and then hack a laptop by standing near it for a certain amount of time. The defenders try to keep the attackers away from the laptop, of course. The gameplay is simple once you get the hang of it and this is the closest thing I have played so far to a VR Call of Duty or Counter-Strike. My major complaint is that there is no ranked matchmaking in the actual pvp mode, so the few times I actually got into full lobbies, the players there were taking the game way more seriously than I wanted to (although I'm grateful to have learned some tips and also what "smurfing" is from the hardcore crowd). You can alleviate this somewhat by playing in training mode, where it is you and three others going up against bots, but waiting for a team to fill up can be excruciating. As a result, I've fallen into a habit of booting the game, playing two matches solo, and logging off to play something else. Perhaps once my level is high enough and my loadout of a higher quality, I'll give the pvp mode another shot. If anyone sees this and would like to do some private matches with me, feel free to reach out!

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