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Posted on Aug 31st 2013 at 07:32:26 AM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone.  It's been a while since I posted a blog or felt like blabbering on about things.  As I know there are a lot of collector's that like to collect PAL items I am actually one that wants only a few pieces of PAL in my collection.  I did obtain a few PS2 titles locally at a Pawn Shop here in Omaha, Nebraska of all places.  Yeah they are cool nice to have some nice art work, the blue cases are pretty sweet.  But Honestly I am not a huge fan of PAL sorry to those who are. 

NOW don't get me wrong PAL is pretty cool nice to collect for but it's just not a huge thing for me, now Japanese heck yes, USA or NA releases of course, and sadly not really into Mattel release or even certain Canadian releases, as some look as though there is cluttering on the label.  I love NES stuff but I'm not even a fan of Asian/Hong Kong stuff I mean if someone offers me stuff sweet I'll take it sure...same goes for PAL or Canadian. 

I am not trying to be mean by all means I am just stating how I feel.  I DO HOWEVER admire anyone who collect PAL, Canadian, Hong Kong, etc.  As some of that stuff is just awesome, especially the PAL collector's edition of Majora's Mask!! Mighty sweet. 

Here is a list of stuff I would love to own in my collection from PAL Releases mostly NES Stuff.
-Asterix - NES - CIB
-Aladdin - NES - CIB
-Beauty and the Beast - NES CIB
-Lion King, The - NES - CIB
-Noah's ARK - NES - CIB
-Adventure Island 2 - NES - CIB (Love the box art for this one)
-New Ghostbusters 2 - NES - CIB (Would love to get my hands on this one and not a repro)
-Asterix - Atari 2600 - CIB
-Pretty much anything Asterix and Obelix related as I am a fan of that series of games.  I would love to have all of the SMS games that were PAL
-Another note on SMS - ANY PAL Game would be awesome to have as there is so many that were never released in the USA
-Also big on C64 Cassettes for PAL as well. 

SO see not so bad I do love PAL Stuff but only certain things just don't see myself having a huge section of it but those things I do want you bet I will try to get them!!!  I am proud of those who do collect NA, PAL, Japanese, so on and so forth for a complete total overall stuff.  Keep it up!  I just wish I had to room to actually buy a ton of PAL stuff that looks cool especially some RPG's that were never released here or even some pretty sweet collector's editions.

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Although they're not ridiculously common, I come across foreign releases quite a bit in my thrift hunts. Mostly from east Asia, Japan in particular. If it's a game I'm interested in, the price is right, and the condition is good, I'll buy it for my collection, even if I don't have the hardware to play it. Fortunately, a good chunk of the foreign games I've found are for the GBA, DS, and Sega Mega Drive, which for the most part I'm able to play on my domestic consoles without any trouble. I only wish that included my Japanese Mega Drive copy of Gunstar Heroes... Angry

I'd say you have the right attitude about collecting international games: just get what you want-- or what you can flip for a tidy profit-- and don't waste time on what you don't care for.
Thanks Zag
Usually I will get something that is from out of my region if the price is right (cheeeeap), the condition is good and *especially* if I can play it easily on a console I already have.  The only system that I will go out of my way to pick up "PAL" copies for is the PSP.  There are a lot of European exclusives, and good ones at that.
I've got a pile of sms games I'm planning on selling - I sure I've got asterix in there as well, Is there anything else your looking for in particular on the SMS?
@Seno: pretty much any complete SMS titles that are pal as I do have a pal SMS system.  Pm me and maybe we can work something.
Few people connect "PAL". PAL isn't anything special, it's an old video standard for Europe (and some other places; Australia). Naturally, European gamers will own PAL games.

Apart from European exclusives (rare in my opinion, as games are either JP only, JP + NA only or everywhere) why on earth would you even want PAL games? They're the same thing as NTSC games, except for the European market.

The SMS had a pretty short life in the USA so common games here like Sonic are pretty rare over there.

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