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David Jaffe, the outspoken creator of the smash hits God Of War and Twisted Metal, has some kind of announcement planned for tomorrow. He will be posting it on his blog right after the press release comes out around 9 AM or so tomorrow morning (probably Pacific Time).

In his latest blog post, Jaffe says...

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING FRIDAY...well big announcement for ME. It's not like I'll be revealing what game we've been working on, stuff like that. Well actually, I will be able to talk a little bit about ONE of the games for the first time...

[middle cut since he's talking about how he saw some family in Alabama and ate at Cracker Barrel.]

c- Friday-at 9am (PR wants to send the press release out before I no 12:01 update)...but at 9am, I will post news of my future. Again, it's a big deal for me personally and it does deal with my work. So this week I'll be able to spill SOME of the beans...and I'll prob. spew about how I'm dealing with this very, very big change in my work life.

Hope to see ya'll soon!


ps. Just FYI, the game alot of you guys seems to think we are working on, we are not. Sorry to dissapoint Sad

So, he says it isn't what we think he's working on, so that rules out Twisted Metal 5 or Black 2 or whatever they're going to call it. David most likely isn't going to take on the directorial role in God of War 3, because he doesn't really want to make huge epics any more (though he'll probably maintain a supervisor role with Cory Barlog directing, like he did with God of War 2). The other possibility I'm hearing a lot is that he's leaving Sony, which is most likely not the case because David has stated many times that he has no intentions to leave Sony since they have been so good to him for the past 10 years or so.

Here's what I think will happen:

He's going to open up a new studio that will make games for Sony, and more specifically, the Playstation Network.

Here's my reasoning. After taking a month off from the blog in May (maybe due to his tirade against Gamespot and Joystiq), he posted this entry which consists of 2 pictures of an empty office space. In some of the next entries, he mentions having some big design tasks for his next game, but it's nothing too important to my argument. However on his July 1 blog entry, he posts a picture of some beer (...and weed) on a table and captions it with "How else do you expect us to celebrate signing a big, important, life changing contract?!?" That contract, probably with Sony and us meaning someone from Incognito (probably the head, Scott Campbell), since he's worked with them on many projects (including his most recent, Calling All Cars!).

That and David is pretty much one of Sony's biggest star developers, and I bet that they would be willing to listen to what he wants to do.

Anyways, now that my silly speculation is over, remember to keep it tuned on RFGen for all the news that matters.

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