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Posted on Mar 26th 2014 at 09:17:40 PM by (OatBob)
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Hello RF Gents and Jens,

A few new variants have been discovered recently.  Variant collecting isn't as clear as we thought it was!  Anyways, all game variants known to date are detailed here.  The somewhat new ones are UPC stickers on Fighting Force 2 and Monaco Grand Prix, as well as misprints for Marvel vs Capcom and ChuChu Rocket.

Recently I made a few purchases on ebay, and they include some curious items that are poorly documented online.  Much appreciation would be given to anyone who can clarify some of these mystery items.  So, show-and-tell time!

First off are the Web Browser discs that we know and love.
photo a.jpg

a) Are any more browser discs out there besides the ones pictured?
b) Did Web Browser 2.62 ever have a case or sleeve?

I've seen a few copies of Web Browser 2.62 floating around recently, and it is always loose.  Here's a pic for comparison with 2.0
photo c.jpg

Now here's a new find.  I found what seems to be Web Browser 2.0 in a sleeve.  The sleeve version (II) also has demos listed on it.
photo d.jpg

...and a back view.
photo e.jpg

Surprise!  The disc in sleeve II isn't Web Browser 2.0, but is actually the Dreamcast Magazine vol. 6 GD-Rom demo.  It makes sense, the demos printed on the sleeve are a perfect match.
photo f.jpg

Pictured here is a third version of the Web Browser 2.0 packaging.  III is also in a sleeve.
photo g.jpg

... and a back view
photo h.jpg

I don't wish to reveal what is inside because I would like to confirm with other collectors if it is the correct disc.  So here's another question concerning item III pictured above.

c) Does anyone else have the Sega/Net version of the Web Browser 2.0 sleeve?  What is inside?

That's all for browser discs.  It is time to move on to the next find.  For reference our colorful buddies, the Generator demo discs, are pictured here.
photo m.jpg

These discs have an annoying tab that makes it difficult to get inside.
photo n.jpg

The exception is when that tab goes missing.
photo o.jpg

At first I thought someone cut it off.  But then I examined it closer.  The front is identical, and the back is all text.
photo p.jpg

When you see it...
photo r.jpg

...you'll do the Sega Swirl!

That's all for the picture show.  I think I've found a new alternate sleeve for Dreamcast Magazine vol. 6 GD-Rom and Generator vol.1 demo disc.  Once again, I would appreciate any  help on my browser disc questions.  Please comment below or on the DP forum thread.

a) Are any more browser discs out there besides the ones pictured?
b) Did Web Browser 2.62 ever have a case or sleeve?
c) Does anyone else have the Sega/Net version of the Web Browser 2.0 sleeve?  What is inside?

Posted on Nov 3rd 2012 at 11:00:00 PM by (OatBob)
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October has come and gone, but Halloween continues to haunt my mind.

I've previously mentioned I've spent a good portion of the past month reading up on the history of Sega, as well as putting my body to the test by running in two marathons.  Yet, I've remained silent on my acquisitions for October, with the final one being held up in the postal system, thanks to a certain cyclonic storm system.

After three months, it should be no surprise by now that I collect Dreamcast stuff, so here's the photo roll:



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Posted on Oct 28th 2012 at 01:29:34 AM by (OatBob)
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tn_servicegames.jpgBefore video arcade games, there was SEGA.  This arcade amusement company already had stakes planted in both the US and Japanese markets before Atari revolutionized video entertainment, both at the arcades and at home.  After the collapse of the home game market, Sega tried to enter only to be locked out by Nintendo.  First to market for the 16-bit generation the Genesis (Mega Drive) took Sega to the #1 position in the game market, and marked the first significant console war with Nintendo.  Everything went downhill from there.  The Sega CD and 32X add-ons ate away at the profits generated by the Genesis and arcade divisions.  The Saturn released early at a high price point and few hit games, setting Sega up to get steamrolled by the new kid on the block, Sony.  Sega threw a hail-mary with the Dreamcast, and it was everything fans could want in a console, but it was too little, too late.  In a period of 5 years, Sega had gone from being #1 to being 7 billion dollars in debt.  It's a real miracle they haven't gone under like Atari, Midway, or SNK.

This book takes everything into account.  The hardware and technical specs, the competition, business (mis)management, marketing, and the hit games... nothing is missed.  The author is most certainly a gamer and a Sega fan, and I think that is the only point of view that is easiest to relate to in this historical account.  It contains many quotes from the industry published in magazines of the time, and gets right down to the complex relations between developers, sometimes on a personal level.

