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Many marketers today use digital analytics tools to make website analytics reports faster and more accurately. These tools are used as a reference guide to check the current status of your website and to conduct competitive analysis research. Ahrefs is a tool that is not suitable for SEOs to search and analyze your website's digital indicators. So what is Ahrefs? What are the things that Ahrefs gives Marketers what helps them analyze the data?

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a tool that directly analyzes the parameters of the largest online website today. Originated from the idea of ​​establishing a backlink analysis tool of global websites. A multinational group of members originating from Ukraine (headquartered in Singapore) has established as Ahrefs and developed this backlink analysis tool to become one of the most powerful SEO group buy support tools in the world, with the ability to Analytical capabilities are increasingly expanding in terms of indicators and data quality.

This is also a big and complex bigdata and is only behind Google in data warehousing. Ahrefs contains a lot of valuable information, so Ahrefs is favored by SEOs. The mua chung Ahrefs tool includes the following main indexes:

Dashboard is the section showing the strength indicators of a website (be it your website / of customers / competitors), the research entry of each Project (each website will be equivalent to 1 Project).

Alert section is the section that displays settings for receiving email notifications about pages in the Dashboard when there is a change in the backlink fluctuations, keyword rankings fluctuations.

The Site Explorer section is a checklist of power parameters related to: Ahrefs Rank, UR (Url rating), DR (Domain Rating), Backlinks, Referring Domain, Organic keyword, Organic Traffics, Paid Keyword.

Section Content Explorer is a test section, helping you find the most shared posts (each post is equivalent to 1 keyword) on social networks.

Keywords Explorer section to check keywords, research keywords and especially tracking rankings of each keyword.
The Tools section (other tools), opens for other small tools. Depending on the tool, you may charge or be free to use.

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