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Posted on Oct 6th 2011 at 05:05:39 PM by (ixtaileddemonfox)
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Got this in the mail today from Goozex.

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@Izret101: thats what I ment lol I had just woke up when I wrote that.
@Izret101: Just Fixed it
I love Goozex, but the last GB game I got from them (Link's Awakening) had the words "He's Gay" written on the back in red marker.  I was able to remove it, but the question about Link's "awakening" has remained in the back of my mind for a year.  I almost feel like I could write a thesis about it.

... Castlevania Adventure.  Now that is a great game.
@bombatomba: It has a girls name on the back of it was kinda dissapointed.

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