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Posted on Jan 17th 2013 at 11:41:04 AM by (NeoMagicWarrior)
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Welcome to what I hope to be a recurring series of blog posts. As i finish games, it seems fitting to throw my 2 cents out to the without further adieu...!

Geometry Wars: Galaxies ~ Nintendo Wii
Average Used Price: 4$

For anyone who hasn't played it in one form or another, geometry wars is a twin stick shooter that revolves around the idea that bright lights and flashing is fun (if any game needs a seizure warning, it is this). Galaxies takes the original game, which had a square arena and a few different enemies, and added more arenas and more enemies. It also brings a new game play element in with a new "companion". You now have a pod that follows your ship around. Depending on what you pick for it to do, it can fly around and collect "geoms", the game's new currency, attack stuff, defend your ship, etc. The game has a ton of levels and has a neat mechanic, where if you have the DS version, you can link the two games together and unlock a special world in both.

Geometry wars has simple graphics, but what it does have is done well. Lines are sharp. Colors are bright. Even more important is that, even on the wii, there is no slowdown when the screen is swarming with literally hundreds of bullets and enemies.

Audio: 6/10
The soundtrack consists of generic techno music on a loop....which gets pretty repetitive. The actual sound effects feel very generic as well, and come out sorta "muddy", even on a nicer sound system.

Control: 15/20
The game gives you the option of playing wiimote+nunchaku, or with the classic controller. While playing with the wiimote is "possible", i wouldn't recommend it...ever. Twin stick shooters need two sticks. With the classic controller, the game plays and feels great.

Gameplay: 40/50
Geometry Wars is fun. Period. What are you waiting for? Go play it!

In all seriousness, the game is fun on its own...and the addition to a leveling system for your pod, as well as a ton of levels should keep you playing for days.

With enough time, it'll get stale for a'll put it away...and then later on pick back up and have as much fun as you started...but the same could be said for many classic arcade games.

Replay: 10/10
Geometry Wars is a game that you will keep on picking up and trying to beat that high score. It has the same addiction level as tetris or pacman, with the game being simplistic, and having a large focus on score. Multiplayer support is great too!

Total 80/100

Geometry Wars: Galaxies is defiantly one to own if you have a wii sitting there collecting dust. At an average used price of about 4$, it's a steal!.....go play it already!

Till next time!
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P.S: just redid the gameroom! expect a full report eventually!

Posted on Feb 27th 2012 at 08:31:45 PM by (NeoMagicWarrior)
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Well, after a long time, it seems I'm finally gonna get back to writing some more (maybe).
To start out, I thought i'd bring up a recent strike from the backlog: Pinball quest

if you are not familiar with pinball, come back and read this when you turn 5.(and on a related note, wait a little pretty sure swear words will lurk their way in here somehow)

I picked pinball quest up right before Christmas at my local game store (....shameless plug => since i had some extra $ on me and it looked pretty bad ass (and for 2.99 you really cant go wrong)

Bad ass this isn't.

Lets start out at the top: you have 3 separate, multi tiered levels which handle like basic nes pinball games should, albeit a little choppier. The real meat and potatos is the "RPG mode"

This screen above me is where you will spend most of your time...trying to hit that damn left ramp! Once you pass that, you have to kill some skeletons...which 9-10 times bump you back down after 1 hit. Then after you kill all of them, and the giant skeleton king that pops up, its on to the shop with its over priced stuff!

as you can see, "steal" is actually an option: and it becomes a requirement...

after the shop, you fight a witch, who is impossible without upgraded flipper damage...she keeps healing, and although you can break her healing fountain, you just keep getting knocked back >.>

eventually, my game devolved into fighting on the first two screens, and trying to steal from the shopkeeper in between. eventually, i stole the permanent blockers and the best flippers in game....which made quick work of everything after that...kinda felt like cheating though.

for the 3$ i spent, it was funish...if nothing else, it makes a decent paperweight.

Till next time, stay classy San Diego

~ Neo
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