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Posted on Sep 15th 2007 at 05:18:14 PM by (shadowforte)
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Well I picked up some news games.

.Hack// Vol 1:. Infection (PS2)
- First Hack Game

Well this is my first jump into the Hack games. A lot of people complain about the battle system, but I found it better then GU (I have played a little of GU at my friends house) myself. The game has okay graphics, but it shines in the depth of the story. I got it for $10. Go pick this one up.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection (PS2)
- First Mega Man Game On PS2

This is a collection of Mega Man 1-8. You can get it on the cheap now, so if you are into NES games or the Mega Man games, pick it up. I will warn you, these games are beyond hard. I got it for $5

Medal Of Honor Rising Sun (PS2)

What can I say? It is a MOH. The graphics suck, but out of all of them this one is my fav. Got it for $5

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