Here's just a sample of topics covered in the book.  If you don't know about them, it's time to get schooled.
  • The SG-1000 home computer system

  • The coolest ads ever.  Pirate TV (Europe), and the Sega scream (USA)

  • Sega vs. Accolade

  • the origins of EA sports games

  • Why the 32X failed

  • Why developers favored the PlayStation over the Saturn.

  • EA, Visual Concepts, and 2K Games

  • Saturn's 5-star game policy and the lack of imports

  • the impact of piracy on the Dreamcast's software sales

  • Sega's relations with Microsoft leading up to the Xbox launch
The book is structured by console, and generally completes the lifecycle of one system before backtracking to start with another overlapping system.  It sounds confusing, but is well organized considering this is ultimately a history tied together of anecdotes and the author's long history of research.  I do have a few complaints about the book.  The biggest is a lack of editorial review.  There are a number of typos towards the end, as well as an entire page-long passage copy/pasted in an awkward place.  I think the omissions of the Game Gear, and advertising icons Segata Sanshiro and Yukawa-Senmu will certainly be missed by hardcore fans.

Sam Pettus calls it like it is.  He does a great service to readers by refraining from fanboyism where it counts, and isn't afraid to acknowledge when the competition has some killer apps like Donkey Kong Country and all the Square RPGs.  He keeps the enthusiasm in regards to fan loyalty as many felt repeatedly betrayed by a number of events over the course of Sega's downfall.  My only big complaint is that a handful of points become redundant.  The repetition chokes the flow of the story, and give more emphasis on certain factors than is deserved.  The author also points a big finger at Hayao Nakayama of SoJ on a number of occasions for the East-West internal conflicts that really ruined the Sega CD, 32X, and Saturn in turn.

Service Games is a book I would recommend to anybody interested in the history of the games industry, or to anybody who's favorite console just happens to be made by Sega.  I can't understate the wealth of information recounted.  It's thick and informative, but at least the weight is softened by the trademark attitude adopted by both fans and Sega Corp. itself.  The book is a cheap buy, and is available in print and as a PDF on many online retailers.  For all the complaints, I've noticed the author is taking comments and is in the process of revision for an upcoming second edition.  I'm compiling my list of corrections to email him, but am certainly eager to buy it again.


Posted on Oct 22nd 2012 at 11:34:39 AM by (OatBob)
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The RF Generation forms is a place where amazing things happen if you lurk long enough.  Boys grow into men, and there are stories of achievements and failures, love and loss.

Tucked away at the very bottom of the forum directory is a lonely board with a short name that is rarely visited by many gamers.  I'm talking about The Gym, and that's where I posted the story of my endeavor(s) this month.


Please read the relevant thread here.

Posted on Sep 29th 2012 at 11:45:57 PM by (OatBob)
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Wow.  September started off strong.  I picked up a second batch of games from the same Japanese seller I was buying in August.  Sorted not in alpha or kana order, but by manliness.  Games with IMPACT are on the left, and the ones with hurt feelings to the right.



What's better than having a Dreamcast hooked up to your TV?

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Posted on Sep 1st 2012 at 01:30:00 AM by (OatBob)
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Wow, so many things crammed in the mailbox this month!  It's one thing to just buy-buy-buy which I did Wink, but it is another to take a collecting habit to an entire new level.  I'm talking about living the lifestyle of a Sega fan.

DC setup

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Posted on Aug 14th 2012 at 01:24:39 AM by (OatBob)
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July was a good month to be a Dreamcast fan.  A new indie game, a classic standby, and some other goodies made this month all worthwhile.

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Posted on Dec 26th 2008 at 04:29:21 AM by (OatBob)
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Not everyone was able to see the trailer leaked earlier this year for Mad World.  With Platinum Games as the developer, Sega is not pulling any stops in this cell-shaded, black-and-white, highly stylized gorefest.  Better yet, it's for the Nintendo Wii.  It is refreshing seeing a bit more variety added to the console's lineup.  With that having been said, we present the new trailer on behalf of the mature Wii gamers out there, who had empty Wii libraries until edgy titles like No More Heroes satiated our bloodlust.


Not enough violence?
View the uncensored European version of the video after the break.

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Posted on Oct 11th 2008 at 07:54:18 PM by (OatBob)
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What do you do when a game is no longer fun?

