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Posted on Jan 6th 2010 at 03:28:40 AM by (douglie007)
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I have started setting up all my games and systems at my new house.  This was a bigger project then I thought, I have finally got my Sega Games organized (-Dreamcast) and I have soooo many doubles on Genesis and Master System(3 large boxes). I guess I need to start selling stuff.  If people want to trade for games I have I am trying to get a larger PS3 and DS collection so, any one in need of gaming goodness let. 

Anyway next to do is all the Nintendo stuff.  Right know Ive got 7 bookcases full of my games and systems.

I hope to have all my games alphabetized and organized by the end of the month.

this may not make any scence but its my first blog Smiley


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Good luck with it Doug.

I def want to see some pics when it is all said and done!
Yeah pics of the new setup would be awesome!!
Sounds like you got a great start on organizing everything.  Looking forward to seeing your collection and your trade list of genny games.
Sounds like a big collection Doug.  If you wanna let me know what doubles you have I would be more than willing to trade you.  I have a bunch of newer games too!
@asz22: It is a rather large collection. I think at one point he even had the top collection on the site... I could very well be wrong though. I don't believe he has ever been out of the top 5.
I was at the top be for like two weeks Smiley
then the digital press guys came over and knocked me down
I will set up my trade games soon I just have sooo much crap Smiley ive almost have a complete second set of master system games, and sooo many Gen doubles.

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I'm going to start blogging about my games I have played and then link the video
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