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Hey Everyone!! Well it's been a long time since I have done a blog on Game Hunting.  For a while I was just posting in the Small Score's Thread, I might still occasionally post in there but probably not often.  A few reason I have been away for a while is well got to have cash to spend which I didn't have much cheap but the best news is my brother Steven is back at collecting 100% as he was finally able to pay down some of his debt.  Me on the other hand I got my taxes back and finished paying off all but one bill I have yet to get the total on as it's getting adjusted (but no need to get into details about that). 

As you saw on the promo on this blog that it was under construction and coming soon with a Sega Saturn and Nintendo Logos :-)  Well there is definitely more Sega Saturn in this month's score than anything.  First thing is first this year I am taking a little break from NES unless I get some stuff cheap and I decided I am going to go CIB from here on out a little pricey you say? Yes it is but I also decided there is going to be a couple of titles IE Flintstones 2, Little Samson and probably Zombie Nation that I will not go for CIB.

I have been talking with a fellow member on here for a while about his Sega Saturn stuff as he has always had an impressive collection especially teasing me with photos of everything ;-)  I want to send a shout out and a VERY VERY BIG THANK YOU!!! To TYNSTAR!!! This guy rocks buying a bulk lot of Sega Saturn Games is fun --meaning yes I am buying more :-)  But for starters I got some of the big hits out of the way.   SO this year I am totally focusing on a Complete Sega Saturn Set (Except for One game for now---although he does own it).   Again Thank You Again Tynstar very much and can't wait to keep working with you!!!

The other member I have been talking to and have done dealings with in the past Shadow (Just plain Shadow :-) not or fearless leader Shadow Kirsuagi.  I bought a ton of Nintendo Powers, books and strategy guides from him.  Note I did buy a bunch of NP's that I already have BUT the reason I did is because I can use these ones to thumb through instead of the nice minty ones I picked up last September :-) Although these ones I bought are also in very nice condition as well :-) THANKS SHADOW!!! It has been a great pleasure hope to continue working with you too :-)

There is a ton of more stuff mostly of which either my brother grabbed or I grabbed.  There is a ton of photos so hopefully everything will fit in this first blog OR I will just post another blog in continuation of this one :-)

Let's just start with the Sega Saturn Games from Tynstar to be Safe! 

BIG BOX HUH!?!?! Biggest box I have ever had. 

Some of my favorites and another picture of the Boxed System and Demo Discs!

Looks like I have more room :-)  Next set of photos were either pick ups from my brother or me at a local store or on eBay.  We did take a little trip to Lincoln and my brother was in his glory for big box PC Games.  Me I just picked up another Saturn title to scratch off the list.  We both picked up Xbox One's (sadly I am not enjoying it as much as I hoped at his point...needs to be a Halo soon!!!) Also I won't be giving it up as I know there is some good games on their way :-) ALSO KEEP IN MIND this all took place over the whole month of February as we both got our many at different times.

Little Brother's Grabs:

**He Bought Tailspin - CIB - Very Minty**

(I bought Galaxy Fight for Sega Saturn)

(I bought Shin Megami Tensei IV - The game is Sealed sadly the rest is open)

The Rest of the Grabs Mixed my brother and I:

**The Bravely Default CE - I had this thing on Pre-Order since the game was announced glad I did--and yes as with most of CE's it's staying sealed. ---The Panzer Dragoon Orta is the Demo Disc from Hollywood Video.

Stuff From Shadow Smiley

Won these on eBay Cheap - mainly for one Box Smiley Had a blockbuster sticker on back got it off without any problems - The wonders De-Solve It and a hair dryer can do.

Monster in my Pocket & Racket Attack Manuals to complete the boxed copies in the earlier photo.

FINALLY GOT The last Working Designs game on Saturn we need - I have one or two better condition copies of a game or two coming from Tynstar in the next Lot I am buying :-)

Again I want to THANK a ton to TYNSTAR and SHADOW!!!

I was going to make a video --still might but please leave your comments below :-)

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Hey everyone.  It's been a while since I posted a blog or felt like blabbering on about things.  As I know there are a lot of collector's that like to collect PAL items I am actually one that wants only a few pieces of PAL in my collection.  I did obtain a few PS2 titles locally at a Pawn Shop here in Omaha, Nebraska of all places.  Yeah they are cool nice to have some nice art work, the blue cases are pretty sweet.  But Honestly I am not a huge fan of PAL sorry to those who are. 

NOW don't get me wrong PAL is pretty cool nice to collect for but it's just not a huge thing for me, now Japanese heck yes, USA or NA releases of course, and sadly not really into Mattel release or even certain Canadian releases, as some look as though there is cluttering on the label.  I love NES stuff but I'm not even a fan of Asian/Hong Kong stuff I mean if someone offers me stuff sweet I'll take it sure...same goes for PAL or Canadian. 

I am not trying to be mean by all means I am just stating how I feel.  I DO HOWEVER admire anyone who collect PAL, Canadian, Hong Kong, etc.  As some of that stuff is just awesome, especially the PAL collector's edition of Majora's Mask!! Mighty sweet. 

Here is a list of stuff I would love to own in my collection from PAL Releases mostly NES Stuff.
-Asterix - NES - CIB
-Aladdin - NES - CIB
-Beauty and the Beast - NES CIB
-Lion King, The - NES - CIB
-Noah's ARK - NES - CIB
-Adventure Island 2 - NES - CIB (Love the box art for this one)
-New Ghostbusters 2 - NES - CIB (Would love to get my hands on this one and not a repro)
-Asterix - Atari 2600 - CIB
-Pretty much anything Asterix and Obelix related as I am a fan of that series of games.  I would love to have all of the SMS games that were PAL
-Another note on SMS - ANY PAL Game would be awesome to have as there is so many that were never released in the USA
-Also big on C64 Cassettes for PAL as well. 

SO see not so bad I do love PAL Stuff but only certain things just don't see myself having a huge section of it but those things I do want you bet I will try to get them!!!  I am proud of those who do collect NA, PAL, Japanese, so on and so forth for a complete total overall stuff.  Keep it up!  I just wish I had to room to actually buy a ton of PAL stuff that looks cool especially some RPG's that were never released here or even some pretty sweet collector's editions.

