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Posted on Sep 7th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (MetalFRO)
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Tetris is undoubtedly one of the biggest games ever.  Not in terms of its size, but rather, it's reach.  It has appeared on nearly every major game console in some form, been ported to most every retro computer, and is known by even the least informed person you might talk to about video games.  Ask any random person on the street if they've ever heard of Tetris, and chances are, they'll at least have an idea of what it is, even if they can't explain it, or have never played it.  The ubiquity of Tetris is largely thanks to Nintendo's wise choice of making it the pack-in title for the North American launch of the Game Boy, and probably one of the reasons Nintendo began the portable game console market at the top, and subsequently never left.  Here are some thoughts about the game itself, as well as a bit of rumination about its legacy and impact.  Enjoy!

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While I may not have the original version on Game Boy, I'm just glad I was able to purchase it off of the 3DS VC before it was pulled from the eShop. Such a fantastic time waster!
I remember playing this a little, but the GameBoy was a faraway dream for me back then, so it was only at a friends house.  For me the nostalgia is all the stories about parents actually taking over their kid's GameBoy to play Tetris.  Priceless stuff, especially now as a parent I have totally done the same thing with my own kid's toys.  Thanks FRO.
@Link41: Yeah, and I have given a lot of thought, perhaps more than necessary, to the idea that Tetris, perhaps more than any other game, has provided a lot of the inspiration for the rise of mobile gaming. It was a cross-cultural, cross-generational mega hit, and it proved that games could appeal to a far wider audience, and that gaming on the go was a viable option. I suspect people from that generation, including myself, were then given license to explore other, similar "time waster" type games that have now become a staple in the mobile marketplace. It would seem Tetris was perhaps the initial catalyst for that explosion. I just find it all to be interesting to think about.

@bombatomba: Yeah, I was lucky enough to have experienced Tetris on the Game Boy on my own, and even head to head with friends and their Game Boys. Glad you enjoyed the video, and thanks for watching!

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