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Posted on Nov 16th 2018 at 05:00:00 AM by (Zagnorch)
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Hey now, everybody! Welcome to...

The 2018 NOT-So-Secret Santa Give-Away!
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This year I offer 13 humble items for your first-come, first-served consideration!

Just remember the rules:

-   Just one selection per person.

-   The first person to claim the item gets it. First come, first served.

How to make your claim:

-   Take note of the number of the item you desire, and...

-   Post that number in the Not-So-Secret-Santa blog's comments section.

All RF Generation members from anywhere in the world are welcome to take advantage. Just be aware that, that unless otherwise noted, all games being given away are NTSC U/C coded for use in machines for the North American market.

As for shipping costs: I'm covering it. Just note that I'll be mailing this stuff out using the cheapest shipping methods possible, so it might be a while before your claim gets to you. You'll receive a PM informing you of your successful claim, and either requesting your mailing address, or confirming the one I have on file.

And now, the swag:

1.) Sealed SUPER MARIO Dual-World Maze Game Happy Meal toy

2.) Sealed SUPER MARIO Koopa Shell Pinball Happy Meal toy

3.) Mario Roulette Block Happy Meal toy

4.) MarioKart fridge magnet

5.) Super Mario Super Koozy

6.) CAPCOM mini drawstring tote bag in black nylon

7.) Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Luggage Tag

8.) Fallout 111 luggage tag

9.) Halo Wars 2 Master Chief helmet decal

10.) Minecraft Essential Handbook

11.) Minecraft Combat Handbook

12.) Minecraft Redstone Handbook

13.) SILENT SERVICE for the NES!

All right now, everybody get to it!


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Once again, I think this went up early...
I think I'll sit this one out and save you some postage money. Tongue
Could I have '5.) Super Mario Super Koozy', please?
@TedLover12: So much for saving postage costs...

I guess I'll claim "3.) Mario Roulette Block Happy Meal toy"
6 please.
So, wait, this is showing up on the "Hot Community Blog Entries" sidebar, but not the "New on the Blogs" sidebar? How does that happen?!

ANYway, fell free to join in the discussion at the Official 2018 NSSS Thread:

The claims so far:

- 3) MumboKing

- 5) TedLover12

- 6) Shaggy

- 7) Redd McKnight

That leaves 1, 2, 4, and 8 thru 13 as of this posting.
I'll go for number 4! Thanks as always!
All righty, here's the latest claim breakdown:

- 3) MumboKing

- 4)Bickman2k

- 5) TedLover12

- 6) Shaggy

- 7) Redd McKnight

- 13) Fleabitten

1, 2, and 8 through 12 are still available as of this posting.

1.) Sealed SUPER MARIO Dual-World Maze Game Happy Meal toy

I'm a sucker for Mario Tongue
I will take number 2!
All righty, just 9 through 12 are left...

I need to know those Minecraft Essentials.
9, 11, and 12 remain.

Surely there are a few Minecraft or Halo fans out there who are willing to take this junk-- err, I mean, this sturdy and high-quality products off my hands?

I'll check my son's Minecraft books when he goes to school today. I think he may be missing the Redstone Handbook. If so I'll totally claim that one.
@Crabmaster2000: Don't take too much time...
@Zagnorch: If it's still available I'll take the Redstone Minecraft book please Smiley
Only 9 (Halo Wars 2 decal) and 11 (Minecraft Combat Handbook) are left... anyone?
YES, Late to the party as always, I'll take the Minecraft handbook for my son, 11
Oh-kay, just the Halo Wars decal left... anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Whoa, I can't believe I missed this.
@leej07: I might still have that Halo decal set lying around somewhere...
@Zagnorch: I'd be interested, man.
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@friv: Your little soliloquy is touching and all, but I'm afraid all of the items from the 2018 NSSS have already been claimed. You'll hafta wait 'til November 16th to take advantage of the next one.

Which reminds me: I still have a few claims I still need to send out. I'll make an effort to get them out by the end of the month. My apologies to all who've not yet received their claims.

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