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In order to save some space as I post on the Forums for my Collection each time it will be moved to this blog when I post new stuff in the forum :-)

Yesterday I posted a few teaser pictures of part of my collection today I am going to post pictures and some information on those pictures (there are quite a few) of PS1 through PS3 & PS Vita games I have.  If you have any questions or anything please comment.  Note none of it is for sale sorry  nono  But I started this thread to talk about games in my collection or anyone else who wants to talk about games.  After the teaser pictures will be the new pictures.  So scroll on down and please comment away!  Also this will not be in a blog anymore so if you want to check out my older parts of my collection please do so on my blog ALSO I will still be making blogs just not of collection parts I think the thread gets it out there better and who doesn't like to show off their collection.


NES Shelving for Now - Muwahahaha NEED MORE check out my wanted NES forum and my fs/ft for anyone who can help.  Thanks again for those who have or are going to!!

Teaser Pictures:

Picture 1: Big Boxed PC collection
*I recently obtained a substantial amount of big box PC games from ixtaileddemonfox (again thanks) which helped a large collection grow to an even larger collection of Big Box PC games.

Picture 2: The Not so big boxed PC games

Picture 3: Playstation 1 & 2
*That DVD rack used to be full of DVD's and Blu-Rays it has now dwindled as I have been selling off most of my movies to replace them at another time with Blu-Ray only.  SO my PS1 collection has grown tremendously as of late and I finally have enough room to put my PS1 & PS2 games on a shelves again together.

There will be more to come eventually if you want to read back on my blogs of my collection of findings, my Nintendo Collection (which will be updated) and many other fun stuff in my blogs so check it out!  Also please feel free to comment.

Picture 1 - PS1 Long Box Games

Picture 2 - PS1 Games #1

*Few things in this picture to note -
--3D Baseball as you see I have two copies one actually has the manual the other just has the manual cover but this game like the Saturn Version has kind of spiked a little for a sports game.
--The Beyond the Beyond has the original 3D Glasses in them.

Picture 3 - PS1 Games #2

Picture 4 - PS1 Games #3

Picture 5 - PS1 Games #4

Picture 6 - PS1 Games #5

NOTE -- Starting to notice the trend of Square Games & RPG's?
*NCAA March Madness 2001 - Brand New Sealed
Picture 7 - PS1 Games #6

Picture 8 - PS1 Games #7

--Arc The Lad Collection
--Lunar: The Silver Star Story
--Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

Picture 9 - PS1 Games #8 - GameSharks & Imports

**Love the Imports I already have looking forward to hopefully finding more down the road. **

Picture 10 - PS2 Games #1

Picture 11 - PS2 Games #2

Picture 12 - PS2 Games #3

--Innocent Life - Brand New!

Picture 13 - PS2 Games #4

--Radiata Stories - Brand New!

Picture 14 - PS2 Games #5

--Samurai Legend Musashi - Brand New!
--Shepard's Crossing - Brand New!

Picture 15 - PS2 Games #6

--World Heroes Anthology - Brand New!

Picture 16 - PS2 Games, Complete Sets, & Imports

--Dragon Quest VIII - 2 Copies - 1 is Brand New!
--Growlanser Heritage War CE - Brand New!

Picture 17 - PSP Games

--Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles - Brand New!
--Final Fantasy 1 & 2 - Brand New!
--Knights in the Nightmare - Brand New!

Picture 18 - PS2 & PSP Collector's Edition

--ALL GAMES IN PICTURE ARE BRAND NEW Except one of the Copies of Prinny

Picture 19 - PS3 Games

--Demon Souls - Brand New!
--Disgeaa 3 - Brand New!
--Heavy Rain - Brand New - Game Stop Pre-Order Edition
--Tales of Graces F - Brand New!
--PES Evolution is an Import

Picture 20 - PS3 - Special or Limited Editions

--Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland [Premium Box] - Brand New!
--Atelier Totori: The Adventurer Of Arland [Premium Edition] - Brand New!
--Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten [Premium Edition] - Brand New!
--Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Editon - Brand New!

Picture 21 - PS3 - LOTR War In The North - Brand New!

Picture 22 - PS Vita


Picture 1 - Boxed Sega 32x Games

-BC Racers, Cosmic Carnage - Sealed

Picture 2 - Cart Only 32X some have manuals just forgot to dig them out, EXCEPT FOR THE ONE :-)

Picture 3 - Sega CD 32X

Picture 4 - Boxed Sega Master System

Picture 5 - Rare Sega Master System Games or Semi Rare :-)

-Sega Mega Drive Game is Sailor Moon
-Gauntlet SMS is PAL
-Mega Key - Allows players to play MD and PAL MD games on Sega Genesis
-Action Replay For Sega Genesis

Picture 6 - Cart Only Sega Master System

Picture 7 - Boxed Intellivision Games

Picture 8 - Boxed Intellivision Games Part 2

- My cart only Intellvision games are somewhere in the storage unit.

Picture 9 - CD-i

Picture 10 - N-Gage

Picture 11 - Odds & Ends

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Hey everyone! Bill & I did some Game Hunting yesterday and I purchased quite a bit and so did Bill.  We had a good day for hunting the sun was shining the weather well it was COLD!  Also the other day Bill and I met up at CD Tradepost and I got rid of a some more movies and some CD's and I purchased some more games in the Buy X Get X Free.  So let's start there at CD Tradepost on Monday I picked up a few Genesis titles I needed to fill my empty boxes that I am working on and yes I will be posting a Sales Thread soon for everything I have for sale including those Genesis boxes that are for sale.  I picked up David Crane's Amazing Tennis, Barkley Shut up and & Jam, Jack Nicklaus Power Challenge Golf, Jeopardy and Revolution X CIB. I also picked up a couple of PS1 Games - Go figure! haha and I also picked up Spyro Enter the Dragonfly Player's Choice GameCube.

