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Posted on Oct 5th 2008 at 12:09:16 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Thanks, Submissions, RFG Thanks, Bloggers

September is over. Long live September! There are a lot of things to be happy about after this last month has passed. There also are a lot of things to be not so happy about (see the economic crisis). But yes, here at RF Generation we're thankful for lots of things!

First, let me thank our donors who keep RF Generation ad-free for all you crazy people. Currently, our server costs run 90 dollars / month, which for someone who is living by himself in Maryland is not a small cost to cover. Thankfully, we have donors that kick ass and take names. Since I last thanked our donors, Sirgin and Nik the Communist. These new donors, plus the rest of our donors keep RF Generation ad-free and free for all. Let me take the time to thank every single one of them at this time:

Bad Enough Dude, Sauza12, St0rmTK421, TraderJake, tholly, Pop Culture Portal, James, Cobra, Tan, Rejinx, Fighter17, TurboGrafxer AKA DCer, Kevincal, djbeatmongrel, UNFORGIVINGPAIN, frood42, NES_Rules,  Ghost Soldier, cverz2, Marriott_Guy, logical123, Phillyman, imfromwisconsin,  Sirgin,  Nik the Communist

These fine people keep RF Generation physically running! Thanks for helping us cover the cost of the server! If you would like to make a donation yourself, you can do so via this link. Any donation helps, and with the server cost the way it is we're always looking for donations!

Next, I want to thank our members who really have been kicking ass with amazing blog articles. While we don't guarantee that we'll promote all blog articles, in recent history the quality of the articles have been too good to pass up. Sirgin, logical, Nik, Wolfman, NESman... thanks. You all make me happy that I expanded the front page script to something that can be used by all. I certainly hope you all keep up the amazing work you do with your articles!

Next, I'd like to congratulate NES_Rules on getting his Treasure Hunt Chronicles feed StumbledUpon! You may have noticed that his images all went to "Bandwidth Exceeded" images. Well, now you know why! Congrats, Mike! You make RF Generation proud with your excellent series.

Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone for their submissions over the last month. Our European members have done a great job giving some most needed TLC to the European Database. Special thanks on that goes to Sirgin, Darth Sidious and Madir, and I apologize if I missed someone European who also deserves special recognition. When September wrapped up, we had 3899 submissions for the month, compared with 2962 the prior month. Simply put, you guys kick major ass. September saw almost one thousand new images added to the site, which truly helps solidify our status as the Games Database with one of the most comprehensive catalogs of images. Of course, while we have over 62000 images, we're not happy just with that. We always want more, and there are a lot of game and hardware entries that need images added! Why not help out today? Of course, there are so many people who make submissions, and we're really thankful for alll of them. Similarly, there are those staff members who review your submissions, and without them your submissions would sit in a queue forever, and we just don't want that. This month, Tan kicked ass with 864 submissions! Of you crazy and amazing regular members, Madir kicked ass with the most submissions! From those who review your submissions, NES_Rules kicked ass with reviewing those submissions! Tan though, was not far behind. Of course, we're pleased with this month and we appreciate all your submissions! Let me take this opportunity to thank all those members who made 50 or more submissions:

Tan, Funk_Buddy, ApolloBoy, Madir, logical123, NES_Rules, Darth Sidious, blcklblskt, eaglebeak99, Fuyukaze, Sirgin, Anditheway

Thanks to everyone who has made RF Generation the kick ass site it truly is! Here's hoping for an amazing October! From submissions to blog articles to forum posts, we hope to see you around RF Generation!

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I got lazy and let Madir pass me up in Submissions. Tongue GO RFGEN!!!! AND CONGRATS AND THANKS TO ALL!!!!

*Runs to do another blog post*
3899 submissions? Awesomeness. Smiley

If we all keep submitting like we do, other games database sites won't know what hit them.
RF Generation truly is the ultimate video game database in the world. nod
This is awesome!

I guess I should try adding something to the database, if I somehow have something to add that haven't been added already.
I've freed up some funds recently and hit Ebay again grabbing some bargains of games on my most wanted list. I hope to get a few more in the next few days. I've checked and there aren't any scans for the games I've bought or want to buy. Plus with Christmas rearing it's ugly head (lol!), I will be scanning in the UK versions of games a plenty! I have quite a few on pre-order as I'm sure many of us do. I wonder if December will be the busiest month for submissions. Smiley

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