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Posted on Dec 10th 2007 at 03:12:07 PM by (Mezmoron)
Posted under Site News, Bleach, Blades of Fate, Nintendo DS, Guilty Gear X2, Sony Playstation 2, Hori, Arcade Stick, Sega Saturn, Moriya Hanzo

U-087-S-03740-A.jpg&sizex=150Well, the holidays are nearly upon us.  Family will be coming in to town, the eggnog will be flowing, and there will hopefully be some games under the tree for all of us.  With all the stress of the holidays, what better way to unwind (or take out your frustrations) than will a few fighting games! 

Our featured game this week is a newer title (for the US at least) on the Nintendo DS, Bleach: The Blades of Fate.  Our reviewer, Shimra, had pretty much nothing but praises for this game.  It sounds like a title that you can easily get some life out of.  No matter if you're a fan of the cartoon series, this will be a great game to play.  Give it a shot!

The featured image is for Guilty Gear X2 on the Sony Playstation 2.  Not many fighting games are as fast paced, well executed, and downright fun as this one.  Although a fairly pricey title in the recent months, it still sells for less than when it was originally released.  If you can, pick up a copy of this game.

What better way to play fighting games than with a great arcade stick?!  Our featured hardware is the Hori Fighting Stick SS for the Sega Saturn.  I used to own one of these, and let me tell you, their claim of using "GENUINE ARCADE PARTS" is exactly what they mean.  From the odd color of the buttons to the feel of each button and the joystick, this is as close as you will get with a fighting stick to the arcade. 

The featured collection belongs to Moriya Hanzo.  The first thing that appealed to me was the Sony Playstation RPG collection he has.  Then I say his other PS1 image.  Look at all those great fighting games!  Some of the biggest fighting games in history are in his collection!  I bet he could strike up a great coversation with you about fighting games.

Well, that's it folks.  Another week, another few days closer to the holidays.  I do want to wish all of you out there a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and a Happy New Year.  Please be safe this season and game on!  Oh...and keep it tuned to RFG on channel 3!

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