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Posted on Jun 30th 2013 at 12:05:12 PM by (Tadpole13)
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Korn and Video Games

Ok first things first.  U are probably asking yourself.  What does Korn have to do with Gaming???  Well scroll down and experience my journey and find out.

First thing u do is you get your self a ticket to the Concert.
Korn ticket stub photo IMG_6400.jpg

Then u head to the concert.  As some of the members here might know, I am currently living in Sicily, Italy.  Pretty much no bands come this far south.   So I had to do a little traveling up to Rome for this event.
Heading to Korn Conert Rome photo IMG_6384.jpg

Once I left the airport I had to catch a train.
Taking the train photo IMG_6387.jpg
On the Train photo IMG_6391.jpg

I got off at my stop and had to start walking.  The venue where the concert was going to be was called Ippodromo Capannelle.  This was my first impression of the place from the walk down the road.  Looks a little beat down.
First impression of concert hall photo IMG_6395.jpg

Outside the front of the Venue
Venue photo IMG_6402.jpg

I had a VIP pass so we gained early access to get up front.  If you are still wondering how this is about gaming please be patient.  It is coming Smiley
Walking up to the stae photo IMG_6410.jpg

From the side of the stage right before Korn started.
From side of stage photo IMG_6445.jpg

The drummer starting up the show.
Drummer about to tear it up photo IMG_6465.jpg

Jonathon Davis the lead singer tearing it up on the bagpipe during the begging of the song shoots and ladders.  What a great song.
Shoots and ladders photo IMG_6468.jpg

So the concert was absolutely amazing.  Korn always performs amazing and they our great with the crowd.  But to this point we still have not seen anything gaming related?  So since this post is already pretty photo heavy I am going to skip ahead a bit.

After the show was over as part of my VIP pass I got to meet the band members and then from there I got to experience one more cool thing.  With the VIP pass I had it was a One on One gaming session with Jonathon Davis the lead singer of the band.

Before the gaming session started I first had to show him my gaming collection.  Video Game collecting is one of my biggest passions along with the gaming industry.  So I showed him my collection and he was defiantly impressed.  He actually said he had alot of games as well which is pretty cool.
Jonathon Davis checking out my games photo IMG_6508.jpg

So we started up are gaming session and thankfully it was Call of duty.  I did not know which game we would be playing when I bought the pass and I was fearful of getting stuck playing guitar hero.  I use to love that game but it has worn out its welcome lol.
Playing COD photo IMG_6511.jpg

Here is a photo of me during the session having fun.
Me and Jonathon davis gaming it up photo IMG_6512.jpg

Overall the gaming session was pretty short but it was alot of fun.  He informed me after we were done that I was only the second person to ever beat him which is a pretty cool feeling.  But before I left I got one more photo with him.
Last photo before I departed. photo IMG_6515.jpg

Overall the night was awesome and a once in a lifetime experience.  Also sorry for the people with slow computers.  I had more then enough photos on this blog which can slow things down. 

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