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Posted on Aug 10th 2014 at 02:06:20 PM by (singlebanana)
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Dear Distinguished and Not-so Distinguished Members,

Recently, some of you (especially our older members) may have noticed a change to our home page. What once was a page filled primarily with announcements of podcasts and playthroughs, has been revamped with continually revolving feature stories of game reviews and video game related articles. Only a few days prior to the Metal Jesus video and Kotaku article releases that drove many members to our site, I spoke with Shadow Kisuragi about how I felt that the site was lacking in releasing quality gaming articles for our front page. Of course, Shadow (as he always is) was very receptive to my concern and agreed that we should do something to liven up the primary portal to our site. Little did I know, I would be asked to lead this charge....okay, so maybe I kind of knew.

As of July 15th, I have been acting in the capacity of Blog Editor (though I'm petitioning for the name change to Blog Overlord). My first act was to round up the old posse to see which Blog Writers and Contributors were still around and how many were still interested in contributing to the front page. I must say, the responses were quick and overwhelmingly positive. I am truly fortunate to have such an eager and knowledgeable group of writers at the ready and if you have been reading the front page over the last few weeks, you've seen the quality of work firsthand. At this point, I would like to recognize the writing staff:


In addition to our seasoned writers, we also recently added members, SirPsycho and wildbil52 to our writing staff. Congratulations and a hearty welcome to our new writers! (Now get to work ye scallywags!!!)

In addition to the articles being released by our writers, we will also promote member articles from their personal blogs from time-to-time (as you may have noticed with bombatomba's recent article on MechAssault). If you are interested in possible promotions down the road, please be sure to enable your account for promoting by using the following path: hover over "Blog," click "My Blog," click "Change Settings," click in the box for "Allow Entries to Be Featured," and save.

If we decide to promote your article, we will contact you via PM to see if you are interested. If so, we will probably ask you to do some editing so that your piece conforms to our current front page format, and then subsequently promote your article. As always, various types of media such as pictures, videos, links, etc. are encouraged, but please be sure to give credit to the website or owner if known. Please note that we will not promote every article, but many will be considered by our writing staff. Promotion will also depend on whether we can fit it into our schedule. We encourage all of you to contribute to your personal blogs and look forward to reading some quality content.   

Again, thank you to all of the writers, new and old, who are making RFGeneration a more lively and fun place to visit.

 -- singlebanana

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it's great to see a more vibrant front page again! good job singlebanana.
@techwizard:Thanks, but the only credit I can take is setting up a schedule and contacting everyone. The writers are the ones who really deserve the credit. It's a great group to work with. Wink
All hail lord Banana!!
I did notice more content being shown on the front page, it is nice to have a different story or review to have pop up. I am pretty active lately, so I usually find my way around to all the new blogs and forum stuff quickly, but when a story is on the front page, I see more interaction with it, and I love seeing other inputs and learning from them.
All hail the overlord!
Sweet!  What do we do in instances where one cannot save the "Allow Entries to Be Featured" option (Sir Psycho calls it the wall of text, I believe)?
You can just PM me.
@bombatomba: From what I have seen, once you enable the feature, it allows your articles to be promoted. The box doesn't remain checked, but it seems to still work fine.

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