Then yesterday Bill and I started off when our usual routine after we stopped at the post office to drop of packages on for Zag and one for Shadow they are on their way guys!  Then we were off to HPB and I found a Final Fantasy Anthology pretty much New Brady Guide for $15.00 any other place I have seen this around here are $30.00.  I also picked up He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Book copyright 1985 - I know not game related but it's nostalgic.  I also picked up a very mint pretty much new but they opened it to verify contents stupid HPB sometimes a GameShark Special Edition for Game Boy Color Pokemon Crystal Edition. As always I will have everything listed and priced in the end.  Then we went on to the first Gamers and Bill picked up a few Atari 2600 & 1 7800 game for me instead of Gas Money and and I picked up Road Rash 3D PS1 Black Label & MEGA MAN 3 on Game Boy!!  For those who don't know the title of my blog this time is for the Mega Man the Theme Song from the Anime in the '90s had the lyrics with "Super Fighting Robot Mega Man." Then we went onto Game Central Prices are all over the place but I got me something very nice and very cheap I got a box for the Atomic Purple Controller N64 System and semi-rare Atari 2600 game called Wabbit, and I purchased Tomorrow Never Dies on PS1.  Then we were off to a second Gamers that we haven't been to for a while and they usually don't have anything but this time they did I picked up Ristar CIB on Sega Genesis, Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge on Game Bo.  I also picked up Chuck Norris SuperKicks Xonox Cartridge my second one --One of Them Will be for sale probably eventually for those interested and finally I picked up Star Wars: The Arcade Game on Atari 5200.  Then our final stop was Ben's Gaming Zone Bill picked up Minty CIB Phantom 2040 SNES for me and Jupiter Strike PS1 Long Box.  Then I picked up Syphon Filter 3 Black label in which I picked up Syphon Filter 2 Black Label at CD Tradepost.  SO here is the run down please comment!!! and pictures to follow.

CD Tradepost - Monday
*Revolution X - Genesis - CIB - $5.00
*Jeopardy - Genesis - $4.00
*Jack Nickalous Power Challenge Golf - Genesis - FREE
*Lost Luggage Apollo - Atari 2600 - $1.00
*Barkley: Shut up & Jam - Genesis - FREE
*David Crane's Amazing Tennis - FREE
*Sypro Enter The Dragonfly - GameCube Player's Choice (yuck) - FREE
*Thunderstrike 2 - Long Box PS1 - $5.00
*Syphon Filter 2 - Black Label PS1 - Free
*2 more GBA Cases - $0.20 a piece

Half Price Books - Tuesday
*Final Fantasy Anthology - BradyGames - $15.00
*He-Man and The Masters of the Uinverse Book - $1.00
*GameShark Special Edition Pokemon Crystal - $5.00

Gamers #1 - Tuesday
*Road Rash 3D - Black Label PS1 - $4.50
*Mega Man III - Game Boy - $11.50!!
*Crossbow - Atari 2600 - Gas Trade
*Double Dunk - Atari 2600 - Gas Trade
*H.E.R.O. - Atari 2600 - Gas Trade
*Kangaroo - Silver Label Rerelease - Gas Trade
*Kool-Aid Man - Atari 2600 - Gas Trade
*Solaris - Red Label Atari 2600 Rerelease - Gas Trade
*Space Invaders - Silver Label  Atari 2600 - Gas Trade
*Karateka - Atari 7800 - Gas Trade

Game Central -
*Tomorrow Never Dies - Black Label PS1 - $7.00
*Wabbit - Atari 2600 - Semi-Rare - $3.00
*N64 Atomic Purple Controller System Box - $5.00

Gamers #2 -
*Ristar - Sega Genesis CIB - $15.00
*Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge - Game Boy - $9.00!!
*Chuck Norris SuperKicks - Atari 2600 - $1.50
*Star Wars: The Arcade Game - Atari 5200 - $1.50

Hope you all enjoyed this blog again please comment.

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Hey everyone again! I know it's only been a few days since my last blog but I figured I have gathered enough stuff these last couple of days to make another blog haha!! First I'd like to say it's been a great start to a new year and I have feeling it's going to be a great year of Game Hunting especially with a few new stores in the area.  Also my brother is semi out of "retiring" from collecting as he again does buy mostly PC but he picked up a couple of doozies today on SNES and Game Boy. So let's being with the other day my brother went to Good Bytes and picked up 3 PC games one of which is Advanced D&D Blood & Magic which comes with everything! Including the novel. There he also picked up Sonic & Knuckles collection and More Las Vegas games. Then the other day my co-worker sold me a N64 (No Expansion) with the Purple controller and regular controller both of which are perfect its like they were hardly used.  He also sold me some PS1 games Road Rash 3D GH, Driver 2 GH, NFL GameDay 2005 which was the last Sony Released PS1 game, Spec Ops Aiborne, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Lone Wolf to complete my Rainbow six collection on PS1.   

Then yesterday I decided to go cash my Jury Duty Check and pick up some games with what money I had left over from buying Tiny Toon Adventures Volume 3 after standing in line at Best Buy for 45 minutes to exchange since my original copy that I purchased not more than 15 mins before only had 1 disc in it! So I thought yesterday wasn't going to be a good day.  So I decided to hit up Good Bytes myself to see if my brother missed anything well he didn't but I picked up Driver Black Label anyways! Which earlier I mentioned I picked up the Greatest Hits version of the game and I like black label more!!  Then I went to a local store which I know the owner pretty well so he gave me a deal on some things I picked up Shockwave Assault on PS1 long Jewel Box, Wheel of Fortune Manual for Genesis, Caesar's Palce Virgin Release Game Boy Manual, Chase H.Q. Manual, and All-Star Challenge 2 Manual.  As normal with my blogs I will list and price everything after I tell the story LOL.  Then my final stop yesterday was Goodwill and I picked up CIB Columns Sega Classic version.

