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Posted on Apr 9th 2011 at 11:25:50 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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I originally had another game in mind for this article, but I was blown away by Shatterhand recently so it'll have to wait.

As far as NES action games go this one has it all and then some. Cool style, check. Tight Gameplay, check. Awesome soundtrack, check. Good variety of weaponry, check. Solid challenge, check. Varied and interesting boss fights, check. Sure it uses the tired old Sci-Fi Action Platforming setup, but at least you get to play as an 80s douche (complete with sun glasses and shirtless vest!).

Your main attack throughout the game is simply your fists. You'll use those bad boys to punch soldiers, robots, chests and even knock down some walls. If punching your way through a wall or giant robot isnít satisfying, I donít know what is. In lots of NES games having to get so close for combat is a HUGE pain in the ass. Natsume got it right though. The hit detection is perfect. I've had no issues getting up close and personal with the baddies.

For additional support and firepower you can grab some Alpha or Beta symbol powerups as you progress through the levels. Each symbol will be stored on the top of the screen until you have collected 3. Once 3 have been obtained they will morph into a robot assistant. The combination and order of symbols collected will result in a different robotic friend. Itís a lot of fun to mess around with them and find the ones that work best for your style of play or that work more efficiently on the enemies/bosses at hand.

After completing the first level you'll be given the option of which level to tackle next, ala Mega Man/Power Blade style. This combined with the robot companion gives a surprising amount of control over how to proceed through the game.

There are a few gameplay quirks that help make Shatterhand unique from other action platforms beyond the lack of weapons. Each level has chain-link fences scattered throughout the background. As you jump you can grab onto the fence and either hang and attack of leap higher off the fence. Sometimes this is necessary to progress, but often itís just some extra flavor that allows you additional ways to defeat or pass enemies. Another neat part of Shatterhand is the additional powerups. Enemies and boxes occasionally drop cash. You can spend that cash on platforms hidden throughout the level on things like a temporary power boost, extra health or extra lives.

If youíre looking for another cheap action game to add to your NES collection then definitely pick up Shatterhand. Itís worth it for the box art alone!

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Love this game! I've had it ever since I was a little kid and I don't think I can ever part with it Smiley
Yeah finally Shatterhand is realized for its complete awesomeness! One of my favorite games as a kid and still a classic (at least in my mind). I had a pair of sunglasses just like that and I wore them around the house and punched the hell out of my sister's Cabbage Patch Kid collection. Thanks for unearthing this gem that has been unfortunately lost to time.
Thanks for the visual of a 5 year old in shades punching cabbage patch kids. That made writing the whole article worth while Smiley
YES YES YES LOVED THIS GAME AS A KID!!!! Haven't tried it in a couple (10?) years though.
I love this game. In fact, in high school I had a band named Shatterhand.
Looks like a cool game!

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