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Posted on Sep 7th 2014 at 03:48:18 AM by (Zagnorch)
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It seemed too good to be true: I'd just picked up a nice bright-red "heavy" DS for just $4.00 at the local Savers thrift...

...only to find out it was too good to be true:

It was a tragedy no one should have to face, and one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Forcing its way through the lead-dense wall of grief and sadness, however, was opportunity: I had another heavy DS that, while otherwise fully functional, lacked a battery and cover. It was a recipient in desperate need of a donor... which had just dropped into my hands. In my possession was the means of turning tragedy into triumph.
I had to perform a transplant operation, stat.

So I prepped the patients, and readied the specialized and highly sensitive surgical tools.

Before I could make the first incision, however, a most difficult step had to be made: taking the donor off life support.

The reassurances from the family that "this is what she would have wanted" did little to blunt my feelings of guilt, or lessen the emotional impact of pulling the plug. Fortunately, the battery and cover will maintain viability until they are fully incorporated into the recipient... if the procedure is performed quickly enough. There is no time to lose...

The moment of truth had arrived. I drew a deep breath. "All right," I stated with a mix of resignation and conviction, "let's do this."

Fair warning: the following sequence of images is quite graphic and disturbing. They're not for the squeamish or faint of heart. Better escort the kids out of the room before you scroll down any further. On second thought, go ahead and force 'em to watch; emotional trauma builds character.

The power I wield from literally holding another's life in my hand is downright overwhelming in its intensity. It's quite intoxicating, and not a little frightening. So this is what it's like to play God...

All right, let's close 'er up.

And now we'll see if the patient pulled through.



I couldn't help but shed a tear of joy for the life I'd saved. But this joy was a sweetness turned bitter by the sacrifice of one so that another may live. It was a profound and traumatic experience, one that showed me that nothing should betaken for granted in this life. My world would never be the same, ever again.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to sell this baby to the highest online bidder. Tongue

BTW as I was putting this blog together, I thought to myself, I sure hope Duke.Togo won't experience any traumatic flashbacks while reading this. Wink

Speakin' of The Dukester, it's time for a bonus feature! Take a gander at what I discovered the other day at the Santa Clara Goodwill:

That's right, kids: yet another boxed NES Miracle Piano. I opened 'er up to see if it contained the ever-elusive foot pedal that our esteemed CollectorCaster extraordinaire has been longing for.

Oh, the suspense...


D'oh! Looks like I struck out yet again. Sorry if I got'cher hopes up there, Dukey. But fret not: considering how frequently I'm encountering Miracle Pianos at the thrifts, it's merely a matter of time...


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