Then onto today as I stated I would probably do some more shopping today I wish Bill would of joined me but it's all good my brother Steve did later in the day and we picked up something really nice Smiley  To start off my day I went to CD Tradepost to sell off some more movies and as I didn't get a whole lot of money I did pick up couple nice Long Box PS1 games (I'm starting to see a pattern as of late - but I will not let it suck me into the darkness I want Nintendo Games!!!) I picked up Twisted Metal (Sorry Bill) & Cyber Speed both in Long Box Original versions not Jewel Case Long Box.  So then it was about time I go to another Local shop and I traded the rest of my DVD's and did some trading as well.  Bens gaming is awesome and the owner is awesome so I picked up Beyond Oasis Genesis, F-15 Strike Eagle to finish off my box only, Roadblasters to finish of my box only, Space Harrier II to also finish off my box only.  I also picked up Rocko's Modern Life: Spunky's Dangerous Day - I already had the manual I got for free now all I need is the box, Acecombat 3 PS1 - it was on my wishlist, Dino Crisis 2 - also on my wishlist, Driver - Black Label, Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol, Loaded - Long Box Original, Castlevania Curse of Darkness - Very Minty PS2, Castlevania Curse of Darkness Xbox - VERY VERY VERY MINTY!

Then I came home and my brother said hey let's go to lunch and I was like okay so we got to the Mall of the Bluffs and I was like we should go to Game Central and he's like sure Westroads has a Sabarro I was like yes they do so we went there ate and then went shopping at the tiny Game Central.  There we saw it sitting on the shelf Super Ninja Boy!! I have been wanting this game for a long time and the price I believe keeps going up so my brother was like I'll buy that and on the next shelf was Mega Man: Dr. Willy's Revenge Player's Choice on Game Boy so he bought that!  I purchased the final game of the day Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection on Sega Saturn Minty.  I have one or two copies of disc only since a person on eBay ripped me off a few years back.  So if anyone wants my loose copy it might be up for grabs if Bill doesn't take it.  So here is the run down and the pictures!

Please comment and pass this blog along!

Co-Worker & Friend
*N64 Two Controllers No Expansion Pack
*Driver 2 - Greatest Hits PS1
*Road Rash 3D - Greatest Hits PS1
*Spec-Ops Airborne PS1
*Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Lone Wolf PS1
*NFL Game Day 2005 PS1
Total - $20.00

Good Bytes - Brother's Trip
*Advanced D&D Blood & Magic - $2.00
*More Las Vegas Games - $2.00
*Sonic & Knuckles Collection PC - $2.00

Good Bytes - My Trip Yesterday
*Driver 2 Black Label - $2.00

Ben's Gaming - Yesterday
*Shockwave Assault - Long Box Jewel PS1 - $4.00
*Wheel of Fortune Genesis Manual - $0.25
*All Star Challenge 2 GB Manual - $0.25
*Caesars Palace GB Manual - $0.25
*Chase H.Q. GB Manual - $0.25

Goodwill - Yesterday
*Columns Sega Classic - Genesis - $2.00

CD Tradepost - Today
*CyberSpeed - Long Box Original PS1 - $4.00
*Twisted Metal - Long Box Original PS1 - $7.00 (Again Sorry Bill)

Ben's Gaming - Today (love this place)
*Loaded - PS1 Long Box Original - Trade
*Beyond Oasis - Genesis - Trade! (Awesome Purchase #1)
*F-15 Strike Eagle II - Genesis - Trade
*Roadblasters - Genesis - Trade
*Space Harrier II - Genesis - Trade
*Rocko's Modern Life: Spunky's Dangerous Day - SNES - $7.00
*Acecombt 3 Electorsphere - PS1 - Trade
*Dino Crisis 2 - PS1 - $17.00!!!! (Awesome purchase #2)
*Driver - Black Label - $3.00
*Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol - Trade
*Castlevania Curse of Darkness - PS2 - $12.00 - Very Minty
*Castlevania Curse of Darkness - Xbox - $8.00 - VERY VERY MINTY! Like new

Game Central:
*Super Ninja Boy - SNES - $14.00!!!!! (Awesome Purchase #3)
*Mega Man: Dr. Willy's Revenge - GB - $9.00!!! (Awesome Purchase #4)
*Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection Volume 1 - $9.00

Here are the pictures enjoy and again please comment! On Something!

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Hey everyone as I promised here is another fantastic adventure in Game Hunting that I said I would post sorry a little delayed but I had a ton to catalog and put away soon to be a ton more come mid-February.  So the other day (New Year's Eve) Bill and I decided we needed to hit up a few places.  We went a little backwards than we normally do and well it felt odd and the day kind of started off dark and gloomy BUT it did get a ton better.  We started off by going to Ben's Gaming Zone to try and sell of some DVDs but that didn't go so well but Bill picked up a few things nice things while we were there.  Then we were off to CD Tradepost in La Vista to get rid of some moves and Bill picked up a few things there.  Then we went over to Gamers and I picked up a Castlevania on PS2 there and Bill picked up a few games as well. Then we went to CD Tradepost in West Omaha to get rid of some more of my movies I didn't get anything again but Bill did haha. Then we were off to another Gamers on our usual route and I picked up a SNES box for one of my loose SNES systems which our favorite employee found while we were waiting to get checked out! I also picked up a PS1 game and Guide. Bill picked up a ton of stuff at that Gamers. Then we went to Half Price Books and we both picked up a few items there even though most of these places with the exception of Gamers were pretty much picked over.  Then we were off to Game Vault for our last stop on a long days journey.  I picked up a few CIB N64 games among some other cool stuff while Bill picked me up a CIB Super Mario 64 THANKS AGAIN BILL!!! Enjoy your CIB LOZ Ocarina!!  Also to note I picked up a couple CIB Genesis games on Christmas Eve.

SO the next day I did a little shopping at CD Tradepost while I was just going there for one game the Manager said we have a special this month on Classic Games starting with PS2/Xbox and I was like okay you hooked me so picked up a few games!!! A NOT FOR RESALE Garfield Caught in the Act anyone have any info on this!?!?!  Then today I took advantage of the CD Tradepost sales and went to two stores today.  SO here is the rundown with pictures.

