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Hopefully this is the start of a strong come back for the People of RFGeneration! As in the past things have changed and am sure will continue to do so in the future. After this Paully3433 will be taking the lead. I appreciate his assistance in bringing back the series!

This installment is all about Paully3433. I figured he might as well get the spotlight since he is going to be writing it from here on out. Interviewing yourself might be a bit awkward...
Also in keeping with an unintentional tradition this interview is longer than previous ones.

Let me/him know what you think of the new and improved PoRFG. Also please do not hesitate to help us come up with new ideas/questions for future installments.

Alright so without further delay...Holy hell I just* noticed how long it has been since the last one!...


How did you find RFGeneration?
I actually found RFG while being active in a Union on Gamespot. Some of the collectors I was friends with used RFG to keep track of their collections.

What made you join?
RFG seemed like a good community with tons of potential, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

What made you stay?
 I stayed because I liked the way the Database was set up. I used to use Gamespot and IGN to track my collection, but it wasn't fulling me needs.

How did you come up with your username?
My username is just a name that I used to use for almost everything computer related way back in High School. So I just left it and made things easier.

Have you met or personally know any of the other members of the website?
I have not met any, although Tondog and Oatbob live within an hour or so from me.

Are you an active collector? If so anything specific?
Yeah I am actively collecting when my income allows me too Smiley Mostly RPG's and strategy games. I am trying to find some of the stuff I played when I was younger, NES and Genesis games mostly.

Whats your favorite game or series? Why?
That is, as it would be for most collectors, incredibly difficult to answer. The Final Fantasy series is pretty high up there for me. Others worth mentioning would be: Dragon Warrior/Quest, Wild Arms, Suikoden, Gran Turismo, Grandia, Lunar, Crash, and Spyro, off the top of my head. Otherwise anything Atlus, NIS or Square.

What are your passions?
Passions in collecting or otherwise? In collecting the goal is to get the games I played when I was younger, as well as the RPGs for the systems I have. Otherwise my family is my passion, I love them dearly and if it came to it, would give up my games in a heartbeat for them.

What do you do outside of RFG?
Anyways, I work as a Mason, which means I can lay block, brick and stone, as well as pour concrete. For fun, I fish/hunt, play sports, take the kids to park and just be outside. It really is amazing I find time to do what I can at RFG.


Your collection(and wishlist) is VERY RPG heavy. Do you have a favorite kind?
Hrm tough one there..... I love Turn-Based RPGs, that is why the Final Fantasy Series got me hooked into RPGs. I also am big fan of Diablo or Baldur's Gate type of games.

What makes you gravitate towards that style?
I seem to like the chance to plan out an attack. Some of the newer RPGs run in active mode and that turns me off a little. I like to think and the chance to perform a devastating combo.

What is your most valuable collection item?
Man, you make this hard Smiley If I had to choose one, I guess it would be my sealed copy of SMT: Digital Devil Saga Deluxe Box Set. Value wise it isn't extremely high, but sentimental value came when it came in the mail the same day as my daughter was born. So I doubt I will ever get rid of it. I have an opened normal version so I can play through it as well Smiley

What is your most prized part of your collection?
I like my Sega CDX system personally. Sounds dumb but ah well. Not everyone has one of those right? Another cool thing I have is a trunk that has Mario on two sides and Zelda on the other two. Very cool storage box and has gotta be rare.

What do you feel is the most unique(strangest or weirdest) item in your collection?
Up until a few months ago, I had a Ghaleon Hand puppet from one of the Lunar games. But I ended up selling it since it was taking up space I didn't have. Now I would say the SMT: Devil Summoner 2 for PS2 Doll thing that came with it. Kinda creepy looking!

What item(s) do you not own that might surprise people?
The only "Next-Gen" systems I have are a DS Lite and a PSP Slim. I do not have a PS3, Wii, or 360 and may not get any of them for sometime. My true colors are old school RPGs and not this new crap Smiley Graphics are good but not something that I need.

What has been your proudest moment in collecting thus far?
Just the fact that I keep my games in great condition and for the most part, have original versions and not Greatest Hits. I am proud of that. When I get something Mint, I intend to keep it Mint.

