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Posted on Jul 23rd 2014 at 01:10:49 PM by (articuno032)
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I've been trying to get my brother to like "Old Games" but he'd rather call them "Crap" and play newer games like "CoD Ghosts" and basically all of the games made for xbox 360 from 2012 to present! So I might actualy give up Sad . let me know if I should give up. Sad

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Don't give up. My little bros are the same way, but when I can play game together in the same room with them, they get into them.
@Boshamp: thanks dude Smiley
I am 37 and my brother is 25. We have pretty much the same dynamic. He loves the newer games and I of course love the retro titles. I think with our age difference and the fact that we are older (he grew up on the older games as I played them and he got my old systems) he appreciates them and we still play retro games together. Not sure if you brother is younger or older, but sometimes it just takes the right game(s) to get someone who is obstinate interested. I'm not a big fan of newer games, but if the gameplay is solid and theme interesting, I can get really drawn in. Keep trying.

Maybe you guys could play the original Zelda together. If he likes this series on the new consoles, then maybe he would like to visit where it all started. Just a thought, good luck!
@singlebanana: thanks for the suggestion! Smiley

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