Christmas Eve - CD Tradepost -
*Radical Rex - Genesis CIB - $6.00
*Streets of Rage Sega Classic - $4.00

Day 1 - Bill & I (December 31, 2012)
Gamers #1 -
*Castlevania - Lament of Darkness - $4.45

Gamers #2 -
*LOZ Link to the Past SNES System Box with Styro and Manual stuff.  - $2.00!!!!
*Beyond the Beyond - $13.00
*Playstation Survival Secrets Vol 3 - $0.60

Half Price Books (HPB) -
*Ten Pin Alley PS1 Greatest Hits - $2.00
*Shrek 2 - GameCube Player's Choice - $3.00
*Madden 2003 - GameCube - $2.00
*X-Men Legends - Xbox - $2.00
*NBA Live 2003 - GameCube - $2.00
*Advent Rising - Xbox - $2.00
*Harvey Birdman - PS2 - $2.00

Game Vault -
*Mario's Fun With Numbers SNES Manual - $1.00
*Star Wars Shadows of the Empire N64 Manual - $1.00
*Trick Shot - CIB - Atari 2600 - $2.00
*Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis - $2.50
*Operation Flashpoint: Resistance - $2.50
*Madden 2000 - CIB - N64 - $2.00
*Madden 99 - CB - N64 - $2.00
*NFL Quarterback '98 - $2.00
*WWF War Zone - $5.00

Shopping Day 2 - Myself - January 1st 2013
CD Tradepost -
*Garfield Caught in the Act - Not For Resale - Genesis - $5.00
*Triple Play Gold Edition - CIB - Genesis - $5.00
*Family Feud - CIB - Genesis - $2.00
*Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - CIB - GameCube - $8.00
*X-Men Legends - PS2 - CIB - FREE
*Sim Theme Park - PS1 - CIB - FREE
*NCAA Final Four 2000 - PS1 - CIB - FREE
*Star Wars Dark Forces - PS1 Black Label - CIB - FREE
*Darkstone - PS1 - CIB - FREE
*Quake 2 - MINTY PS1 - CIB - FREE

Today - January 4th 2013
CD Tradepost #1 -
*Skeleton Warriors PS1 - CIB - $5.00
*Crusaders of Might & Magic - PS1 - CIB - FREE
*Hexen - PS1 - CIB - FREE
*Heart of Darkness - PS1 - CIB (EVEN HAS 3D GLASSES) - $9.00
*Crash Bandicoot Wrath of the Cortex - PS2 - CIB - $6.00
*NeoGeo Battle Colosseum - PS2 - CIB - FREE
*Pac-Man Collection - GBA - CIB - $6.00
*Tiny Toon Adventures Bab's Big Break - GB - FREE
*Tiny Toon Aventures Wacky Sports - GB - FREE
*Little Mermaid - GB - $5.00

CD Tradepost #2 -
*Gunship PS1 - CIB - FREE
*BursTrick Wake Boarding - CIB - $5.00
*GhenWar - Saturn - CIB - $5.00
*Resurrection: Rise 2 - Saturn - CIB - $8.00
*Amok - Saturn - CIB - $9.00
*Adventure (Sears Text Label) - Atari 2600 - FREE
*Othello - Sears - Atari 2600 - FREE
*TaleSpin - Genesis (FINALLY I HAVE IT CIB) - FREE
*Incredible Hulk - Genesis - Cart - FREE
*Garfield - Genesis - Regular Edition - FREE
*Heiankyo Alien - GB - $5.00
*Battletanx - GBC - $5.00
*Flinstones: Burgertime in Bedrock - GBC - FREEEEEEE!!!!!!
*Woody Woodpecker - GBC - FREE
*Casper - GB - $5.00

Bleep Bleep that's all Folks!!! Enjoy the pictures and please comment!!

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  Hey everyone yesterday was a busy day for me other than the fact that I was up for more than 24 hours I did quite a bit of hunting and picked up my first Craigslist pick up from a guy who is actually a member on here! 
   The other day I was browsing Craigslist and I found an ad, emailed the owner and he sent me an email back so on Friday I paid him $25.00 for a two big boxes of Sega Genesis Boxes and Manuals.  There were a few doubles but I actually needed most of them.  The rest will be for sale on here so keep an eye out or email me if your interested.  The pictures will be described this time because this blog is photo heavy and two of the pictures are of Genesis boxes that are for sale. So please read the description. 
  Then on Friday I went and got rid of some more movies because I wanted to pick up some more games and guides with my brother.  First we went to CD Tradpepost to get rid of the movies and I picked up a couple of nice PS1 games that I have been wanting for a while.  Then we went on to Ben's Gaming to get rid of some more movies and I picked up a CIB Yoshi, few manuals and Final Fantasy VII PS1 Sampler Disc. (Keep in mind everything from each store will be described and listed).  Then we went on to Half Price Books and I picked up a few strategy guides and some cheap mangas that are video game themed.  Then we went onto the first Gamers and we didn't pick up anything especially since they moved everything around again.  Then we went to a place where our indoor flea market moved to and saw nothing but some toys that looked nice and some baseball cards we didn't pick up anything there.  Then we moved on to the Second Gamers and I found a few more PS1 games and few Atari 2600 games one being He-Man INTV version!  Then we stopped by Best Buy on the way home and my brother picked up Assassin's Creed III for PS VITA. 
   Today I received my Free Christmas/Birthday Gift from Zag!!! Thanks again!! I am already playing Battleship its awesome! Also my brother said thanks for the Nerf Gun after I shot him with it!!! haha Such big kids at heart.  Also yesterday we stopped at BAM and picked up the last issue of Nintendo Power we are opening this one and waiting on the other one to be shipped.

