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Posted on May 14th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (Duke0619)
Posted under Atari 2600, Atari, 80s, 1980s

Can Duke Remember the Atari and repair another time fragment?  Watch and find out!

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Good stuff, Duke! I have many fond memories of playing the 2600, though I never owned one until adulthood. But between 2 uncles and a next door neighbor with Atari consoles, it wasn't hard to get access to and play the games. I have tons of great memories playing 2600 games back in the mid-80's with my next door neighbor. We spent a lot of time on Defender, Chopper Command, Kangaroo, Raiders of the Lost Ark, ET, Frogger, Spider Fighter, Demon Attack, and more. I've recently become a bit more nostalgic about this era of gaming, and feel the pull back toward some of these simpler games for quick burst play sessions. I'm certainly glad I have my 7800 hooked up, and able to rock some 2600 action at any time!
Yes, sir I do remember.  Unfortunately I wasn't old enough to experience the VCS in it's heyday (I was born in 1977), but in my pre-Arcade, pre-NES gaming youth the 2600 was king.  When I visited my grandparents (they were big gamers) they would plop me in front of their little TV with attached their Sears "Tele-games" Atari 2600 and what seemed like a million games so they could talk in peace with my father.  Man, those were great times.  That games always felt they had so many layers to it, where if I popped in a game and didn't see something I liked, I just kept pressing the "Game Select" lever until I found something I liked.  And as many games as I played, there isn't a time I don't go over 2600 lists that I find something I didn't know about, and that just doesn't happen anymore.

Good stuff Duke.  Can't wait until the next episode.
I remember it OK. Got mine Summer of '82 after waiting for ages after first experiencing it set up in a shop with Combat. My parents gave me money when i was 16 which enabled me to get it. Got it with Combat and there was a special deal for a free asteroids cart if you sent our proof of purchase away. My cousins got one soon after me so we were able to do a lot of game swapping and had some great stay over multi player nights. Had a B&W TV in our bedroom so had to resort to using that when the parents were using the main TV but that didn't stop the fun. A really special console for me as it sparked my interesting computing which is how I earn a living now. Sold mine in the late 80s to my shame but re-purchased a lovely 6 switch woody several years ago and I now have a Harmony cartridge with which I can play every game ever + home-brew. Have a few carts boxed and would like to expand that collection a little bit.
Mental FRO -I have been gravitating towards the Atari games lately myself. With raising three kids and work and life being so busy, the earlier style games have been fun to pop in and play when I get a brief moment. Thanks for the comments! 

Bombatabomba - the Atari certainly is a unique console and thatís why I think it has such staying power. Still so fun to play!  Thank so much for watching!

davyK - oh man, a six switcher - so cool!  Iíve got a four switch woody and a Vader. Combat is tons of fun. Sound like you had as much fun with your Atari as I did. Thanks! 

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