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Posted on Dec 12th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (Pam)
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Thanks to companies like Limited Run, some forgotten games have been getting attention lately... whether they deserve it or not. The 25th anniversary remaster of Double Switch was released recently - a release I can't imagine too many people asked for. Originally developed by Digital Pictures, this is the spiritual successor to Night Trap. It contains the same design flaws of Night Trap, plus a few new ones, but lacks the historical  controversy to make it interesting. Here are my thoughts on the game.

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I can't wait until I get this.  It should be coming soon!  I picked up both the physical PS4 and Switch collector's edition.  I love this stuff!

@shaggy:Cool, I hope you enjoy it, and that the remaster makes some quality of life improvements like they did with Night Trap.
If one were considering this game, what would you recommend as a top-end price for a Saturn copy? It's at a game shop near me, and I've nearly purchased it a couple times, but have always been hesitant. Also, I imagine to help alleviate the save issue, one could save at the beginning of Act 2, then copy that save file to an external memory card (like a Pro Action Replay 4-in-1), so that you can restore from that to get another 5 tries, etc. That might help so you don't have to replay Act 1, if you mess up too much.

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