Getting poll results. Please wait...
Weekends are for rest.  They are also for recreation, or if you're the type of person who frequents this site, weekends are for gaming.  You've already worked a long week, and provided The Boss doesn't call you in on Saturday (mine did Sad) you deserve a little time to let the mind be in a world other than the one that surrounds you.  Now here is a question...

What happens when gaming becomes your second job?

Has a game ever enslaved you.  You put in time and fail to make any progress.  You get stuck on that same level at that same spot.  You've cleared everything but the final boss which requires nothing but grinding away to level up towards a distant victory.  Maybe it got too hard, or boring.  There is only so much you can do.

Quit.  The loser's way out, but keeps you from wasting time.  Time you could be using to be playing something better.
Keep playing. You're not made of weaksauce.  Hard games are hard.  Deal with it.
Get help.  An online tutorial might cover something you missed.  Maybe there is a technique to help you reach your goal faster.  Additionally, sidequests or performing special stunts might open up a new way of playing a previously completed title. 
Gamesaving grace The #2 timesaving option.  If it is only a matter of gold accumulation or leveling up why grind?  Cheat codes might also give you what you need to get the job done faster and make it more exciting in the process.  Don't overuse this one.  The only person you're cheating is yourself.
Break it.  The game had it coming.  You made a purchase and you'll find your amusement somehow.  If the game is lousy enough it will likely have no resale value, so you'll have to fuel your amusement with your imagination.  Snapping a disc is simple and to the point, but inserting a cartridge into a toaster (highly NOT RECOMMENDED) will surely bring forth satisfaction and toxic fumes.  Drink coasters and skeet shooting targets are other alternatives.

Posted on Sep 6th 2008 at 06:47:12 AM by (OatBob)
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It's official, my listing here RF Generation states I currently own exactly 1000 games!  The collection in itself had been moving slowly lately, lingering within the last fifty through spring and summer.  I should mention that Thursday September 4, not today (Saturday?), was the date that this milestone was reached.

Naturally when some big occurrence happens, one would like to make something meaningful of it.  I, however, was sitting two titles away from the mighty 1K-mark as I entered none other than my used game store of choice (the local pawn shop) and felt too impulsive to wait.  My first impulse was to go for the cheap and add to my already bloated PS1 listings, but when I realized Tekken 2 would have been game #1000, I knew I had to put it back.  After browsing I managed a fantastic score for the 'shmup fan, Castle Shikigami 2 leaving the final one.  Determined to nail the quad digits on the head and not be short by only one, I was determined to purchase anything of mild interest.

In haste I made the decision.  The final title was Crackdown, an above-mediocre title for the Xbox 360 with a knack for addictive gameplay.  While not the most stellar choice I am certain I will put lots of time into this one for the gameplay and challenging yet rewarding achievements.  And always, good or bad it is my number 1000.

Posted on Aug 7th 2008 at 03:41:39 PM by (OatBob)
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Developer MOSS has announced (again?) that the arcade hit, Raiden IV, will be arriving on the Xbox 360 this fall.  It is slated for a September 11 release and should be supercharged with two extra levels.  DLC offerings will take the Ace Combat 6 route where you can buy more ships with different weapon selections and capabilities.  A much anticipated feature is the ability to save and share replays of successful runs.  Additional bells and whistles include the ability to play in TATE mode (sideways), world rankings, and stunning 3D backgrounds made possible by this next-gen system.  Also, a soundtrack CD will be bundled with the game for a limited time.  The 360 soundtrack will include all the original arcade music plus extras and some remixes.

While there is no official announcement of a worldwide release, the developers have mentioned their intent to bring the title overseas.

[Dengeki Online via Kotaku]

Posted on Jul 7th 2008 at 05:00:00 AM by (OatBob)
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Bungie sure does have a fascination with the number "7".  Their forum is named the "Seventh Column", and various exponents of 7 hold high, even religious significance in many of their games.  Would it surprise you then that on this date last year, 07/07/07 would have some special meaning.  Well, they held their first "Bungie Day", but also officially competed the #6 task in their 7-Step Plan for World Domination (stage bloody coup of new parent company).  Yet, the world wouldn't know of this deed until October of 2007.  Now having been enlightened by the knowledge of their independence, we can truly celebrate a future not bound exclusively to Microsoft and the billion dollar donut!

