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Nearing down to the end of 2020, we get to analyzing some of the biggest PC games to have clicked with gamers across the globe. We will also get to know about a clear winner among the demon slayers, magicians, corporate bigwigs, miners, and soldiers. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games have gained immense popularity over the past decade, and there are a variety of games on the table. Games such as World of Warcraft can even offer new places to live while allowing you to shun your mundane life for an adventurous, dangerous, and profitable one.

Heres a list of the biggest and the most popular MMORPG games for PC in 2020, and you will undoubtedly find a few that would deliver quite a few pleasant surprises. Lets dive into the world of MMORPG and look at the games that won over millions of gamers across continents.


Yes, it fails to comply with any particular genre because this part-adventure, part RPG, part single player, and part crafting game offers various elements. Only when you reach the late stages of the game will you realize that its an MMO. Once you complete the main story of Genshin Impact, you can go ahead with exploring the amazing Teyvat world and experience adventures beyond the primary objectives. If youre looking for PvP elements, you can be a bit disappointed. However, going to the dungeons while engaging in cross-play co-op compensates for the missing elements.   

You dont have to empty your pockets to check out the gacha mechanics as they are not intrusive at all, which lets you experience the amazing world at a very low price. Youll love this game if youre fond of difficult challenges and puzzles.


Martial art fans will love this MMORPG as Blade & Soul gets everything right to keep them hooked for hours. Navigating the intricately designed gaming world, inspired by Hyung Tae Kims artistic excellence, is a memorable experience. Indulge yourself in the unique races along with ten incredibly compelling classes for witnessing a world of your dreams. 

Immerse in the grisly combats by choosing to play in the garb of Gon, Yun the versatile master of the world, Jin or the legend Lyn. Its essential to equip yourself with combo chains and rapid counters as it would help you carry out virtual scrapping in the PvP mode as well as when you team up with the friends for tackling a variety of dungeons.


Guild Wars 2 doesnt quite fit into the traditional world of MMORPG. Instead, its a little weird and stark opposite of games like the World of Warcraft. The game gives you a vibe that every element of the game works towards breaking down and fixing the usual mechanics of online games. Guild Wars 2 is successful because it tries to fix every issue that players encounter while playing online games, making it a great MMORPG.

The game has only a few quests, and instead, players team up to counter the rolling events while the mini storylines keep them hooked during the different stages of the game. Players get opportunities to work organically as a team and impact every region they walk into. Teams can go ahead with reducing the monster-treat, even if its temporary. A great feature is constantly changing end game content that evolves via the updates of Living World. You must always be ready to meet the challenges when you face dragons like Jormag, along with his ice brood.


Black Desert Online with the recently updated graphics is a treat to the gamers eyes! The game certainly has the best characters and a fantasy world to die for. However, the moment you start getting comfy, youll be jolted out of your reverie with the grisly fights and usual battle grinds. Even though the game has a very relaxing appeal, it contains dozens of exciting quests that will get your adrenaline pumping.
Black Desert Online is a top-bracket MMO game thats both tricky as well as combative that gives you very little time to relax while engaging you in combat, diplomacy, trade, and other types of tasks. Fiery chaos and sword fights are a frequent occurrence in this game thats hard to escape.

Upcoming gems

MMORPG fans are surely aware of the two new goliaths about to enter the market: Bless Unleashed and New World. New World is a specifically interesting example as it is a product by Amazon. While some players have already gotten a chance to play it for testing purposes, the final product
remains a mystery.

Whichever game you choose, you need to bear in mind that you will play closely with other players. To guarantee a safe experience, a VPN for gaming is a must. It will prevent IP-based tracking and will reassure you that attempted DDoS attacks against your device will not be fateful. Additionally, some gaming content could be geo-specific, meaning that people from specific regions can access it. A VPN will alter your location and allow you to explore the brand-new content.

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