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Posted on Oct 21st 2009 at 01:13:56 AM by (LAGO)
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Ok first off for anyone that is wanting to play The Dig and hasn't yet you may want to skip my blog.  I'm sure spoilers will abound as I go through my trials and tribulations.

Now on with it!

First off, I have a new record!  I managed to make it a good 20 minutes into the game before I got stuck!  We will overlook the fact that half of that was cutscenes.  But, with me and adventure games there is always a caveat.  I'm playing The Dig on SCUMMVM.  It autosaves to the directory you are running the game from.  Initially this was from the cd.  So after my first session ended ... I started over, with SCUMMVM configured correctly.

I managed to make it into the asteroid with little difficulty.  Although I did think the shuttle was supposed to move the rock instead of the shovel ... yeah I know, but remember I suck at adventure games.

So I make it onto an alien world and into an underground lair, with only one casualty.  Which is supposed to happen.  I did a double check with my friend to see if that was story driven or if there was a possibility to save him.  Either way i'm not going back on my play through.  Curiosity was getting at me, tho.

And now we get to where I am stuck.  There is a large circular room with many sealed doors and a pattern to unlock them.  I managed to find a key but I think there is something else I need to do to activate the doors.  As the key only shows a pattern.  I do see a lens on the floor ... my next mission is to try and get that, I think.  And for those who have played the game I have touched every stinking glowing plant, to no avail, to try and get a door open.

And now for the no crap statement of the week.  I promised my friend i'd keep him abreast of my progress.  So I called him and told him where I was and that I was having trouble opening the sealed doors.  And his response ... well there is something you have to do to get the doors open.  NO CRAP! 

For the record I will update the blog after every gaming session or so.  And I am defining a gaming session as at least an hour of game play or what I deem a major accomplishment.

Ok i'm off to grab a lens ... wish me luck!

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