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Collection Description:
I am a starting out Video Game collector. I have always liked to look for rare games and such and I have a good amount of games already, but it just hit me recently that I just want to surround myself with as many awesome games as I can. So, here I am! =D Ready to set out on my adventure to amass an awesome Video Game collection. ^^

I am mainly after pre-current generation games.

My collection is rather small atm and isn't very organized but I am currently working on it. XD I will periodically post new picks of my collection.


Collection Stats:

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Sony PlayStation 2  49 (18%)
Microsoft Xbox 360  42 (15%)
Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade  37 (14%)
Sony PlayStation  29 (11%)
Microsoft Xbox  20 (7%)
Nintendo 64  18 (7%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  12 (4%)
Nintendo NES  9 (3%)
Nintendo GameCube  8 (3%)
Nintendo DS  8 (3%)
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Collection Images:
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