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Posted on Jul 2nd 2008 at 11:33:57 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under The RFG Pulse, Feature, E3

So, how much do you care about E3?

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So, some may say E3 isn't quite what it was. Can you blame them? E3 was at its peak one million square feet of gaming overload and booth babes, where gamers would be sweating over the hype of the event and its booth babes. Today, that E3 is no more, and that makes some people sad.

Fret not! There are plenty of up and coming conventions to be had. The one that comes to mind is PAX, which is quickly becoming a replacement for E3. From a news standpoint it's not there, but from the crowds standpoint its there. Of course, there are the venerable shows, like the Tokyo Games Show and Games Convention Leipzig. But, the big bad American Games Conference known as E3 is just a shadow of its former self, and it makes me sad.

E3 is generally a time of gaming news. Chances are that there will be some of those sort of announcements at the event again. But in the internet age, such news comes every day. Did you know E3 is in two weeks? Do you even care?

For me, E3 has lost its luster. Gone are the day of big booths and busty booth babes. Gone are the days of being really, really excited about what might be announced at E3. (MEGATON) It's just not there anymore, but that's what I think. How about you, what do you think about E3? Share my opinion, or perhaps your opinion is a bit darker or sunnier than mine?

E3 is in fact a shadow of its former self, and the shadow the old E3 left behind has lost a lot of what made E3 in fact E3. It's sad, and perhaps the ESA will release that some day and bring back the amazing Trade Show we know and love as E3.

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I completely agree. It's too bad that one of the greatest events has gone by the wayside.
I want to care but like you said with the internet age we get big news all the time.
I kinda want to care but....E3 got too big.  It allowed too many people that didnt realy belong to be there in the first place to attend, and it eventualy all boiled down to who had the least skanky looking booth babes.  I remember one year they had some jerk going around taking up skirt pics of all the booth babes even.  It was great that all the game companies felt the need to be there but at the same time, it sucked because it just grew out of hand.  The new thing isnt a good replacment either as it's just so easy to forget and also doesnt provide any incintive for companies to bother with participating.  If they can have their own showing at any time, why mess with the whole E3 BS?  They can pick better hotels, better times, and have it all be more to their prefrence.
Has sucked since the babes went away.

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