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Daylight Savings Time ended a few weeks ago and that means it's time to break out my VR rig. I love playing PSVR in the fall and winter. It's one bright side (pun intended) of the cooler weather and earlier dark hours. I feel like I haven't been following PSVR releases in a long time (did I even play this thing last year?), but I have a lot of games on the shelf that I haven't touched, and this month Playstation Plus is featuring three PSVR titles for download. Here's what I've been playing.

Everybody's Golf VR - I suuuuuuuck at golf in real life. I recently went to a driving range with some coworkers, and I literally could not connect with the ball and quit right away. Maybe I could improve my swing in virtual reality. Maybe not. The game provides a great escape in the form of idyllic, peaceful time with the default caddy Riku, but just like in real life, I can't swing the club save to save my life. The game suggests using one hand if you're having trouble. I've gotten some okay scores but never under par. I'm having bad flashbacks of the RFGen golf tournament a few years back. The putting is impossible. Still, I like playing it. There is a training mode that is just like Top Golf.

Beat Saber - Another old one. I used to play this a lot and got pretty okay at it. Now I really stink. Also, I've always hated most of the music on the PSVR version. Don't get me wrong, I love energetic EDM, but the default track selection is mostly pretty bland and generic stuff. Now I just dip in and play a few songs on easy or normal after stinking up the links in the golf game. Still by far one of the best rhythm games I've ever played.

Until You Fall - I just downloaded this one as it is one of the aforementioned Playstation Plus titles this month. It's a roguelike sword fighting game that takes me back to the Wii in a really good way. The presentation of this game is an awesome mixture of medieval fantasy and cyberpunk, and the gameplay is exciting and fluid. Using the waggle-sticks as swords, you will block your enemy until they become fatigued, and then lay the smack down. The game lets you know that broader swings do more damage, so make sure you are safe to swing your arms around like an idiot as you vanquish the bad guys.

Anyone else breaking out the VR rigs with the shorter days? What have you been playing?

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