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Posted on Jun 10th 2010 at 02:22:43 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Pain Yourself With Submissions 2010, Pain Yourself With Submissions Contest, 2010, Birthday Celebration

The results are in, and a winner has been drawn in the second part of the PAIN YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS 2010 contest! But first, you're probably wondering if aeroc went with the $60 of gaming swag and RF Generation T-shirt, or two chances into the drawing for the custom Sega Genesis prize pack. Well, he went with the first prize! Congrats again aeroc, your swag is on its way!

And now, for the second prize, that beautiful Sega Genesis and bunch of games! For this prize, each of the five finalists were given a number 1-5, and each of those numbers were written on equal sizes of paper. Those pieces of papers were folded twice, mixed up, and then placed into a box and shaken again. Finally, a blind draw pulled out one of those pieces of paper. And that piece of paper contained the number 4, which matched up with the name of the member that won, dom meatball!
Congratulations dom meatball, please PM your address and your prize pack will be on your doorstep in a couple days!

If you're disappointed you didn't win this year, well then its a good thing we hold this contest every year, because that means you can win next year!
And remember, your contributions are greatly appreciated year round, so don't be afraid to be the top submitter each month, even if you don't win a prize, you'll gain the respect and admiration of your fellow RF Generation members.

Posted on Jun 7th 2010 at 04:35:13 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Pain Yourself With Submissions 2010, Pain Yourself With Submissions Contest, 2010, Birthday Celebration

With just under 12 hours to go, the end of the contest is rapidly approaching. If you haven't been paining yourself with submissions, its not too late, but you better hurry up because soon, it will be too late.
Remember, the top points gainer will walk away with their choice of gaming swag not to exceed $60 and an RF Generation Ringer T or two chances to win the other prize. The other prize has been a closely guarded secret, until now that is. In a recent post, I mentioned a part of the prize pack, the custom painted red Sega Genesis, but there is a lot more to this prize pack than that.
Below is everything that you will receive if you are the winner of the prize pack. To be eligible, you must be in the top 5% of points gainers or be the top winner and decline the other prize.

As you can see, the winner of the prize pack will win:

  • A red Sega Genesis with power cord and RF Switch and 1 controller, a Game Genie, Greendog the Surfer Dude, Zoop, and Risk (CIB) for the Genesis.

  • An NES Cleaning Kit (CIB) and Game Genie

  • Pokemon Stadium for N64

  • Judge Dredd, Batman Returns, Pilotwings, and Raiden Trad for SNES

This is another shot of the Genesis, to show off the pain job a bit better:

Good luck with the rest of the contest!

Posted on Apr 20th 2010 at 07:02:22 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under RFG Thanks, Submissions, Thanks, Site News, March, 2010

What's that? You say its April 20th? OK, it is a little late for the RFG Thanks for March, I guess the zombie brain eating earlier this month left me a little forgetful. But late is still better than never, right?

March was another great month for RFG and its members. There were 2,352 total submissions;1,037 page edits; 358 image submissions; and 525 title additions. Many of you helped us to gather all these wonderful bits of information. But five of you stood out of the crowd and made over 100 submissions alone. Those members were Paully3433, Izret101, Link41, ApolloBoy, and Madir. Rounding out the top ten submitters were ga5ket, Duke.Togo, NES_Rules, Shadow Kisuragi, and Pop Culture Portal.
But as always, many of those submissions wouldn't go anywhere without our team of reviewers. In March, with well over 100 approvals, the top reviewers were Izret101 and ApolloBoy.

Now let's see if we can April even better! We're getting very close to 55,000 scans and 30,000 screenshots in the database. Maybe we can do it in April, if you've got a scanner and/or a way to capture screenshots; get to it and make some submissions. You will be helping out RFGeneration, its members and the countless others that use us as a resource for their collecting needs. Plus, its always neat to have your name and/or a picture of one of your games forever immortalized on the Internet!

Finally, I'd like to announce the promotions of Izret101 and Paully3433! Because of their continued contributions, they have been promoted to DB Editor and DB Reviewer, respectively.

Posted on Mar 6th 2010 at 06:35:33 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under RFG Thanks, Submissions, Thanks, Site News, February, 2010

February was not our best month, but even without a huge number of submissions, its still progress and progress is always a good thing. While we did not see our lowest submission numbers last month, it was below the mean number of monthly submissions. So I would like to thank those of you that made some submissions in a slow month to keep us going. Even being below the average, we still managed to crank out over 2,000 submission; 2,094 to be exact. 536 of those were images, 298 were game title additions, and 974 were page edits.

The top ten submitters were Paully3433, Izret101, ga5ket, Madir, Doug Plummer, ApolloBoy, Shadow Kisuragi, Malingo, Spoon and Seno. Out of those ten, nine had over 100 submissions each. Thanks guys, you are the truly dedicated members that keep us going!

The top three staff members approving all those submission with over 100 approvals each were Izret101, ApolloBoy, and NES_Rules.

So, February wasn't a spectacular month for submissions, that means only one thing. We need to make March even better, so get out your games, find them in the database and see what information you can add. If you've got a scanner, that's even better because you can add images if they're missing and your game will be forever immortalized on the pages of RFGeneration.

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