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Posted on Aug 28th 2007 at 09:44:46 PM by (OatBob)
Posted under Site News, Features, Weekly Features, Birding, Ikaruga, Duck Hunt, Zapper

Good evening ladies and gents and welcome to the weekly birding feature, last weeks travels overseas brought a lot of a lot of sightings including the Japanese Grosbeak.  This particular finch is quite common in the region and a casual sit near any feeder should score you an easy sighting.  Also called the Ikaruga by the locals, its black and white feathering inspired a team of four video game designers to name one of their games after it.  I believe they're called Treasure and have made some solid hits before, but this one stands out with a new element of gameplay, the ability to change from black to white. 

Well, enough of that games rubbish... now where were we.  Right, now for this portion of this week's show we get an outside opinion on waterfowl, courtesy of fellow sportsman, Earl.  It looks like we're going on a Duck Hunt!

Well good evening there, Earl.  What are we tracking tonight?
Ducks.  Ain't it obvious?  Say, wanna Bud?
No, thank you.  So, would you be kind enough to tell us about your firearm.
dun' mind if I do.  Now this 'ere is the N-E-S-oh-oh-five, or I like to call it the Zapper.  My buddy, TH14Arsenal has got one too.

So, please do tell our viewers what techniques you use to find and make the kill on these particular waterfowl.
Well, its pretty easy.  You see my dog here, Caesar.  He does it all for me.  Now, this Zapper came with a robot, and some "ness" toy all my kids be playin with, but that robot did nothin' but spin tops and stack rings, so I'm stickin' with who I trust the most to git-er-done.
...Right, so you just sit back while the dog seeks the fowl, flushes them, and you just sit back and do... nothing.  It sounds quite simple, really.

Calm down, he only gets ornery with strangers.  Lets shoot some duckies to cheer him up.
Got one!
Got one!
woof woof woof


Wow, nice shot.  You got two of them.
Nah, its easy.  You try.
If you insist.

woof woof woof


Three misses.  That sucks man, your aims worse than all five of my sisters'
Caesar don't like it when you miss the ducks.


You better run, squirrel

Well, glad to have you all again this week. *gasp* And remember always tune in to Channel thr-DAAAAH

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RF Generation and hunting.

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