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Posted on Jan 4th 2013 at 02:05:27 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone as I promised here is another fantastic adventure in Game Hunting that I said I would post sorry a little delayed but I had a ton to catalog and put away soon to be a ton more come mid-February.  So the other day (New Year's Eve) Bill and I decided we needed to hit up a few places.  We went a little backwards than we normally do and well it felt odd and the day kind of started off dark and gloomy BUT it did get a ton better.  We started off by going to Ben's Gaming Zone to try and sell of some DVDs but that didn't go so well but Bill picked up a few things nice things while we were there.  Then we were off to CD Tradepost in La Vista to get rid of some moves and Bill picked up a few things there.  Then we went over to Gamers and I picked up a Castlevania on PS2 there and Bill picked up a few games as well. Then we went to CD Tradepost in West Omaha to get rid of some more of my movies I didn't get anything again but Bill did haha. Then we were off to another Gamers on our usual route and I picked up a SNES box for one of my loose SNES systems which our favorite employee found while we were waiting to get checked out! I also picked up a PS1 game and Guide. Bill picked up a ton of stuff at that Gamers. Then we went to Half Price Books and we both picked up a few items there even though most of these places with the exception of Gamers were pretty much picked over.  Then we were off to Game Vault for our last stop on a long days journey.  I picked up a few CIB N64 games among some other cool stuff while Bill picked me up a CIB Super Mario 64 THANKS AGAIN BILL!!! Enjoy your CIB LOZ Ocarina!!  Also to note I picked up a couple CIB Genesis games on Christmas Eve.

SO the next day I did a little shopping at CD Tradepost while I was just going there for one game the Manager said we have a special this month on Classic Games starting with PS2/Xbox and I was like okay you hooked me so picked up a few games!!! A NOT FOR RESALE Garfield Caught in the Act anyone have any info on this!?!?!  Then today I took advantage of the CD Tradepost sales and went to two stores today.  SO here is the rundown with pictures.

Christmas Eve - CD Tradepost -
*Radical Rex - Genesis CIB - $6.00
*Streets of Rage Sega Classic - $4.00

Day 1 - Bill & I (December 31, 2012)
Gamers #1 -
*Castlevania - Lament of Darkness - $4.45

Gamers #2 -
*LOZ Link to the Past SNES System Box with Styro and Manual stuff.  - $2.00!!!!
*Beyond the Beyond - $13.00
*Playstation Survival Secrets Vol 3 - $0.60

Half Price Books (HPB) -
*Ten Pin Alley PS1 Greatest Hits - $2.00
*Shrek 2 - GameCube Player's Choice - $3.00
*Madden 2003 - GameCube - $2.00
*X-Men Legends - Xbox - $2.00
*NBA Live 2003 - GameCube - $2.00
*Advent Rising - Xbox - $2.00
*Harvey Birdman - PS2 - $2.00

Game Vault -
*Mario's Fun With Numbers SNES Manual - $1.00
*Star Wars Shadows of the Empire N64 Manual - $1.00
*Trick Shot - CIB - Atari 2600 - $2.00
*Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis - $2.50
*Operation Flashpoint: Resistance - $2.50
*Madden 2000 - CIB - N64 - $2.00
*Madden 99 - CB - N64 - $2.00
*NFL Quarterback '98 - $2.00
*WWF War Zone - $5.00

Shopping Day 2 - Myself - January 1st 2013
CD Tradepost -
*Garfield Caught in the Act - Not For Resale - Genesis - $5.00
*Triple Play Gold Edition - CIB - Genesis - $5.00
*Family Feud - CIB - Genesis - $2.00
*Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - CIB - GameCube - $8.00
*X-Men Legends - PS2 - CIB - FREE
*Sim Theme Park - PS1 - CIB - FREE
*NCAA Final Four 2000 - PS1 - CIB - FREE
*Star Wars Dark Forces - PS1 Black Label - CIB - FREE
*Darkstone - PS1 - CIB - FREE
*Quake 2 - MINTY PS1 - CIB - FREE

Today - January 4th 2013
CD Tradepost #1 -
*Skeleton Warriors PS1 - CIB - $5.00
*Crusaders of Might & Magic - PS1 - CIB - FREE
*Hexen - PS1 - CIB - FREE
*Heart of Darkness - PS1 - CIB (EVEN HAS 3D GLASSES) - $9.00
*Crash Bandicoot Wrath of the Cortex - PS2 - CIB - $6.00
*NeoGeo Battle Colosseum - PS2 - CIB - FREE
*Pac-Man Collection - GBA - CIB - $6.00
*Tiny Toon Adventures Bab's Big Break - GB - FREE
*Tiny Toon Aventures Wacky Sports - GB - FREE
*Little Mermaid - GB - $5.00

CD Tradepost #2 -
*Gunship PS1 - CIB - FREE
*BursTrick Wake Boarding - CIB - $5.00
*GhenWar - Saturn - CIB - $5.00
*Resurrection: Rise 2 - Saturn - CIB - $8.00
*Amok - Saturn - CIB - $9.00
*Adventure (Sears Text Label) - Atari 2600 - FREE
*Othello - Sears - Atari 2600 - FREE
*TaleSpin - Genesis (FINALLY I HAVE IT CIB) - FREE
*Incredible Hulk - Genesis - Cart - FREE
*Garfield - Genesis - Regular Edition - FREE
*Heiankyo Alien - GB - $5.00
*Battletanx - GBC - $5.00
*Flinstones: Burgertime in Bedrock - GBC - FREEEEEEE!!!!!!
*Woody Woodpecker - GBC - FREE
*Casper - GB - $5.00

Bleep Bleep that's all Folks!!! Enjoy the pictures and please comment!!

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Sent you the info on Garfield even before you had your blog posted, since I saw it in the submission queue. Tongue
So you got X-Men Legends for XBox and PS2, but not for GameCube?

You're losing your touch, big guy.
@Zagnorch: haha oh I will just haven't found one at the right price yet lol.
@GamerNick: Well, if $4.99 is too rich for your blood, I don't recommend buying it from the Goodwill where I got all those GC games a couple days ago.
Well, a little lite on the PC side, but at least you got a SNES system box.
@bombatomba: speaking of which I woke up to go to work and my brother went to goodwill and picked up a few PC games lol ill put them in the next blog.
@Zagnorch: well for gcube I might go as high as $4.99 lol since gcube games keep seeming to go up lol
What's this? You appear to be from the same area as I am, as I frequent some of these places myself. Interesting, I didn't think there was anyone else from my neck of the woods that used this site.
@Nionel: there's actually quite a few.  Do u live in Omaha?

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