So here is the run down then the pictures.
*CD Tradepost -
-Alone in the Dark - One Eyed Jack's Revenge - $6.99
-Dino Crisis - $1.50 - better condition than the one that was priced at $6.99
*Ben's Gaming
-Yoshi - NES - CIB - $7.00
---Manuals & Final Fantasy PS1 Sampler Disc all $0.50 to $1.00
-Ms. Pac-Man Special Color Edition - GBC
-Nascar 2000 - GBC
-Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing - GB
-Frogger - GBC
-Joe & Mac - SNES
-Pokemon Colosseum - GC

*Half Price Books
-Dot Hack//Mutation Part 2 - $5.00
-Dot Hack//Outbreak Part 3 - $7.00
-Suikoden IV - $7.00
-Suikoden IV Art Book - $7.00
-Devil May Cry 3 Volume 1 - $1.00
-Devil May Cry 3 Volume 2- $1.00

*Gamers - Second Location
-Basketball  Atari 2600 - Sears Telegames - $0.95
-Joust - Atari 2600 - $0.95
-Masters of the Universe - Atari 2600 - White Label - $0.95
-Reggie Jackson Baseball - SMS - CIB - $3.95
-Air Combat - Long Clear Box - CIB - $2.95
-3D Baseball - $4.95
-Gallop Racer - $4.95

*Best Buy
-Assassin's Creed III: Liberation - $25.00

So here are the pictures I'll start with the Genesis stuff first - Thanks again Jim.

Picture 1 - These are just the boxes they were all packed in.

Picture 2 - These are ones that I needed to make my cart only complete.

Picture 3 - These are ones I AM KEEPING.

Picture 4 - These are ones I AM KEEPING PART 2

Picture 5 - These are for sale - some have the manuals and some do not if interested please message me.

Picture 6 - Also for sale.

Picture 7 - Hunting part 1 - None for sale.

Picture 8 - Hunting part 2- None for sale

Picture 9 - Hunt part 3 - Not for sale.

Picture 10 - Gift from Zag.


Posted on Nov 30th 2012 at 04:30:45 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone!! I know it's only been a couple of days since my last post BUT today my brother and I went and did some more shopping on my only day off this week!!! Today I got rid of more movies to purchase more games and my brother just flat out bought a few games! Yes he is back well kind of but not over abundantly like he used to do a while ago.  I am the heavy purchaser now but I am a thrifty guy so I usually go for cheap stuff or trade with Bill as he has been wanting stuff of mine that I have for trade and sale.  But anyways on to today's hunt we started off by going to CD Tradepost (yes it pretty much as the same path as last time haha) and I traded in some more movies to get some cash.  Well the other day I put Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and Wario Land 3 both CIB on hold and today my brother purchased them BUT he also picked up Gunstar Heroes CB (Need a manual anyone have one for $10 to $15.00???) But the box and game are pretty good condition.  Then we were off to Ben's Gaming and I traded some more movies for more cash (movies CD Tradepost wouldn't take) we looked around a bit found some decent stuff but I decided I didn't want to buy anything there.  Then we were off to good ole HPB (again love this place until I die).  There they had a few more things added to the cheap section and a few more Sega Genesis games arrived (you missed out on this one pwcody) we looked at the game guides for a bit I picked up Pokemon Colosseum Limited Edition Guide complete mint with the poster intact, Granstream Saga, Brave Fencer Musashi, and Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2011.  BUT in the cabinet of games there was a Dreamcast game (Illbleed i think it was) I looked behind it and what did I see Aerobiz so I went over to one of the workers and asked to get into the case I was crossing my fingers hoping it was going to be cheap and well what do you know Aerobiz was $3.99 COMPLETE IN BOX!!! I was like Yoink!!! The other game I was interested in was Chester Cheetah Oh To cool but it was complete and well it was $2.00 more that Aerobiz!!! Oh yeah and I picked up Maze Mania Sears Telegames edition of Maze Craze.  Then we were off to our final place (well game place) Gamers and I picked up Shenmue, Shenmue II Manual (For Free). The Shenmue DC is complete 100% minty almost as if it wasn't played and looks brand new, I also picked up minty CIB N64 Rush 2, even has the poster, and my brother picked up Ultimate Card Games on DS. That was all she wrote we went to my favorite baseball card store and purchased my Christmas Presents.  So here is the run down:

CD Tradepost -
*Super Mario Deluxe GBC - CIB - $10.00
*Wario Land 3 - GBC - CIB - $5.00
*Gunstar Heroes - Genesis - CB - $25.00

Half Price Books:
*Pokemon Colosseum Limited Edition Guide (Quiet Zag heard you like Pokemon stuff haha so don't go pokeing fun at me lol) - Minty - Complete - $7.00
*Granstream Saga - $2.00
*Brave Fencer Musashi - $2.00
*Guinness World Records - Gamer's Edition - $3.00
*Aerobiz - Genesis - CIB - MINTY - $4.00!!!!
*Maze Mania - Sears Atari 2600 - $3.00

*Shenmue - DC - CIB - MINTY - $20.00 (not happy with the price but happy with the game and condition)
*Rush 2 - N64 - Minty - CIB - $8.00
*Ultimate Card Games - DS - CIB - $25.00

Here is the picture hope you all enjoy!!! Please comment

Posted on Nov 28th 2012 at 02:39:43 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone today I decided to sell of some more DVD's to pick up some games I had on hold at Gamers but made a couple of other stops along the way.  Today I started off by going to CD Tradepost where I traded my movies.  Then I went onto Good Bytes and picked up a Boxed PC which is J.R.R. Tolkein's War in Middle Earth - kind of funny since the Hobbit comes out in a couple of weeks!  This thing is 100% complete all 3 floppies and even the map and product guide I mean it has everything!!! Got it dirt cheap too.  Then I went to Half Price Books they didn't have much wonder why.  But I looked in the case and picked up quite a few Commodore 64 Carts to add to my collection of growing C64/128 stuff.  Then off to Gamers to pick up my on hold games and some other nice games I picked up.  The games I had on hold were Skies of Arcadia & Stubbs the Zombie on Xbox which I have been looking for forever! Lollipop Lollipop now the damn trailer song is stuck in my head again!  But I also picked up Resident Evil Long Box PS1, Action Fighter & Out Run SMS Boxed Complete, and Samurai Showdown on Genesis Complete.  Here is the run down and picture to follow!

