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Title: Playcast Episode #84 -- Transistor
Post by: singlebanana on June 14, 2021, 03:03:22 PM

Title: Re: Playcast Episode #84 -- Transistor
Post by: Mr_Stubbes on June 14, 2021, 09:31:56 PM
Another great episode guys!

I have a few things that I’ll call light corrections/clarifications:

Shawn mentioned the “hair” enemies/projectiles that are summoned by another enemy. These summoning enemies are called “Man” and the actual name for the projectile is a “haircut”. The kind of secret beach area you both mentioned is referred to as “The Sandbox” and the doors to access this area are referred to as “backdoors”. There are quite a few things you can do in the sandbox. You can use the hammock to kind of reflect on the sandbox, you can bounce the beach ball, use the jukebox to play songs you’ve unlocked, you can unlock a fetch companion Luna that can interact with the beach ball, and you can enter the doors you unlocked to complete different test. Rich mentioned that you only get get music tracks from these test rooms, but that is only half true. These test rooms can be completed for music tracks, XP, and depending on your version of the game achievements/trophies and each door once completed can be re-entered to complete additional tests with subsequent visits. Also with these test doors, the only real way to access them all is by replaying the game.

I wasn’t to high on this game after playing through it and I can understand why douglie didn’t like that the game was so short and costing $19.99. Personally I don’t care too much about the length of a game as long as I enjoy myself and while Transistor was only an Okay game for me, I found no issue with the overall length of the game versus the price paid(I bought the switch LRG version during the preorder). I was able to beat Transistor in one sitting in about 4 hours and that was really just focusing on the main points of the story and not exploring the sandbox. Funny enough I found that the Final boss fight was probably my favorite part of the game. After playing for 4 hours and facing similar enemies throughout, it was a nice change of pace. I didn’t do a lot of experimenting with the different functions and basically kept the original ones. That being said I didn’t have too much trouble with the final boss and was able to beat him in one go.

Lastly, congratulations on the 10k downloads! Can’t wait for the next episode!

Title: Re: Playcast Episode #84 -- Transistor
Post by: singlebanana on June 15, 2021, 09:33:45 AM
Thanks Stubbes!  I really appreciate the clarification regarding the Sandbox.  While I don't think the "value" of completing those mundane tasks is really enough to make me want to do them, it's good to know that there is additional value that we neglected to cover.  I will try to remember to mention these in corrections on the next show. :)

I think my frustration with the last boss might have also been not having adequate functions equipped, as I did much better after some adjustments.  I do appreciate that the game actually makes you consider these changes and doesn't just flow you into an easy final boss encounter.  Still, I just wasn't a fan as I thought that the other boss encounters were so much more creative in terms of strategy. Too each their own though and we always appreciate you playing with us and sharing your thoughts!