Are we, the fans, the only ones to cheer?  Of course not!  Bungie is returning the favor with a special download.  A set of Bungie-styled Gamerpics and Theme will be available for download one day only.  An extra bonus for Halo 3 players is the free map "Cold Storage", a remake of the classic "Chill Out" from the original Halo: Combat Evolved.

"Chill Out" plays more on the Forerunner theme, with a sprinkle of Flood contamination.  Gameplay holds fairly true to the original with focus placed on controlling the sniper, rockets and invisibility power-up.  Online matchmaking will also be updated to require the new maps for playlists currently requiring the Legendary Map Pack.  Since the new map is free, this shouldn't be a problem.  If that isn't enough incentive, the Legendary Map Pack is getting a new price of 600 MS points. 

Video of the new map after the break...

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Posted on Jun 19th 2008 at 05:00:00 AM by (OatBob)
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Face it, Sonic has had some serious ups and downs.  The originals from the Genesis (Mega Drive) days had us going GaGa over Sega.  They were fun and extremely fast, two gameplay elements that have eroded over the years.  Despite the glory, a number of spinoffs and additional characters crowded out the franchise and a sad serious of spinoffs ensued.  Sonic R, Sonic the Fighters, etc.  The series got a jump start in 1998 with new freshness that was known as Sonic Adventure.  It properly brought the core of the series into the 3D era, and tapped into the heart of the game.  Sonic Adventure 2 was no letdown either, delivering the same standard of gameplay.

Of course, we all know what happened from there.  A crowded and highly competitive hardware market forced Sega to give the Dreamcast an untimely end.  Ports of Sonic Adventure and other classic compilations helped them assume their new role as a third-party developer, but once again the quality began to slide.  The Sonic franchise took the blow in stride too.  Sonic Heroes, meh; Shadow the Hedgehog, WTF!?; Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), fail, Sonic and the Secret Rings, meh.  Hidden gems like Sonic Rush became overlooked as fans lost faith in the series.

Another year, another game.  Sonic Unleashed is slated for a 2008 release, and the debut trailer shown earlier in February failed to impress.  Recently a new trailer with more gameplay footage has been circulating, and its changing a lot of opinions.

The gameplay switches from 2D to 3D, and the camera transitions are unobtrusive.  It's still too early to pass judgement, so we'll have to wait for more news.  For now I'll say things aren't looking worse the blue blur.

Stay tuned.

Posted on Jun 18th 2008 at 05:54:59 AM by (OatBob)
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Lead designer Tomonobu Itagaki quit Tecmo and filed suit nearly two weeks ago in a dispute over unpaid bonuses.  Now another suit has arisen due to a discrepancy in unpaid overtime for the rest of the employees.  The suit has been filed by Hiroaki Ozawa and Tatsuo Kakuta, top leaders of the recently formed "Tecmo Labor Union", to represent all 300 remaining Tecmo employees.  The plaintiffs assert that Tecmo placed them on an illegal "flexible hours" work schedule four years ago, and since then overtime hours have gone unpaid.  A company petition claims over 100 hours a month for employees, and 8.3 million yen are in demand as compensation.  Further claims include Tecmo having falsified documents and attempting to cover up documents relating to their shady accounting practices.

Things aren't looking good for Tecmo.

[GAME Watch] lame translation
[Jiji Press] lame translation

Posted on Jun 3rd 2008 at 06:49:11 PM by (OatBob)
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Dead or Alive 4Just today, Tomonobu Itagaki announced that he is leaving and suing Tecmo over unpaid bonuses.  He claims a completion bonus for Dead or Alive 4 has gone unpaid; further stating, "President Yoshimi Yasuda chose not only to violate this agreement, but also turned defiant, telling me 'if you are dissatisfied with the decision not to pay the bonuses, either quit the company or sue it.' "  So far, Tecmo has yet to respond.

Tomonobu Itagaki (via his translator, Andrew Szymanski) has contacted a number of news outlets requesting prompt reporting of this story.  This news arrives the same week as the release of the highly anticipated sequel, Ninja Gaiden II.  This severance of ties to Tecmo ensures he likely won't be able to work on any future Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden projects.

Itagaki is most known for his work with Team NINJA where he created the Dead or Alive series and the modern reincarnation of the Ninja Gaiden series.  He derives his success from incorporating 'fun' into his projects to ensure satisfying gameplay.  Itagaki's cognizence of Western gamers' interests also allows his hits to become international successes instead of Japan-only treasures.

Read the full statement after the jump.

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