Good Bytes:
*War In Middle Earth - So Complete - $2.00

Half Price Books:  -- All prices are marked at what I would of paid BUT I had a 15% discount off total purchase there!!! So you can all figure it out.
*Jupiter Lander - C64 Cart (all of the C64 Stuff are Carts to follow) - $4.00
*Omega Race - $4.00
*Speed/Bingo Math - $4.00
*Tooth Invaders - $4.00
*Visible Solar System - $4.00

Gamers: - Had a huge discount there as well
*Skies of Arcadia - $40.00 but I got it for $30.00
*Resident Evil PS1 Long Box - $18.00
*Stubbs: The Zombie - $25.00 but got it for $15.00
*Action Fighter - SMS - CIB - $4.00
*Out Run - SMS - CIB - $4.00
*Samurai Shodown - Genesis - $5.00

That is all folks!

Here is the Picture:

Posted on Nov 17th 2012 at 01:00:45 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone on Friday Bill and I did a little game shopping only at a few places. Like our normal routine we went to HPB and he picked up a few things and for gas money he picked me up Pokemon Special Edition Strategy guide which covers Yellow, Blue & Red and get this it HAS ALL THE STICKERS! The guide is in mint condition I have seen this one maybe once and the stickers were gone probably stuck all over some kids Game Boy or something (refer to my previous blog of mom throwing boxes away for my feelings on something like this).  Then we were off to Gamers which lately hasn't been the greatest but we always keep trying well Bill had a ton of luck he finally got his 5200 tv/power adapter!!! CHEAP! Plus a lot of nice PS1 games and a nice Dreamcast keyboard for I believe it was $1.95!! For a buck I picked up Gunslinger (Picture Version) Cart for Atari 2600 it's the Sears version of Outlaw.  I have never seen this in the wild and I like the Sears carts because there is history with them in my family as that is where it all began for me well my parents anyways. Also forgot to mention earlier that also for gas money Bill picked me up something non video game related "Urban Chipmunk" on LP which is a Weird Al like version of Urban Cowboy but with the Chipmunks but who doesn't like those little critters especially the old school ones (me I prefer the 80's versions).  Then we were off to my favorite Baseball Card store to pick up a lot of cards for our boss who loves the Yankees ---ick haha well I do like Jeter and Giarardi.  But anyways back to video games we went to our favorite local shop and picked up for trade Frankestein The MOnster Returns MINTY CIB!!! and Cool World CB I NEED A MANUAL SOMEONE HELP!  Bill picked up a few SNES games so keep an eye out for his finder's keepers and blogs show this guy some RF Support he is doing a fantastic job collecting and does a great job in his finds and gets some pretty sweet stuff from me for his collection for trade! So as we collector's should always do is help each other out!  So here is the rundown and the picture please comment!!

*Pokemon Special Edition - $7.00
*Urban Chipmunk - $3.00

Gamers -
*Gunslinger - $1.00

Local Shop -
*Frankenstein: The Monster Returns - So so so minty! CIB - $30.00
*Cool World - CB - NEED MANUAL HELP! - $25.00


Posted on Nov 14th 2012 at 08:34:59 AM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone! I did it again more BIG box PC games and a few more nice items from HPB, eBay, and Goodwill.  I am an HPB member so I get coupons in my email and I used the 50% off the top priced item on Sunday but I picked up a few things on Friday and Saturday as well.  Friday was the previous blog when my brother picked up a few things and Saturday I went to Goodwill and a Baseball card store (ah the good ole days).  Then on Sunday I went to HPB and picked up the bulk of what you will see listed and pictured.  On my last blog a member mentioned me getting the Tomb Raiders in their trapezoid boxes but before I read that I actually did just pick up Tomb Raider 3 in the trapezoid box. SO I think that is pretty hilarious also another member mentioned about FS games well I have picked up quite a few lately haha I love em and my friend is a pilot lol.  My brother last week went on eBay and picked up Wacky Worlds BRAND NEW for $45.00 while others in worse condition were selling for $75.00 or more! Ours isn't perfect but its really nice.  SO anyways here is a list of what I got and approximate prices.

*Wacky Worlds - Brand New - $45.00 shipped

*Total Air War - Was priced at $20.00 but had the 50% off highest price item so $9.99
*Cool Boarders 4 Greatest Hits - PS1 - $1.00
*Tron Collector's Edition Controller for Xbox 360 - Originally Priced at $25.00 but they lowered it to $12.00
*Project Stealth Fighter - CIB - Commodore 64 - $7.00

*Longbow AH-64D - $2.00
*Tomb Raider 3 - $4.00

Enjoy please comment!

Here is the picture I think it has a been a good Year for Boxed NES games and Big Box PC games!  Looking forward to more hunting on Friday.

Posted on Nov 9th 2012 at 08:44:44 AM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone my brother and I hit up HPB yesterday because we had some coupons and it was time we went there to pick up some more games.  If you haven't read last week's blog do so! haha my brother picked up some more big box PC games last week among some other things as well BUT this week we picked up some more at HPB most I picked up were on clearance for a $1.00 or so.  Also I picked up my Halo 4 Limited Edition Game & Guide.  Honestly I love the game (campaign and mulitplayer) but as for class I think the guide has more perks than the $100.00 price tag on the limited edition anyone with me on that one?? Anyways here is run down of what we picked up yesterday and a picture hope you enjoy!

Game Stop - Halo 4 LE Game & Guide (not pictured) - Pre-ordered - Paid off - Total - $135.00

*Tomb Raider - Lost Artifact - $0.90
*Links LS 2-Pack - $0.90
*Vietnam: Black Ops - $0.90
*Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit - $0.90
*Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed - $0.90
*Return to Atlantis - Amiga 500, etc. - $1.40
*Boeing 737 Collection - Brand new - $5.00
*Boeing 737-600 Advanced - Brand new - $4.00
*Ilyushin IL-96 Traffic 300 - Brand new - $4.00
*Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (wasn't in the database but I did submit it) - Brand new - $8.00
*Treasure Island - Brand new - $1.00
*Star Trek Encyclopedia - Not a game but still it was ORIGINALLY priced at $50.00 but they marked it down to $7.00
*Jane's F-15 - $7.00
*Retro Gamer Magazine (love this mag company!) - Sonic 20th Anniversary Special - $2.00

All of these games are complete and in Mint condition!

