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Posted on Sep 21st 2017 at 05:37:49 PM by (Cryptid Collector)
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I couldn't resist pre-ordering this one to grab the limited edition and it finally came in the mail to today. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous with a wonderful matte finish.

It even has unique stuff on the sleeve like a version of the cover art without text

and badnick art

The limited edition is also a nice confetti/paint splatter disc that's hand-done for unique patterns.

I did an unboxing video where you can see how it sounds on my unfortunately cheap record player

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Dude... you actually opened up your Sonic Mania soundtrack LP and... PLAYED IT?!

I'm so proud of you, man!

A few people on the Small Toy Scores thread could learn a thing or two from you...

Posting link in comments because the video code broke and isn't visible on the blog itself.

Like I'd shell out this much for a imported record without seeing how it sounds and gawking at all the pretty inner-artwork :b
Actually, this is the only Data-Discs vinyl I did not order.  I'm just not a Sonic guy, but I'm really happy for all you Sonic fans. Data-Discs does fantastic work!  Smiley

One question: Does the spine have a Data-Disc release number?
Aw the limited splatter vinyl! Awesome! I have the blue version.

it doesn't have like an item number, but is does have "Data-S" which I assume stands for Sonic.

Not sure if that's what you mean or not.

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