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Posted on Apr 7th 2013 at 04:28:28 PM by (Tadpole13)
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So as of Feb 22nd I posted a article talking about going for a complete N64 collection Boxed.  I have been stalking ebay daily since then checking out what I can get my hands on.  I actually feel as if it is a part time job with the amount of time I have spent on there looking.  I have been really picky with box condition as well which has also cost me more money then what I would want to pay on alot of these games but I am enjoying every minute of watching as my collection grows.

So during the time of that blog I only owned 12 boxed N64 games and I had about 25 on order.
photo N64BoxedGames.jpg

Well since then I have came a long ways in a sense.
photo 2013-04-07204549.jpg

I now have 77 boxed Games total on hand not including duplicates and I have 21 more on order. 

My camera sucks so I included some additional photos that can hopefully help you guys see the titles better.
photo 2013-04-07204810.jpg

photo 2013-04-07204837.jpg

I went into this collection with the mindset that only a few titles are extremely expensive as in Clayfighter 63 1/3 sculptors cut but I have learned that there are handful of titles that are going to eat away at my funds.  Two of the more pricy titles out there I do own now. 

Super bowling cost me $237.50 and I already owned Clayfighter 63 1/3 sculptors cut but to get the box it ran me $500 dollars.  I have seen some better condition boxes going for around $400 now so hopefully it stays lower for the people who still need to get it and if anyone has the manual for it I would love to buy it off you.  It still hurts not having it complete.

But moving on as you can see in the photo the games are in protective sleeves.  They are pretty pricy as well but are defiantly worth it if you can afford it.  I picked up some from multiple users on ebay and realized some come in different sizes which pretty much made some of the ones I own a waste do to my OCD.  I would highly recommend purchasing them thru the Ebay user dgodkin.  His cases fit the boxes perfect and he is really easy to work with.  He also carries sleeves for the Nes, and Gameboy which fit nicely as well.
photo 2013-04-07204650.jpg

Well to finish this blog off,  I just order 2 additional shelf's on top of the two i own displayed below so once I have them I will be able to display all my games and by the time I get a complete N64 collection It will take a shelf in a half of space up.  If anyone has any questions or has any boxed n64 games up for sale or trade, let me know.

photo 2013-04-07204519.jpg

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Thanks for the update, Tadpole.  I'd nearly forgotten just how crispy a boxed N64 collection looks on a shelf.  Looking forward to more posts (and pics) or your collecting adventures on ebay.

About the OCD...  I find the collections of those with OCD always look better than those without (my collection is case and point).
Very nice
I have been on edge about starting a complete N64 collection for a while but once I came accross 53 Snes boxed games I realized I really love boxed games lol.  I am really enjoying how awesome they look and just the hunt of finding them.  I have been having fun.  My collection so far is pretty mint for the most part so I am pretty excited about that as well.
@Tadpole13: Are you still out in Italy or back in the states?
I am still here in Italy.  I had to resort to ebay for all the games so far.  Thankfully we have a American mailing address.  But unfortunately alot of people do not understand the whole APO/FPO/DPO mail box system so instead of learning it they just put in there ebay listing that they do not offer shipping to those address, which does limit me.
Man, is that a GameCube kiosk? :drooling: Tongue
I wish I had a Gamecube kiosk.  It is actually a Playstation 2 kiosk.  I actually missed out on a deal a few years back where I could of got a PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, Dreamcast, and N-gage kiosk and on top of that a PS2, Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation one Neon light all for $600 bucks.  I lived out of state at the time and my friend did not really keep me in the loop when he was selling it and I had no clue how to get it accross country at the time.  This is when I was back in America/
Man, Sculptor's Cut is going for $500 box only?  That's insane.

The collection is looking good so far.  International Super Star Soccer 2000 boxed is also going to be quite pricey.
Yea it is pricy.  I have only seen one copy of International Super Star Soccer 2000 on ebay boxed and complete since I started using it in February.  The one for sale was way overpriced when comparing it to the completed copies but I can see it going for a arm and a leg the next time one pops up now because it has been a couple months now since one was posted up.  I am working hard to completing this collection.  Hopefully I can stay at the pace I am at now and maybe I can get it done this year?  Would be nice.
Are you going for box or cartridge variants as well?
@blcklblskt: Just the complete boxed collection.  The only rule I have is I am going to try to avoid players choice Boxes/Games.  The manual is a must as well and I am not really stressing about the consumer information and precautsions booklet but if I come accross a big Lot of them on ebay I will probably grab them and put them in the boxes.  Baggies are nice as well but not a requirment unless I came accross a Lot on ebay as well.  I am also being stubborn to a point about condition of boxes.  If they are beat up bad I will most likely rebuy the box at one point to get a cleaner collection but I have already been avoiding them so my colletion is pretty nice at the moment.
very nice. i wish i could afford to get so many so quickly, it's taken me about 4 years to get to 205 and a lot of those aren't even boxed yet. i really like those clear box protectors, i'm thinking about getting some. how sturdy do they feel? i've seen videos and they seem really flexible, so i'm not sure if they're intended to just protect against dust and dirt or if they actually protect the shape of the box too.
@techwizard: I had about 90 games before I started not boxed.  I have noticed that it is actually hard to get just the box and manual and in some cases they are as much if not more then a complete one with box.  Which makes no sense.  The clear protective boxes are defiantly a good thing to have if you can get them.  They are not like hard plastic but they do a good job protecting the boxes and it has really helped with my collection because I keep everything in alphabetical order so sliding the boxes left and right all the time would get destroyed without them.  For a box of 200 sleeves I have been paying about $160 so they are pretty pricy but worth it.
cool, i might pick up a small pack of them (maybe 25-50) for starters. i've noticed the same thing about getting the box/manual separately, it's stupid. depends on the game though, some of the more valuable games can be a bit cheaper to buy everything separately. if the game is a cheap common that sells for less than $10 CIB then ya it's definitely cheaper to buy CIB most of the time.
Yea.  It is good.  I still have a ways to go before I complete it and it takes up alot of shelf space but it looks awesome Smiley
Wow based off a current listing of Clayfighters 63 1/2 sculptors cut manual.  Which is the first one I have seen for sale loose since I have been using ebay is alrdy passed 700 dollars.  I guess I am going to have to save up a grand or so to be prepared next time it shows up.  OUCH that hurts lol
what the actual f**k. last i heard about a year ago it was going for about $400.
Yea the prices on this stuff has skyrocketed.  I doubt it is collectors doing this either.  I am sure it is the resellers on eBay doing this stuff.

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