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Posted on Oct 23rd 2007 at 06:10:29 PM by (James)
Posted under A bum no more, job, james, working, getting off my fat lazy arse to find a job

I had an interview at my town's football/rugby stadium this morning. They sent a taxi to pick me and someone else up, then to take us home. I was really nervous during the interview and was shaking a lot. My only other job interview was two years ago and I was on strong medicine so I didn't even know where I was. This one went well, I thought. Well enough for me to get the job.

I don't know what my role will be yet but it's either flipping burgers in the food kiosks on match days, or working in the bar/restaurant as a waiter/barman. I have an induction day tomorrow so I'll find out then. I wouldn't mind either position. Both 6pounds/hour for 12-16 hours a weekend with bonuses for working every weekend in a month, being the hardest worker, referring friends, etc.

I'm also applying for a position at my old workplace, so I could be working seven days a week.

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