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Posted on Jan 26th 2013 at 10:39:39 AM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Site News, Donation Drive, 2013

The 2013 RFGeneration Donation Drive is nearly over! Have you donated yet? If you have, thank you, it is very much appreciated. Your money is hard at work keeping us online for everyone to enjoy the database and forum, ad free. If you haven't donated yet, you have until February 1st to get this year's extra special prizes, but you can still donate any time of the year. If you're not planning on donating, we may send our most dangerous Canadian, Crabmaster, after you. And we wouldn't want that to happen.

If you're on the fence about donating, here's some reasons why you should donate.
  • This site is completely free for everyone to use, and its 100% ad free. Something I'm sure everyone knows is incredibly rare these days on the Internet. What other websites do you know of that don't have any ads?
  • Our Database is huge and its expensive to host. It costs us about $1000 a year to pay for a host that keeps this site up and running at a good speed. It takes a lot of storage space to keep 80,000 DB entries, and 150,000 images.
  • You don't need to donate a lot. Whatever you're comfortable donating is fine with us. Whether its $100 or $5, every little bit helps. If everyone who reads this donates just $5, we'd likely meet our goal by February 1st.
  • If we meet our $1000 goal, you won't have to look at any more of these messages for another year. If we don't, expect another round of these we start running low on funds.
  • You actually get something for your donation. Every donation will get you the coveted Donor rank on the forum which gives you access to a special forum board where you can read about upcoming features and just chat with fellow donors. And if you're the top donor this year, you'll get any two items from our Cafepress store. And thanks to the Collectorcast, you can donate $5 to have your name read on the podcast, donate $20 and have all your pickups read, or donate $30 to get access to the "pilot" episode of the Collectorcast.
  • You can donate without actually donating. If you'd rather get something in return for helping us out, you can buy some merchandise from our CafePress store. You can buy some awesome products, spread the word of RFGen, and 10% of sales go back to us. If there's nothing there you can't live without (which I doubt, because that Beer Stein is amazing) you can also bid on our GameGavel auctions. You can win a guest interview spot on the Collectorcast, (next bid is only $38.50) or you can win a great starter collection of Atari 2600 cartridges (next bid is only $6.50).

And to show everyone who the cool kids are this year, these are the awesome members that have already participated in the 2013 Donation Drive. If you want to see all the people who have donated in past years, click here.
  • Razor Knuckles
  • pwpcody
  • monkees19
  • ericeskapade
  • fatken53
  • ryanflucas
  • slackur
  • Sauza12
  • Techie413
  • Engel762
  • Silver80
  • moonraker_fats
  • Barracuda
  • RetroRage
  • Wempster
  • Bildtstar
Those 16 people have donated a total of $560.78, making the average donation about $35. I won't say you should try to match or exceed that amount, but if you did, it would be awesome.

And if you're looking to "win" this donation drive, there is currently a tie for the top donation of $100, so please exceed that so we don't have to decide who gets the prize package. If you've already donated, the prize goes to the top total donor during the drive, so you can donate more to add to what you've already donated.

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Since there is now a tie for the top donation amount, let's make breaking the tie a little sweeter. I have in my hands an opened copy of an EMPLOYEE-ONLY version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) for PC.


The person that donates the HIGHEST ONE-TIME DONATION AMOUNT is welcome to claim it as theirs. Since I've been previously asked, I'll extend the window for donations on this prize until February 20th. Why the arbitrary date in February? I was asked to extend it into mid-February to make funds available and it's my birthday, so I'll have time off to ship it that date. Grin

Yes, this does mean that in order to claim it, the tie must be broken. Have fun, everyone. Tongue
@Shadow Kisuragi:
Well, the total donation tie is broken, but its now a three way tie for highest single donation.
I guess I could split it in 3 - box, insert, and disc, but I'm pretty sure that's not "most wanted". Tongue
Get a bandsaw and cut in into thirds!

Just as a heads-up, Nick plans to get another donation in...
Sorry Nick.
@Shadow Kisuragi:
I've already dropped another coin in the bucket!
what's the new top donation to beat now? Wink
I'm trying to thin out my possessions right now.  I would pay $5 to NOT have the such a prize that I would have a hard time with parting.
I have no controls on the PayPal account, so I couldn't tell you even if I wanted. That's up to the donors to post, or for NES_Rules to update if you're interested. If we want to make this into a bidding war, we can change it to total amount to make it fair... I just thought that the one-time donation amount would be an interesting idea, and didn't think there'd be a ton of interest.

Up to you folks...if you want it to be total donation amount to prevent people sniping and having to donate a large amount to one-up, that's good by me. Just remember that PayPal takes the first dollar automatically for payments, so anything above $1 counts.
I think I'm going to keep the new top total donation amount a secret. For now anyway.

@Shadow Kisuragi: I like your prize being the top single donation, that allows us to potentially spread the prizes around a bit more, rather than both prizes going to the same person. We just have to figure out what happens in the event of a tie.
oh i didn't notice you meant top single donation amount, that makes it more interesting Smiley.
The suspense!
First person to reach that amount will be awarded the prize. Second one will likely get a compensation prize from me.
I'm surprised only 16 people drummed up $560. Kudos to those who did donate and stepped up.
We no longer need to worry about a tie for top single or total donation thanks to an awesome new donor. And thanks to him and some other new donors, we're now only $85 away from our $1000 goal. Let's see if we can get it in the next couple days.
Wow...that's a big donation
Wow i second what monkees19 said. once the money is available in paypal, there should be a little more going to this to push it a bit closer to the $1000 Wink
Wicked job guys!!
Hmm...no clue who the "new" donor is, even with the my database powers. No peeking, I guess. Tongue
Noooooo, I've been outdone!  Probably was already, but meh Smiley  let's get that last bit!
We are now $60 away from our goal.
And don't forget about those GameGavel auctions. They're still rather cheap.

@Shadow Kisuragi: You could check the Donors list and look for the new name.

@engel762: You could always donate some more and at least go for the highest total donation amount.
@NES_Rules: Already did what I could, and I had to pay for a shiny AV Famicom, so I'm done for the time being Cheesy
$40 to go! Just think, YOU could be the one who puts us over the top!
Only a few hours left to win those auctions!

And we're now just $20 from meeting our goal. Andrew Jackson says you should be the one who finishes our goal.
Did we make it? 
Tremendously excited to see if the goal was met, that's the bottom line, mm? Cheesy
Technically, it was not met. There will be a post later today with the full rundown on the Donation Drive.

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