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Posted on Jun 13th 2013 at 06:10:15 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Site News, Birthday, Pain Yourself With Submissions, Contest, 2013

The 2013 Pain Yourself with Submissions Contest ended the other day, June 8th, to be exact. That date is the day this wonderful site went live to the public nine years ago. So Happy Birthday RFGen!
So now you're probably wondering why when the contest ended on the 8th, it has taken 5 days for me to post this. Well, the reason is simple, we just wanted Crabmaster to sweat it out for a few extra days to see if anyone could out-submit him in the last few days of the contest. And unfortunately for him, I'm going to make him wait a bit longer by announcing the other top ten before saying who got the #1 position.

#10: Madir
#9: douglie007
#8: Zagnorch
#7: ixtaileddemonfox
#6: Tynstar
#5: A8scooter
#4: Bildtstar
#3: techwizard
#2: ericeskapade

But who got #1? Did Crabmaster keep control of the lead, or did Aeroc come from nowhere in the end just to win it all again? Tune in next week to find out!

Oh wait, after reviewing this article, it doesn't look quite long enough, so I'll just announce the winner now. The winner of the 2013 Pain Yourself with Submissions Contest is . . .


So congrats to Crabby and everyone else who submitted anything during the contest. You guys kicked some major butt and added a ton of new info and images to the database this year.

And as always, keep it tuned to Channel 3! (There just may be another contest coming sooner than you'd think).

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Congrats, Crab.  On a side note, did aeroc even play this year?
@bombatomba: I was pretty confident until I saw aeroc post in someone's blog at the start of the month and I got genuinely nervous that he was gonna slam out a whole pile of submissions and pass me.
I submitted a dozen or so, but I didn't have the time this year to give it a serious effort. I don't have stockpiled footage like Crabmaster does, I have to play the games I want to screenshot. =)

"So now you're probably wondering why when the contest ended on the 8th, it has taken 5 days for me to post this." - It took 20 days to get the final results last year! Shadow was supposed to send me 5 games from his dupe collection as a prize like 3 years ago.

Congrats, gonna miss my $60/year game fund. =(
@aeroc: You know, the only reason why I haven't done that is because I didn't know if your collection was up to date. Seriously, if your collection is up to date, I'll find some things to send you. I have the box of items still put together in the house with your name on it.
Congrats Crabmaster! My supply ran dry, though I know January and February were good ones for me
wow i'm surprised i held third. besides forum posts, i stopped submitting to the database after about the first week or week and a half. congrats crabby!
Congrats good sir and even more so with that staff handicap. Smiley
Is there a way to see how many submissions were made during the contest? I made quite a few and I fell off the list so these other guys must have been getting it! Great job fellas!
cool, 2nd place - never would have thought being so close in top 3. congrats to crabmaster 2000. this was fun -  and otherwise some positive pressure to submit a little bit faster.
@h1ghw1nd: I'd love to know the point totals too.
@Crabmaster2000: Here's the raw scores, which means they have not been halved for staff.
Congrats Crabmaster2000, you have been a good competitor.  I think you've been spared from my full potential  due to the fact ive cut back my collection from everything to just Atari 8 bit. But I gave it all i had for that one dedicated system. This was much fun this year and I look forward to doing this again next year. Maybe Ill understand Karma next year  Smiley
@A8scooter: Karma's just for fun, and doesn't have much impact.
Congrats Crabby and thanks to everyone for making this such a great site!
@NES_Rules: Thats very cool NES_Rules, thanks!!
@NES_Rules: i'm not sure i understand how my score was higher than A8scooter's...he had over 100 more image submissions, an extra blog post, and a few extra new game submissions. the only place i passed him on was forum posts and karma, and i thought forum posts weren't worth much compared to images...was the karma multiplier somewhat high?
Apparently, forum karma does have a pretty big impact. According to my calculations, you had 2306 points without karma included, which would mean that each karma is worth around 100 points. Which doesn't seem right. Once EA gives Shadow the go-ahead again, I'll have him look into the script that generates the scores and see if the karma multiplier is wonky.

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