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Learning and choosing a suitable floor mat will surely bring you surprising and interesting discoveries about the design and space of the room.

These carpeted carpets serve a variety of useful purposes. They bring warmth to the feet, creating a new, unique design connecting the room with everything. It also works to focus attention on large rooms.

Tapestry is also considered an art design in the room. It creates a harmonious combination from wall colors, furniture to the decorations in the room. Learning and choosing a suitable floor mat will surely bring you unexpected discoveries, interesting about the design and space of the room. So how to get a satisfactory carpet? ? Some of the following tips will be helpful to you.

1. Cost

Just like investing in buying other items for the house, it is best to set a certain amount of money to buy the rug. The cost of a rug ranges from a few hundred thousand if bought in discount stores to a few million if bought in antique stores.

To determine the amount of money you need to buy a rug, see what its purpose is. Consider which room in your house needs carpets mua tham trai san gia re o day https://www.facebook.com/thamtraisanlotsan . The room your family uses often needs a good quality rug and, of course, its price is often higher when you shop for less used rooms.

A good rule of thumb is advised by the designer that the cost of buying a rug equals the cost of buying a sofa set. But most rationally, you should balance your money and the quality of the product to buy a rug that fits the space of your room.

2. Material

The methods and materials to produce a rug directly affect its price. Hand-woven carpets are the most expensive, they are hand-woven from yarn. A less expensive alternative is quilted rugs, which can be done by machine or hand.

But either way, the production is quicker and less expensive. These rugs are usually made of firm fibers that are rolled up and then cut to form pieces of different shapes see more here. Materials such as wool, cotton, silk, coconut fiber, synthetic fibers, and grass are the materials most often used to make these carpets.

A little advice is that the carpets made of wool or silk are usually very good quality and longer lasting.

3. Size

Carpets come in many sizes, most commonly in the ratio of 2 3, 4 6, 5 8 and 8 10. Before buying, measure the room where you want to carpet. After measuring the size of the room, measure the area where the carpet is placed.

If you want most of the floor to be covered with carpet, leaving 12 to 15 cm of distance from the edge of the carpet to the foot of the wall around the room will create a nice and sensible decor.

For the dining room, you will need a rug large enough to fit the dining table and chairs around. In the living room, the rug must be large enough to fit a tea table in the middle. Note, in the corridor should not place furniture on the carpet.

4. Design

The most common carpet shapes are rectangular, circular, octagonal, oval and square. Choose the shape of carpet to fit the scale and balance with the space in the room, especially when you want to have the appropriate arrangement in a large space.

A large room will need a rug-sized carpet, probably rectangular or oval, but not too big or too small. It is noted that most handmade carpets are rectangular.

5. Style

There are many style choices when buying carpets. Most of them have been preconfigured in the designs. You can choose striped carpets, geometric patterns, flowers, sounds, or even oriental art motifs.

To choose a carpet with a good decoration, start with a general idea of ​​an image that you think will fit your home space and choose a rug based on that idea.

A rug with designs or patterns in a modern or contemporary style will give the room space harmony, neutrality. Flowers and stripes are the perfect motifs for those who love simplicity, while geometric motifs are the right choice for those who like diversity and variety. There are many colors for you to choose besides those styles.

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Sorry to disappoint you, but it's hardwood flooring all the way for me.

Very, VERY hard wood... mmm yesssss...

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