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Title: MagQuest Presents MAGWEST - August 10-12, 2018 - Santa Clara, Calif.
Post by: Zagnorch on March 11, 2018, 06:47:01 PM
Hey now...


The second edition of MAGWEST will be held at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency on August 10-12, 2018!


MAGWest 2018 single-attendee passes are now available! for $70 you get the basic pass to attend all three days! Just head on over to:


Please note that the price for the single-attendee pass will go up to $80 on August 8, 2018.

Have an idea for a panel? Why not submit it here:


The host for this event, the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency, will be more than happy to take your room reservations:


There are a lot of other hotels in the immediate area, many a decent walking distance away, which you can check out here:


All of these lodgings are just a 10-15 minute shuttle ride from Mineta San Jose International Airport:


And here are the airlines that go through SJC, which includes Southwest, American, Alaska, Air Canada, and other carriers:


Oddly enough, I'm not very familiar with the South Bay independent video game shop scene. However, there are a few places nearby-- both geekin' and not-so-geekin'-- that you might find of interest:

Levi's Stadium is just a short walk from from the convention. Sign up to tour it here:


Just a mile south is California's Great America amusement park:


Aaaand a bit further north is the Computer History Museum in Mountain View:


Go a few more miles north, and you can take a gander at the California Historical Landmark known as "the birthplace of Silicon Valley:"



Arguably the most notable San Jose landmark/tourist trap is the Winchester Mystery House:


So, ummm... anybody up to attending this year's event?

Title: Re: MagQuest Presents MAGWEST - August 10-12, 2018 - Santa Clara, Calif.
Post by: MetalFRO on March 13, 2018, 01:19:31 PM
I should have vacation time by then, and if I can swing it money-wise, I just might have to make the flight out there.  Not keen on car rentals, but it would be worth doing, if I needed to go anywhere more than just staying around the convention.  Hotel's a bit expensive, but I'll see what I can do.

Title: Re: MagQuest Presents MAGWEST - August 10-12, 2018 - Santa Clara, Calif.
Post by: Zagnorch on March 13, 2018, 10:49:12 PM
A few more things about this event you might find of interest:

- There will be a mighty row of pinball machines, all of which will be free to play in the arcade area. The primary provider of the pins is the Pacific Pinball Museum based in Alameda, home of the nuclear wessels:


If this doesn't get SingleBanana to sign on, then nothin' will.

- There won't be a marketplace, AKA a dealer/merchandise room at this year's event. It's implied there will be one at future MAGWest events.

- There doesn't appear to be a formal podcast row/room, but I don't know for certain. I inquired about this in an e-mail to the MAGWest FAQ's section, and will let you know their response as soon as I get it. Just keeping y'all in mind, my CollectorCast & PlayCast compatriots...