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Posted on Nov 23rd 2008 at 09:28:36 PM by (TraderJake)
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Guess what? This last week or so has just been a plethora of birthdays for gaming related things. Well, 4 years ago from today Blizzard released the behemoth known as World of Warcraft upon the masses, and since that time it's been sucking productive members of society into the realm of the recluses.

Sure, WoW has made lots of money for Blizzard. Wildly successful is a good way to describe it. You know, a lot of people want to be a Nightelf Mohawk, or at least Mr. T wants to be a Nightelf Mohawk. He can be whatever he wants and I pity the fool who says otherwise. The truth is that lots of people play the game, and chances are that you might know someone who has been affected by this game. Maybe you have been affected by this game? Inquiring minds want to know.

Of course it's been successful, but it's because of many people unlike me. See, I refuse to even create an account because I've seen what it can do. Of course, right now I live in Maryland and know no one so it's not like I have a social life to lose, but when I did have a social life I sure as hell did not want it to succumb to WoW addiction. Perhaps you've thought differently.

Well, congrats Blizzard on four successful years of WoW, and for some reason I am sure you'll have at least four more years if not more of the same. Here's to you WoW, and to my friends currently dredging through Azeroth, it's been nice knowing you, but I understand your priorities lie with the Horde. It's cool. Someday the servers will go down, and when they do you'll either have moved on to an MMORPG or reintegrated into society. Here's to you.

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