Your most embarrassing?
I don't really have anything to embarrassing, once and awhile I will buy a game I have already. I feel crappy when I find a game on sale that I just bought, that's embarrassing.

What was the first game/system you played and how old were you? 
The first system I played was an Atari 2600 that my uncle had. As for the first game, probably Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back or Asteroids, I don't remember for sure.

First console owned?
The first system I owned was Christmas of 1988 when I got the NES bundle with Super Mario/Duck Hunt Combo, I was 5 Smiley

First game you bought yourself?
Gosh I don't remember for sure. I do remember begging my mom to let me spend my money on "NES Play Action Football" at Shopko. $50 for that was a rip off wowzer!

What made you decide to buy that particular game?
If I remember right, I think I rented it for $.50 at a store in town. Thought it was cool and wanted it. Like I said that was like 20 years ago Smiley

First game you beat?
Super Mario Brothers for NES

First time you wanted to destroy something because of a game?
That has been many times, many many times.... specifically I remember played Warcraft III for PC and getting so mad I through my disc out my bedroom window. Another time I remember my friend beating me on the Power Pad in Track and Field for NES. You know the running and jumping off the pad quick trick during long jump? I was so bad I refused to play that with him for weeks lol.

First game to surprise you?(by being better than you expected)
Dark Cloud for PS2 was a huge surprise for me. May not have been the first but probably the one that stands out to me. That game combined great gameplay with some cool concepts. RPG to City Building, what a great idea?

First game to disappoint you?
Remember that NES Play Action Football" story? Can we stop there again for a visit? I should have just stuck with Tecmo Bowl..... Others to disappoint were Unlimited Saga for PS2 and Final Fantasy X-2 for PS2. Both huge Square let downs for me.

Hopefully this has shed some more light on Paully for you guys Smiley He has been here for 2 years and a couple months now. While he hasn't been super vocal on the boards or blogs he is definitely an integral part of our community doing quite a bit of work "behind the scenes".

Much thanks again Paully for taking the torch. Looking forward to the next installment of this series!!

* This was actually started in/around May...
It pains me to end my part in the series but obviously I have let it flounder into near oblivion :-/. Did I already mention I am really looking forward to future interviews?

Posted on Apr 26th 2009 at 01:58:04 AM by (Izret101)
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Tynstar is one of the RFGeners i have known for quite some time. Off the top of my head i think him and Captain Nintendo joined a couple months after me and Danvx6. The main difference being my online sidekick went AWOL quite sometime ago and they are both still wreaking havoc.

Well let me get on with this i guess...

How did you find RFGeneration?

A long time ago I was looking for a list of all the Genesis games that were released and I found RFGeneration. It was awesome since I am a list freak.

What made you join?
The collection tool and the way stuff got added. I tried for almost a year to get some Genesis games added to IGNs collection tool and they didnt get added. I havent touch IGN collection tool since I found RFG.

What made you stay?
The community and collection tool.

Have you met or personally know any of the other members of the website?
Jagdiesel and Captain Nintendo are friends of mine. I have met Den68, Phoenix1967, Suaza12 and S1lience.

Are you an active game collector? If so anything specific?
Yes I am an active collector. Right now I am collecting Xbox 360 games.

Whats your favorite game or series? Why?
Favorite series Command and Conquer. Favorite games Ms. Pac Man (Arcade), Crackdown (Xbox360), Warcraft 2 (PC), Landstalker (Genesis), Nightstalker (Intellivision), Warlords (Atari2600) and Pac Man CE (XBLA)

What do you do outside of RFG?
Hang out with friends, family and play with my dogs.

Why have you decided to stop collecting for multiple consoles and focus on the 360?

I had too much stuff and all it did was sit there. So I figured I would sell it and payoff my bills.

What made you decide to become the hugest Gamerpoints whore* in the world? (*self proclaimed)
I am no where near the biggest point whore around. Yes thats why I play 360 games but the highest score in the world right now is a little over 300k and I am only at 111k. The game that got me started on achievements was Crackdown. I liked it so much I wanted to play it more so I started going for the achievements I didnt have. Then I started talked to s1lence who was already and point whore and he ruined my life. He was a good mentor but know I just kick his ass.