Posted on Nov 1st 2012 at 05:00:46 PM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone it's only November 1st and already have I got a new Game Hunt for you.  I read Bill (engel762)'s blog and I am glad he got his Genesis 2 working perfectly I am sure he's got a story for me and that's awesome.  Today I went and traded some dvd's I had an itch that need to be scratched and well I got rid of a few DVD's to buy MENACE BEACH COMPLETE IN BOX!  Bill and I saw it the other day at one of our favorite local stores.  Is it bad that I paid $150.00 for it?!?!? Then my brother decided to come out of "Semi Game Collecting Retirement" haha.  We stopped at a few of our usual places we went to Game Vault where he picked up a couple of "Big Boxed" PC Games Ages of Myst Commemorative Edition & Star Trek Klingon Academy. 

After Game Vault we went on to Gamers (also at Game Vault he picked up a spare Xbox 360 power brick and cord). At Gamers we saw squat so we went on to Good Bytes which lately that place has been as dry as the Sahara desert.  But there we picked up The 11th Hour (PC), Strike Commander (PC), Ridge Racer & NBA In The Zone (PS1) big boxes, Ace Combat Zero (PS2), and Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (GCUBE).  Then the other day my brother bought Postal Fudge Pack Edition on eBay.  So overall I don't think too bad for the start of the month.  SO here is the pictures of everything.

OH Almost forgot somewhat video game related but more Retro related I picked up 3 puzzles for $3.00 at a local store.

And here is the run down:

Favorite Local Store -
*Menace Beach - COMPLETE IN BOX - $150.00

Game Vault -
*Ages of Myst - Commemorative Edition - $15.00 - Complete
*Star Trek: Klingon Academy - $27.00 - Complete
*Xbox 360 Power Brick and Cord - $20.00

Good Bytes -
*11th Hour - $2.00 - Complete
*Strike Commander - $2.00 - Complete
*Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure - $2.00 (Need a manual)
*Ridge Racer - $2.00 - Complete
*NBA In The Zone - $2.00 - Complete
*Ace Combat Zero - $2.00 - Complete

eBay -
*Postal Fudge Pack - $30.00 Brand New

Please Comment.

Posted on Oct 30th 2012 at 08:48:22 AM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone Bill (Engel762) and I did some end of the month shopping and went to our usual places and tried to find a new place that didn't exist.  We first started off at Half Price Books where I picked up in trade (for my Roger Waters: Live at The Wall CD Set) a few comic books at $0.50 a piece (not pictured sorry.  I also picked up a few clearances GameCube games as well.  Then we went to Gamers and I got two Halo Promotional items a Halo: The Anniversary Edition Promotional Box and Halo 4.  Then behind the counter were a few games mostly damaged stuff but Bill and I spotted a few games I picked up Karate & Time Pilot (Which is kind of scarce, and I so wish it was the rare Karate game) both are for the Atari 2600.  Then we went one of our favorite places on the way home and I picked up Whomp 'Em on the NES in a trade with Bill.  So not much for me but keep an eye out on Bill's page the market is getting kind of dry here sometimes I wonder why?

Here's the rundown and the picture:

Half Price Books:
*Comics 4 at $0.50 a piece
*Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - GC - Player's Choice -- $2.00
*Medal of Honor Rising Sun - GC - Player's Choice -- $2.00
*Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 - GC - Players Choice -- $1.00
*****ALL GC Games are complete minty in box.******

Gamers --
*Halo Promotional Items - $2.00 a piece
*Karate -$1.00
*Time Pilot - $1.00
***The prices are actually lower than the above prices mentioned because I have a shirt from the company so I get discounts.***

Favorite place -
*Whomp 'em - $15.00 - CB - I need a manual if anyone has one.

Thanks and enjoy.

Posted on Oct 21st 2012 at 09:02:13 AM by (GamerNick)
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Hey everyone! So Bill (Engel762) and I did some more shopping and I did some little browsing on my own.  It's been a pretty good month so far Bill has picked up quite a few things to add to his growing collection as have I.  IF you missed the last blog the Street Fighter Anniversary Set is so boss (little 80's talk).  Bill and I hit up a few places Wednesday Morning of last week.  We went Half Price Books first I didn't pick up anything but Bill did.  Then we went to one Gamers store couldn't find anything much since they are doing something ridiculously stupid such as clearing out their old games which now they have chalked it up to getting rid of PS1, DC, and SS.  Then we went to another Gamers and they haven't cleared out everything at this time. Bill picked up a few things and since if you buy a guide with a purchase of a game equal or great value he picked me up a Final Fantasy 3 guide for SNES and I picked up a Tray/Stand for my Red Wii (See prior blogs). Then we went to CD Tradepost and I picked up I guess it's sorta kind of "rare" gamecube game Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Then we stopped at Ben's Gaming and I picked up a few things (See list below with pictures. Then our last stop was a Pawn Shop in Council Bluffs and we both picked up a couple of NES games. Then the other day my brother and I did some browsing as well and he picked up a couple of things. 

So here is the rundown:

Gamers -
*Wii Stand - $0.95
*Final Fantasy 3 SNES Guide - $9.95 Originally knocked down to $7.00
CD Tradepost - Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone - GameCube - $7.00
Ben's Gaming:
*Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection - Volume 1 - PS1- $2.00
*Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection - Volume 2 - PS1 - $5.00
*Sega Genesis Greatest Tips - First Volume (I know have both volumes) - $1.00
*Rush 2049 - N64 Manual - $0.50
*Super Mario/Duck Hunt Manual with Product Code - $0.50
*SNES Mouse Manual - $0.50
Council Bluffs Pawn Shop - Wild Gunman (5 Screw) - $3.00=
Best Buy:
*Puzzler 3D World 2012 - N3DS - $30.00
*Mortal Kombat - PSVITA - $20.00

Then here is the last part my brother picked up a few comics at a local store and I bought Back To The Future CIB off eBay for $12.95-Free shipping. Then the other day I bought Doom 3: BFG Edition - Sadly disappointed I recommend to everyone unless you are a die hard Doom fan and want every thing to do with Doom DO NOT buy this.

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