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Posted on Apr 27th 2012 at 05:32:33 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey fellow gamers I am going to be starting a new trend blog/forum about my brother and I video game collection.  The first topic will be Nintendo since it is after all our favorite and well these last few months we have added a ton of NES games in their boxes.  A little background on our NES stuff when we were younger my parents through away our video game boxes and now we feel like we have to play catch up which is what we are doing BUT we also added a ton of games along the way.  I have fond memories of buying our first Nintendo (the Sports Set) for $88.00 on clearance at Wal-Mart in 1992 along with a few games in their boxes (hence they were thrown away along with the Sports Set box).  Collecting Nintendo stuff in general is great because there is a lot of history.  Yes we have a lot Sega stuff, Playstation, and many other great items.  The best piece of our NES collection I think is our sealed games, and our "rare" games, and our pristine or mint condition NES Games.  I.E. Mega Man 6 (Pristine), Gargoyles Quest II (Pristine), amongst others there will be photos for everyone to see.  Our best piece in our SNES collection is not boxed and won't be seen is our Earthbound - Guide and Cart, BUT boxed I would say is our sealed copies of all three Super Star Wars games.  Game Boy I would say ALL of our sealed Game Boy Games but the best one of those is Ducktales 2.  Game Boy Color - Sealed Lufia, GBA - All four Super Mario Advance games CIB in Mint Condition.  N64 would be our boxed copies of Indiana Jones & Worms Armageddon. Gamecube would be Resident Evil 4 (Game Stop Edition), RES 2 & 3, LOZ CE & Ocarina.  Wii well that's a hard one lol maybe Super Mario All-Stars Anniversary Edition.  DS - All our RPGs, 3DS - None haha.  SO hope you all enjoyed this little bit and here are the pictures - VERY PHOTO HEAVY!

This picture has our New & Rare titles
*Addams Family - NEW
*Athletic World - NEW
*Back To The Future II & III - NEW
*Batman ROJ - NEW
*Blackjack - NEW
*Bomberman 2 - Mint condition
*Bubble Bobble
*Bucky O'Hare - Mint Condition
*Caesar's Palace - Brand New
*Chip & Dale - Put it there just so it sits next to R2.
*Chip & Dale 2
*Conan - Mint Condition
*Die Hard - Mint Condition
*Dirty Harry - NEW
*Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - NEW
*Dragon Power - NEW
*Ducktales - Same reason its put next to Ducktales 2.
*Ducktales 2
*Dudes With Attitude - NEW
*F-15 City War - NEW
*Final Fantasy - Mint Condition
*Flying Warriors - NEW
*Friday The 13th - NEW

(Continuing Picture 1)
*GI Joe 1
*GI Joe: Atlantis Factor - NEW
*Gargoyles Quest II - Pristine
*George Foreman KO Boxing - NEW
*Guerrilla War - NEW
*Jetson's Cogswell Caper
*Kabuki Quantum Fighter - NEW
*Magic Darts - NEW
*MagMax - NEW
*Mega Man 2 - Mint
*Mega Man 3
*Mega Man 4
*Mega Man 5 - Minty
*Mega Man 6 - Pristine!!
*Metal Storm
*Mighty Final Fight
*Operation Secret Storm
*Rainbow Islands
*Romance The Three Kingdoms - Mint!
*Romance The Three Kingdoms 2 - MINT!
*Shinobi - NEW
*Silent Assault - NEW
*Simpsons, The: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man - NEW
*Solitaire - NEW
*Star Voyager - NEW
*Street Fighter 2010 - Pristine
*Strider - NEW
*Toxic Crusaders - Mint
*Ulitma Exodus - Mint
*Ultima Quest of the Avatar - Mint
*Ultimate Stuntman - NEW
*Wall Street Kid - NEW
*Widget - Pristine
*Yoshi - NEW

*NOTE the Game Genie is Brand New

*Super Mario FDS - NEW
*Legend of Zelda FDS - NEW

*Civilization - NEW
*Space Invaders - NEW
*Super Star Wars - NEW
*Super Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back - NEW
*Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - NEW
*Tetris & Dr. Mario Players Choice - NEW

--Game Boy--
*Brain Drain
*Bust A Move 2
*Ducktales 2 Player's Choice
*Lion King
*Mole Mania
*Tetris Plus
--Game Boy Color--
*Walt Disney Magical Racing Tour
*Yars' Revenge
--Game Boy Advance--
*Gauntlet Dark Legacy
*Tarzan: Return To The Jungle

*Indiana Jones: Infernal Machine
*International Superstar Soccer 2000
*NBA Jam 99 - NEW
*Ogre Battle 64 - Mint
*Waiae Country Club - NEW
*Worms Armageddon

*SimCity 2000 - NEW

*Some of them are new.

*Some of them are new.

*Some of them are new.

***ALL NEW***
*Super Mario All-Stars
*Dragon's Lair Trilogy
*Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings
*Metroid Other M
*Monopoly Collection
*Sakura Wars
*Sid Meier's Pirates
*Sin & Punishment

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I've always been a cart only guy, but I cant deny how good some of those boxes look. I doubt I'll ever go completely CIB, but seeing posts like this make me want to grab several with my favorite box art.
Worms Armageddon drool

Very nice stuff!  Where do you guys keep all of this?
@Crabmaster2000:With you on that word, Crab.  Even though I really only discriminate between working and non-working games (usually just owning it is enough), it's hard not to be impressed by this display.  Just setting the boxes up for photos must have been thrilling.
Impressively impressive. The plus size boxes (Carmen Sandiego NES?) especially.

Was datel really cheap enough to make a Black and white cover for the Gamecube Action Replay, or is that a fan-made cover?
@FireStar: Fan made I lost the box a long time ago and the game was just in a sleeve so I made a cover for it.

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