What is/was your most sought after 360 game?
Dont really have one. I have both Amazon exclusive. I have Mass Effect SE which was online only. I picked up a Canadian exclusive Asterix at the Olympic Games. I would like to get the Canadian exclusive Forza 2 CE.

What is the "rarest" one you know of?
Maybe one of the Fallout 3 Special Editions but I am not sure.

How did you find out about being able to earn points multiple times on consoles from different regions? And have you been able to do this yet?
S1lence and different achievement websites. I have 1000 points in a Japanese game. I did that when I was staying at S1ence house.

How many consoles have you had complete collections for?
It used to be 7-8. I am down to 5 now. Those being Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega 32X, Sega CD and Sega Pico. See a pattern there? I am about 30 games away form having the Sega Saturn done.

I know you were going to be keeping your Genesis collection. What other parts of your collection are you planning on keeping?
I am keeping all my Sega stuff and Xbox 360 stuff. Well I am selling my Sega Game Gear stuff because I hate handhelds. I am keeping a couple 2600s I had as a kid and Intellivision II plus some games. Oh and I am keeping my Ms Pac Man cabinet.

What was the first game you played and on what system and how old were you?

First.maybe Pong I know we had one when I was a kid. If not that the Atari 2600. I have no idea what game or how old.

First console owned?
Well my family had the Atari 2600 and Intellivion. I had a NES and the first system I bought myself was the Sega Genesis model 1. Bought it the week it came out and I still have it. Cost me 217 bucks.

First game you bought yourself?
I am not sure but I remember buying Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun for the Genesis.

What made you decide to buy that particular game?
I liked RPG's at the time and D&D so I wanted it.

First game you beat?
No idea I am too old to remember that.

First time you wanted to destroy something because of a game?
Probably a Genesis games. Last thing I destroyed was the case and manual for NFL Tour for the Xbox 360. I also threw the game out the front door. Man did that last achievement piss me off. Also that game is 100% pure crap.

Also want to note any and all errors in replies are all on him. I haven't edited anyones responses and don't plan on starting now or in the future. Don't want to be accused of misrepresentation Wink

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So now we meet Den! I'm not going to give a huge preface on him just because the interview is so long compared to my previous two entries.

But something we did not get into in the interview was that Den has done many of the animations/gifs/banners/other artwork you see around RFGen. In fact i believe he has done nearly all of it! I could be wrong about him doing all of it(if i am wrong someone please feel free to let me know Smiley) but i know he has done quite a bit for the site over the years.

And now onto number 3.

How did you find RFGeneration?

I knew Mike Collins (Lord Nepenthean) when we were both members at a site called Video Game Bible. When he started RFG I was right on board. I've been an RFG member since the site launched. That was June 8th, 2004.

What made you join?

Mike was a dedicated guy so I knew RFG was going to be a top notch outfit. I wanted to be there from the start and see where it went. I was honored when Mike asked me to be a part of the staff.

What made you stay?

I like the ideals that the site was founded on, no one is ever forgotten. It's great that every person who contributes anything is credited. It truly makes RFG a community effort. The members of the site are awesome, our board is a great place to hang out. It's very informative and rarely bitchy. And that Collection Tool we have here is a Marvelous BEAST!!!

Have you met or personally know any of the other members of the website?

Many! Phoenix1967 is great friend of mine. We met in High School so we've been friends nearly 30 years. Cawsccs is a friend of mine from work, he doesn't post but does have his collection logged here. I've met Tynstar, he's originally from Michigan and we did a trade in person when he was home visiting family. I know Sauza12. We did a trade and decided to meet at a bar for the swap. We've hung out and been to each others places a few times. A few years ago Sauza and I drove to Cincinnatti for the Cinci Classic. There I met TraderJake, St0rmTK421 and The Evil Leon. I think that's everybody.

Are you an active game collector? If so anything specific?

Yes, though I'd say obsessed game collector rather than active. I don't collect anything specific. If it's a video game or video game related I collect it.

Whats your favorite game or series? Why?

I guess Guitar Hero/Rock Band. Why? Because I'm 40 and I get to act out my adolescent Rock Star fantasies.

What are your passions?

