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In order to save some space as I post on the Forums for my Collection each time it will be moved to this blog when I post new stuff in the forum :-)

Yesterday I posted a few teaser pictures of part of my collection today I am going to post pictures and some information on those pictures (there are quite a few) of PS1 through PS3 & PS Vita games I have.  If you have any questions or anything please comment.  Note none of it is for sale sorry  nono  But I started this thread to talk about games in my collection or anyone else who wants to talk about games.  After the teaser pictures will be the new pictures.  So scroll on down and please comment away!  Also this will not be in a blog anymore so if you want to check out my older parts of my collection please do so on my blog ALSO I will still be making blogs just not of collection parts I think the thread gets it out there better and who doesn't like to show off their collection.


NES Shelving for Now - Muwahahaha NEED MORE check out my wanted NES forum and my fs/ft for anyone who can help.  Thanks again for those who have or are going to!!

Teaser Pictures:

Picture 1: Big Boxed PC collection
*I recently obtained a substantial amount of big box PC games from ixtaileddemonfox (again thanks) which helped a large collection grow to an even larger collection of Big Box PC games.

Picture 2: The Not so big boxed PC games

Picture 3: Playstation 1 & 2
*That DVD rack used to be full of DVD's and Blu-Rays it has now dwindled as I have been selling off most of my movies to replace them at another time with Blu-Ray only.  SO my PS1 collection has grown tremendously as of late and I finally have enough room to put my PS1 & PS2 games on a shelves again together.

There will be more to come eventually if you want to read back on my blogs of my collection of findings, my Nintendo Collection (which will be updated) and many other fun stuff in my blogs so check it out!  Also please feel free to comment.

Picture 1 - PS1 Long Box Games

Picture 2 - PS1 Games #1

*Few things in this picture to note -
--3D Baseball as you see I have two copies one actually has the manual the other just has the manual cover but this game like the Saturn Version has kind of spiked a little for a sports game.
--The Beyond the Beyond has the original 3D Glasses in them.

Picture 3 - PS1 Games #2

Picture 4 - PS1 Games #3

Picture 5 - PS1 Games #4

Picture 6 - PS1 Games #5

NOTE -- Starting to notice the trend of Square Games & RPG's?
*NCAA March Madness 2001 - Brand New Sealed
Picture 7 - PS1 Games #6

Picture 8 - PS1 Games #7

--Arc The Lad Collection
--Lunar: The Silver Star Story
--Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

Picture 9 - PS1 Games #8 - GameSharks & Imports

**Love the Imports I already have looking forward to hopefully finding more down the road. **

Picture 10 - PS2 Games #1

Picture 11 - PS2 Games #2

Picture 12 - PS2 Games #3

--Innocent Life - Brand New!

Picture 13 - PS2 Games #4

--Radiata Stories - Brand New!

Picture 14 - PS2 Games #5

--Samurai Legend Musashi - Brand New!
--Shepard's Crossing - Brand New!

Picture 15 - PS2 Games #6

--World Heroes Anthology - Brand New!

Picture 16 - PS2 Games, Complete Sets, & Imports

--Dragon Quest VIII - 2 Copies - 1 is Brand New!
--Growlanser Heritage War CE - Brand New!

Picture 17 - PSP Games

--Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles - Brand New!
--Final Fantasy 1 & 2 - Brand New!
--Knights in the Nightmare - Brand New!

Picture 18 - PS2 & PSP Collector's Edition

--ALL GAMES IN PICTURE ARE BRAND NEW Except one of the Copies of Prinny

Picture 19 - PS3 Games

--Demon Souls - Brand New!
--Disgeaa 3 - Brand New!
--Heavy Rain - Brand New - Game Stop Pre-Order Edition
--Tales of Graces F - Brand New!
--PES Evolution is an Import

Picture 20 - PS3 - Special or Limited Editions

--Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland [Premium Box] - Brand New!
--Atelier Totori: The Adventurer Of Arland [Premium Edition] - Brand New!
--Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten [Premium Edition] - Brand New!
--Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Editon - Brand New!

Picture 21 - PS3 - LOTR War In The North - Brand New!

Picture 22 - PS Vita


Picture 1 - Boxed Sega 32x Games

-BC Racers, Cosmic Carnage - Sealed

Picture 2 - Cart Only 32X some have manuals just forgot to dig them out, EXCEPT FOR THE ONE :-)

Picture 3 - Sega CD 32X

Picture 4 - Boxed Sega Master System

Picture 5 - Rare Sega Master System Games or Semi Rare :-)

-Sega Mega Drive Game is Sailor Moon
-Gauntlet SMS is PAL
-Mega Key - Allows players to play MD and PAL MD games on Sega Genesis
-Action Replay For Sega Genesis

Picture 6 - Cart Only Sega Master System

Picture 7 - Boxed Intellivision Games

Picture 8 - Boxed Intellivision Games Part 2

- My cart only Intellvision games are somewhere in the storage unit.

Picture 9 - CD-i

Picture 10 - N-Gage

Picture 11 - Odds & Ends

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Nice collection man.  Hopefully you can find another shelf simuler to the first shelf you have for your nes titles.  They look awesome in that.  Also I am super Glad you are a Worms fan.  That is probably one of the best games on the PS1.  I mean there r alot of titles on the ps1 and franchises that are very strong today but worms is one of those games that if you have a friend with you that is equally in love with the game it is just a blast.  U can play for hours. 
@Tadpole13: I Love Worms.  I have it on Sega Saturn too but I love it more on PS1. And your right there are a ton of good titles and franchises but Worms is definitely one of the more underrated ones.

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Hey everyone. My brother and I have collected a lot of games throughout the years. We have a huge collection of games spanning from Pong Systems to the most recent systems. We also have Japanese systems and lot of cool video game related items. Check out our blogs from time to time because we "score" a lot at our video game stores, flea markets, and of course eBay.
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