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Posted on Nov 28th 2009 at 07:04:38 PM by (Crabmaster2000)
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I finally got some more wood (not the stuff we originally planned to use, but we made it work), had my buddy come over to help install it, painted it, put it up, filled it with goodies!!

Unfortanutely we went to a friends house and forgot our camera there so i cant take any pics until he brings it back (thursday if he remembers). We didnt completely finish though. We only put up one side of shelves, but it was enough to cram everything onto. Once we get the other ones up I can spread things out a bit and give them some breathing room. Any way its looking really cool and I cant wait to share some pics with everyone.

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Watch putting stuff on freshly painted shelves. After I built one of my shelves and painted it, I waited over 24 hours and put some things on it, but when I went to move something, it was stuck to the paint and actually took off a piece of the cardboard box when I got it free. It was almost a week before I could put anything on it without it sticking. It may have just been the paint I used though that took way longer than it should have to dry.
@NES_Rules: Ouch, that must've been annoying. Hope you didn't put any expensive CIB NES games on it or something. Undecided

@Crabmaster: can't wait to see the pictures of the finished room. Smiley
@Sirgin: No, it was actually a CIB Gamecube, but it wasn't perfect anyway.
I waited around 18 hours before I put anything on them. I put games on them for a full day and then I took them off to alphabetize them. Nothing seemed to stick yet. You've got me worried now though. As soon as I get home I'll be checking on my boxed NES games.
Ran home and checked out my games. No sticking. Its not even tacky so I think I'm in the clear now since its been a couple days.
Im moving to Nevada next year. And the placw im going to be moving to has a outside garage with a/c. Its 28 feet by 42 feet fully covered only 2 windows and 2 doors. Its inside is concrete floor and the ceiling is 8 feet 3 inches. No water and very dry. Do you for see any problems with that? Its for my collection only no playing in there...
I dont know much about the weather in Nevada, but just guessing that the A/C would probably be smart. As long as the roof is kept up to shape so there is no leaking and you keep your stuff off of the floor it sounds like an awesome space to hoard things, tons of room.

Also if you have lots of valuable items make sure the windows and door are quite secure from burglars.
@Grinn: The only thing that might concern me about that would be bugs, are they bad there? If it has a regular garage door, that probably won't seal good enough to keep bugs out. Also some kind of sealant around the corners and edges wouldn't be a bad idea of it's not a block building.
Also, if you're just moving there, make sure to check out the dryness in a rainstorm before you move everything in, Nevada is dry, but those rainstorms can be pretty severe. So what looks dry 98% of the time might turn into a lake the other 2% of the time.
Great tip on the garage door sealing. I've never owned a garage and would have never thought of that.

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