My passions are my family and friends. Trying to be a good husband and dad. Helping my daughter grow up to be a good person. Music, Video Games, Books, Cartoon, Movies... all sorts of stuff.

What do you do outside of RFG?

I am the Creative Services Manager for a marketing company in Taylor, Michigan. I do a lot of graphic design, digital photography, web development and whatever else customers throw my way.

Right now your collection stands at just under 5k entries(only 3 of them being hardware). How much of your collection would you say is actually on the site right now?

With the exception of my hardware most of my collection has been uploaded. I still have a bunch of PC games and Plug N Plays that I haven't entered. I have a few hundred handhelds that I need to enter. I've been putting that off. I know a bunch of them need to have game entries created.

How have you managed to amass such a fantastically large collection?

I still have every game and console that I've gotten through the years. So when I started seriously collecting 7 or 8 years ago I already had an Atari 2600, Vic-20, C64, NES, Genesis, PS1, Gameboy Color and about 300 games between them. I've acquired the rest mostly from thrift shops, garage sales, flea markets and used game shops.

I'm very persistent with hunting. I'm fortunate to have several thrift shops near me and I hit them as often as I can. I'm also not shy about talking about my collection. I've had many people give me games or sell them to me cheaply. I also check the clearance aisle at Target often and make good use of those coupons Gamestop e-mails on Fridays.

How often do you pick up games/gaming related items?

I stop somewhere looking for games pretty much every day. It's getting hard to find stuff I don't already have but I still manage a few finds every week.

When did you make the change from just being a gamer to also being a collector? What was it that made you make the change, if anything, or did it just kind of metamorph into a dual hobby?

I was surfing one day and stumbled onto Digital Press. I was reading some stuff about the Atari 2600 and got nostalgic. I had my dad dig it out of the attic. I played it again after many years and had a blast. I picked up a few more games for it. Then did the same for my NES and Genesis. One day my wife says "Why don't you just try and find every there is." She was of course being sarcastic but several thousand games later I'm still taking that advice.

How long have you been collecting vinyl?

Much like my game stuff I still have all the vinyl from my youth. It was tucked away in a cabinet out of sight out of mind. One morning I was riding my bike. It was garbage day and I passed a house with a HUGE box of records on the curb. It was 6:00 and the morning and still dark so I took a peek. Black Sabbath, Hendrix, Zeppelin, The Doors, The Who, Pink Floyd... yeah, that box went home with me. I nabbed close to 100 records all in immaculate condition. Thus began another collection. That was about 3 years ago.

Do you go for all formats or try to stick more towards 33s or 45s or 78s?

My turntable doesn't have 78 speed so I only collect 33's and 45's.

What was the first game you played and on what system and how old were you?

The first video game I ever played was Coleco's Electronic Quarterback. I got that in 1978 or 79 so I was 10 or 11. The first console I played was the Atari 2600. The game was maybe Combat or Asteroids, I was probably 13.

First console owned?

The Atari 2600. It was a gift from my parents when I made my Confirmation in 8th grade.

First game you bought yourself?

I think it was Starmaster for the 2600. I remember going to Service Merchandise to buy it.

What made you decide to buy that particular game?

That was 27 years ago. I have no idea.

First game you beat?

Strider for the NES. It was my first or second year of college and a joint effort between phoenix1967 and I. I remember we almost finished it in one night. We got stuck on a boss near the end. It took a few weeks to figure out the trick to take him out. We finished the rest of the game in short order after that.

First time you wanted to destroy something because of a game?

Well I've come close to smashing my Guitar Hero controller a few times but that's about it.

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This is the second (technically third) installment of The People of RFGeneration. I went with one of our Canadian members Link41 aka Aaron . It should be noted that the number of members who live in Canadia is small (18 members on the World Map, which more people need to use so i would know how accurate i am being...) but growing. Before they grow any larger we must absorb them into the U.S.of A... and steal their health care!

I've talked with him both inside and outside of the chat and had a pretty strange and interesting convo, mostly related to his college classes. So I decided he could be the next at bat.

Alright lets get to it I guess.

Q:How did you find RFGeneration?
A: I was looking for a site to document my collection online back around Christmas '08, and a fellow member of this site, suggested RFGeneration.

