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Posted on Sep 21st 2017 at 05:37:49 PM by (Cryptid Collector)
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I couldn't resist pre-ordering this one to grab the limited edition and it finally came in the mail to today. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous with a wonderful matte finish.

It even has unique stuff on the sleeve like a version of the cover art without text

and badnick art

The limited edition is also a nice confetti/paint splatter disc that's hand-done for unique patterns.

I did an unboxing video where you can see how it sounds on my unfortunately cheap record player

Posted on Dec 6th 2010 at 04:43:51 PM by (Cryptid Collector)
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    Found this at a flea market store for $9.50. I'm happy about getting it because aside from my 360 this is my only boxed console. As you can see the box isn't in the best shape, and it's opened at the wrong end, but a little scotch taped made it alot more presentable for display.

    As you can see it came with all the cords, the manual, and the original dual analog gampad. It even has the cover sleave, which is missing from even the picture in the data base. The foam inserts are a nice little addition as well.

     As for games, all it came with was a loose copy of tigerwoods 99 that was in the disc tray. I used this game to try out and it works perfect, the only problems being the open button sticking a little if you press it to hard, and the power button being a little touchy.

      I also picked a boxed multitap for $5, and a loose copy of Halo(Xbox) for free. This brings us to my other real find. I Manged to get the NIB(CIB now) 3D system up there for $2, and when I did research the cheapest I could find it online was $8-$15, It even went on up to the original $100 price tag in some places. So I'm happy about that find, I'll have to plug it into my Win98 later and give it a shot.

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