Q:What made you join?
A: I took a look at the site, after receiving info from sunfireman. I was amazed at all the collectors that were here, not only that, but the Database was loaded with games I had and/or needed.

Q:What made you stay?
A: Honestly? The forum and the chat. I am in the chat almost everyday, also I enjoy having my collection right at my fingertips! Tongue

Q:Have you met or personally know any of the other members of the website?
A: I know sunfireman, he is also a parrysounder. I am starting to get to know lots of other members, that is why I'm on the chat so much.

Q:Are you an active game collector? If so anything specific?
A: I am an active game collector, I currently have 11 consoles, and 314 games. I collect alot of Nintendo games and consoles. I am however looking to start collecting the Sega consoles and possibly the Atari consoles. I am looking to catch up to den68, his collection is massive!

Q:Whats your favourite game or series? Why?
A: I have to pick The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time as my favourite game, as for my favourite series, I would go with either: Zelda, Resident Evil, Metroid, or Final Fantasy. Ocarina got me into gaming back in 1998, when it came out. I played everyday after school. After I beat the game I was like "I wonder if any other games are good?" and the rest is history. I love alot of game series, so I narrowed it down to four!

Q:Why is the chat your second home!?!
A: I like meeting new people, and discussing new games. I happen to have found a nice community here, I like chatting on the IRC, and posting on the forum. I have made a few friends on here so far, I'm very impressed with the site thus far.

Q:What are your passions?
A: I LOVE the outdoors, biking, snowmobiling, four-wheeling, swimming, reading, my morning jogs, my schooling, video games, my family, my friends, going to bar with my friends. I guess that pretty much sums it up. I am certainly a pretty common guy Tongue

Q:What do you do outside of RFG?
A: I am currently attending school for forensics, I also work part-time at a store 99% of you have never even heard of. Giant Tiger is where I work, it is fun. I like to go and spend time with the girlfriend and my family whenever I get the chance. I have four brothers, so I am used to having a shadow Smiley

Q:What made you decide to go into forensics?
A:At first,I just wanted to become a cop, but I soon realized I wanted more. Over the past few years,I became a fan of CSI, I was amazed at the procedures that went into solving crimes. I enrolled for the course in 2007 and I haven't looked back. Grin

Q:What is the creepiest thing you have learned so far from this course?
A: lol, gross is a pretty loose term in forensics. I thought assisting in autopsy's would be the worst, but as it turns out there was something worse. I had forgot that after a DB has been dead for around an hour, his muscles begin to relax and urine and feces then come out. That happened during my first examination of a dead body, needless to say I was one of the many students who threw up in class. Not such a great day.

So i thought of some questions a few nights ago at work. One of my coworkers asked me what the first game i beat was and then the rest of these popped into my head in rapid succession. They will be standard from now on Smiley When Eddie sends me back the response i will update his interview as well Smiley

Q: What was the first game you played and on what system and how old were you?
A: The very first game I played was Super Mario Bros on NES. I was on my March break in 1995, and my family was visitng some relatives down south and I went to see what my cousins were doing up in their room, it turns out they were playing two player SMB. I just stood in awe over the game, it was like a cartoon only 100 times better!

Q:First console owned?
A: I received my first console at Christmas 1998. I got an Nintendo 64 and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. I was hooked on games from that point on! I would rush home from school as fast as possible to play more! I was addicted.

Q:First game you bought yourself?
A: Well I bought my first game and bought my first conole at the same time. I purchased a PS2 in 2003 and I bought WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth to go with it. In the months that followed, I had started to build my collection into the one you can see today.

Q:What made you decide to buy that particular game?
A: I was a HUGE fan of WWE up until 2006, then I jumped to UFC and TNA. I thought the games was awesome, having had a few N64 wrestling games. I wanted to see what the next gen was going to bring to the table.

Q:First game you beat?
A:...hmm. I know! Pokemon Red. I had borrowed my friends Game Boy Color while he went to Florida with his family, so I promised I would get him some good pokemon. I beat the game in just 2 days, I did set him up with the legendarys, who I caught with master balls. I used that missingno cheat on Cinnabar Island, and made 99 master balls!

Q:First time you wanted to destroy something because of a game?
A: I wanted to break my NES Zapper before....I just hate that Duck Hunt dog soooooo much! Tongue

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This is my first interview so be gentle Smiley

I had in mind a couple of people that i wanted to start this out with. I ended up starting with St0rmtk421 (aka Eddie). I chose him because he is and has been and still is a very important and integral part of this fine website. But I feel very few people know of him or if they do they don't know much about him.

Many years ago (about the same time RFGen went to MySpace and Wikipedia...)
It was rumored that this was the only known picture of this
mysterious individual.

Now without any further adieu....

How did you find RFGeneration?

I knew Mike Collins since grade school, so when he told me he was putting a website together for video games, I volunteered to help out.  We started talking about creating a games database, and I wrote up a simple search page and game pages.  Then we talked about having collections, and it kinda steamrolled from there.

What made you join?

I've always enjoyed video games, even though I never had any real consoles growing up (became more of a PC gamer as a result).  I was just learning how to program websites at the time, so when Mike mentioned he was working on a website for video games, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for me.

What made you stay?

Well when I was the only coder for the site I kind of had to stick around to make sure things keep working...  But seriously I knew a lot of the original founders and for some reason we've always had such a great community around this site which has always made me want to continue helping out and being a part of it.

Have you met or personally know any of the other members of the website?

Obviously Mike (Lord Nepenthean), and of course the man who has since stepped up to help captain the ship in his stead (TraderJake), and The Evil Leon, all of whom I have known since grade school.  I also know Hydrobond, The Maligned Leon, SFS/Three, Seamar, Shimra, Maccabeus, Mrs. C, and MPHDeltaForce.  A couple of years ago at Cinciclassic I had the pleasure of meeting Den and Sauza in person, both of whom are great guys.

What sort of work do you do on/for the site?

Back in the day I was the lone programmer who maintained the search, collection, and submission tools.  Since then Dave has joined in and has rewritten the new submission system, the blogs, and many other new features.  I still maintain and work on the collection and search systems, as well as some other administrative stuff.

Are you an active game collector? If so anything specific?

Can't really say I'm a collector of games.  As I said I was more of a PC gamer and I love finding the old shareware games online and giving them a go every once and a while.  But as for collecting games, I really don't do that.

Whats your favorite game or series (or even genre if your like me and have trouble pining down specifics.)? Why?

Being an engineer, I've always enjoyed strategy games, RTS in particular.  One of my neighbors had the old Genesis game Herzog Zwei back in the day and I always loved taking him on in that game.  Another of my favorite RTS games was a little known PC/PS game called Warzone 2100 (which is open source nowadays, so you should all go download it Smiley )

What do you do outside of RFG?

I'm currently going to school at the University of Cincinnati to pursue my masters in Computer Engineering.

What are you passions?

Gaming wise, I always enjoy a good LAN party or playing a game of rock band/guitar hero.  I also enjoy movies (have a projector in my basement) and I've always been interested in photography as a hobby as well.

So in closing I would like to share one of my favorite(and probably earliest) RFG work related quotes from St0rm:
"Alright people, I didn't make this so you could all tell me how cool I am. I made it so that you can create and share your collections.

SO USE IT!! Tongue"

Posted on Feb 25th 2009 at 07:43:06 PM by (Izret101)
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So we know a bit about some of the people here on RFGen. But mostly we just know their username or handle.

I was thinking about interviewing the members of RFG maybe so people could get a better sense of each other, learn something interesting, find some random commonality maybe?

I don't want your phone numbers, addresses or even your social security* or bank account information*.

Basically what this blog boils down to is what do you want to know about each other or let others know about yourselves?

Who do you most want to see interviewed?
What kind of questions would you be curious to have answered?

This won't be limited to staff or donors or members. Those who are active on the site, blogs, boards or our long time (and new) drifters/trolls/
 Hopefully this will turn into a tome of many (or maybe even all) of our members who make RFGen what it is.

The basic questions I would like to ask are:
How did you find RFGeneration?
What made you join?
Whats your favorite game or series? Why?
What do you do outside of RFG?

So what does everyone else think?

*Though if you are interested in donating me this information i will be sure to only sell it to the highest bidder or keep it to myself Wink

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